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The naughty schoolgirl.

She rolled over and looked at the clock "late again" in a rush she jumped out of bed throwing on the detested school uniform, a slight smirk on her lips as she shook out the skirt her mum had bought and in the wee hours she had secretly shortened. No one had seemed to notice that it now fell just to her thighs instead of her knees like the other girls.a smile playing about her lips she thought of the dark haired handsome headmaster and how he seemed to watch her every move. Surely he didnt believe her smooth lie of "yes Sir" when he stopped her in the hall just last week and asked her if she had grown in the last three days. She adjusted her skirt and smoothed her hair and on a whim slipped her panties off and tossed them on the bed. 

Once at the school she parked her red sports car close to a group of boys gathered and purposefully turned and stretched back in to the car to grab her book bag as she got out, leaning over further than was needed to retrieve it, feeling her skirt slide up almost to the cheeks of her arse. 

To her surprise when she turned around the "boys" were gone and in their place stood the Headmaster, "late for school again Miss K?" he asked with an odd sound in his voice as his eyes raked over her body from head to toes, she felt a warm flush creep upon her and spread from the cheeks of her face down to her belly. "no Sir" she baldly lied looking him straight in the eye, with a glint in his and a stern voice "go to my office now! Kara ! He said commandingly, Feeling a tremor of fear at the strange look she saw cross his face, she provocatively slid past him brushing her self up against him as he held the door open to the school, as she walked in front of him she could feel his eyes upon her so she swung her hips sensuously and made her skirt slap against her thighs as she walked. As he entered the office behind her he slid the bolt he'd had installed closed,locking them in "go stand over there" he commanded, she stood where told and watched with a smirk on her face as he went to the familiar closet and brought out a caning stick, she impishly held out her hands and stifled a giggle as she had not often but enough been called into the office to receive chastisement for various wrong doings, in fact it amused her to watch the previous head master get hard as he smacked her hands then sent her off to class. 

As the headmaster turned towards her she felt a slight apprehension at the look she saw in his eyes "oh no he chuckled you may put your hands on the desk and stick your arse out towards me" a trickle of ... Fear ran through her, she had never been spanked, not even as a child, but she did as she was told, gripping the desk and leaning until the back of her skirt lifted, he came around her and stood at a distance and said "I believe you've been a very bad girl haven't you Kara ?" a shiver ran down her spine at him using her nickname, her first impulse was to say "no Sir" but instead she nodded. She was soon surprised as she felt the cane lift up the edge of her skirt and heard a chuckle escape his lips "a very bad girl indeed" suddenly he grabbed her from behind and she heard his pants unzipped and felt his fingers inside her rubbing her clit and pinching it then she felt his cock  between her pussy lips as he slid it back and forth along the wetness, "have you ever been fucked in the ass?" he whispered into her ear. "No Master I've not Been fucked anywhere" was her reply, this gave made him pause in his exploration of her and say "I think you need some private lessons little one" to which she nodded her agreement.

The end :) 

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