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He slid his fingers against my wet lips then gently forced his way into my mouth. Somehow, I find myself enjoying the taste of his fruit and the texture of his flesh against my lips. He then uses his other hand, to slowly intertwine his fingers between my legs, sliding in and out of my sacred areas, the same way his other fingers were previously going in and out of my mouth. I really don’t know how to explain the mixtures of vibrations and sensations that were going through my body, at that very second. The ways that he was pleasing me could not bee described with words. It was very obviously creative and extremly eager to satisfy and please me in ways that I had never even imagined. His hands, fingers, tongue, lips...were  all mine. He was pressing all of my buttons, all at the very same time.....It was exhilarating. Ahh, It was amazing.

I have patiently anticipated the day when his big warm hands  caressed against my bare skin, and those arms and chest pressed against my body.
Silently, I yearned for him this morning, and have kept wanting him, for the whole day to come. He just ignored my advances. Maybe he's crazy? Maybe he's gay? Who knows. All i knew was that it was all starting to make sense- the long walk with the blindfold, the fruit, the blanket... dinner, the wine and this romantic surprise. He wasn't ignoring me, he was planning, every detail. That bastard, he’s good. I guess taking my panties off in the restaurant bathroom, worked to his advantage. Now he has me spread across the ground, my dress up over my waist...

I was shocked at how turned on I was, having him over me, watching me in pleasure. I want his dick inside me, his fingers weren’t enough. I wanted it so bad; my body was pulsing and throbbing....i needed him., to stop playing with me, and hurting it. I teased it with my feet at dinner,letting him know what i wanted when we were done, and it seems i got my point across. This whole time, i thought i was seducing him and he had this planned. its funny how the hunter can become the prey. i just pray he takes his time enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Him on top of me, taking his time, kissing the side of my neck sending chills across my skin and heat flashes between my legs. He was over me and was starting to position himself to enter me, i couldn't believe how hard he was, the tip of his dick parted my body as he entered me, slowly...i felt his body sink and heard a moan slip past his lips. The muscles in his back tigthen has he pushed himself, deep into my body. I used my fingers to guide him, he was so hard, it felt so thick, as it slide past my fingertips and into my wet body, i felt my body tremble. His dick felt so hot, the deeper he went, the more i could feel myself melt from the fire of his touch. Between my legs felt full, yet, i still wanted him closer to me.

Each stroke, sent shivers screaming through my body. slow then fast, deep, then hard. He spent, what felt like forever, pulling himself out of me, stopping at the tip, then crashing into my body like the sound of the ocean, crashing against itself. i felt like one, with him, the motion he was making with his body sent waves of emotion through my body. every movement he made, registered on my face. We were lost in each other and i didn't want to be found, ever.

It hurts so good, i don't want him to stop giving it to me. If i am gonna die, let it be tonight, it might as well be like this. I felt it in my stomach, the pleasure that hurt my body, while it touched my soul. I was at his mercy and i loved every moment of it. Him exploring every inch of my body, introducing me to combination of pleasure and pain that make me cum, over and over and over again.

I was helpless to his skilled touch. His pleasure paralyzed my body. He was all the way inside me, i never felt it this deep before, the sensations that ran through my body were intense and took full control of my body. My hands tingled, as my fingers were digging into his skin, it made him go faster and harder, it was like he was trying to hurt me back...but it only made me digg deeper. He was going harder, his breathing changed...sweat was dripping from his body, landing on mine.The sweat made his back glisten in the moon light. I didn't want to open my eyes, i wanted them closed ....but then the view,of his shoulders the dark sky and stars. the wind, sounded like chords from a violin. He was on top of me, making love to me and i didn't want him to stop. I wanted to feel him cum, i wanted to feel his thick dick, pulsating between my legs, his deep thrust and the weight of his body pressing me flat against the ground. i want every drop of him, inside me.I clung to him as my hips lifted forcing him deeper

to be continued.

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