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Categories: Cuckolded, S-M / Domination / submissive, Force/Rape, Anonymity
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Location: A Bar
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
The Bar

He had left her, again. This time she really didn't care, she didn't feel much towards him anymore anyways, so once the dust had settled she dried her tears and decided a night out on the town was in order. She looked in her closet what to wear? She was pretty modest and didn't really go for skin tight, skin showing clothes, so she picked out a slightly low cut top she hadn't dare wear, black slacks and black boots,she braided her hair off to the side and carefully put on makeup, once she felt she looked passable she headed downtown to a new bar that she had driven by several times as it was bring remodeled, there were a few times one of the guys in particular caught her eye, he had dark brown eyes, was tall at least 6'2 and a bit burly looking. 

It was just getting dark when she walked in, she hadn't been in a bar alone for years, suddenly she felt very vulnerable and thought "this is a mistake" she decided to order some food and eat so she didn't look like a complete idiot before leaving. So she sat at a high table and ordered some food when the waitress came around, suddenly she was surrounded by a group of four men and one woman asking if they could share her table, "why not?" she figured so scooted her stuff over and made room, they were actually very nice people who got her to laugh and smile freely they must have noticed it had been a while, she hadn't felt this alive in a long time, 

as she hopped off the stool to go freshen up in the bathroom  she was surprised to see the burly biker looking guy staring at her over his raised drink, he was with a group of "friends" that took up nearly half of the bar and was the reason she had "shared" her table in the first place. With flushed cheeks fully aware of being watched intently she made her way into the bathroom and was shocked by her appearance when she looked in the mirror, gone was the dowdy housewife of 20 yrs in her place she stared back at bright blue eyes, flushed cheeks and a general appearance of a vivacious and vibrant woman. 

As she pushed the door open to exit the bathroom she was met by the biker guy who said, "come have a drink with me and my friends" so she excused herself from the other group and stood awkwardly with the new group, feeling herself sized up by what she considered much more attractive women in the group, her mind was whirring as she tried to think of an excuse to either escape the bar or at the very least escape back to the other group, before she could form a plan and to her surprise she felt herself pulled backwards and felt her bum and back pressed against a hard chest and thigh, a husky voice whispered in her ear "not thinking of escaping are you?" 

Tipping her head back to look up her blue eyes meeting brown as solemnly she nodded, apparently this came as a surprise to the man so casually holding her against him because he threw back his head and laughed loudly, drawing the attention of many in the bar male and female alike. He bent his head down to her ear and flicked it with his tongue before whispering "let's go into the back and have a kiss away from prying eyes shall we?" she nervously nodded then proceeded to follow him, thinking he would stop at the booth tucked into a dark corner she was very surprised when he went to a steel door and produced a key and opened it. 

Taking a step back she laughingly told him "now I'm nervous"..."relax it's only an office" he said as he pulled her into his arms and pressed her up against the wall, his mouth devouring hers as he tugged her bottom lip into his mouth and sucked on it vigorously, instantly she molded her body to his, breathing raggedly as her heart pounded in her ears, she clung to him desperately not realizing how long it had been since she had been with a real man, she was making little mewing sounds as his hands roamed her body, she didn't even remember him guiding her to the couch or him slipping her pants and panties off, she heard him whisper "it's ok" every time she tensed up or he sensed she was ready to flee, 

His hands and tongue explored her leaving her gasping, when his hand dipped to her clit they both laughed at how ready and  wet she was, he stood above her as she lay panting and breathless on the couch and slowly undid his belt and slipped it around her wrists, all the while whispering to her "it's ok's ok..I won't hurt you..." for some reason all the years of distrust melted away and she felt a childlike trust in a complete stranger.

 He then moved her so she was sitting on the edge of the arm of the couch, he lifted her belt bound hands and hooked them on a hook above so that her arms were extended, he slid her bum to just the edge of the arm and then continued to undo his pants, sliding them down to his knees but not taking them off, he took his cock out and slid it back and forth from her clit to her opening, then he slowly worked himself into her, both of them gasped that despite how wet she was the fit was very tight. Holding still for a moment he then gently moved his hips in and out of her, she bit her lip but couldn't stifle a whimper as desire and yearning swept over her, he whispered "am I hurting you?" 

to which she vehemently shook her head no, although in fact it was a delicious pain that she was feeling and she didn't want him to stop. He then thrust full length into her causing a near scream to escape her throat, he quickly covered her mouth with his whispering "shhhhhh" she wrapped her legs around him as he thrust, pulling him back into her when he moved away, his mouth still crushing hers to stifle the now steady moan escaping her lips, he grabbed her ass lifting her up above the arm of the couch pulling the belt around her wrists tight and practically suspending her in the air.

 She felt her muscles tighten in her ass and clit as he drove into her again and again, her mind and body screaming for release, his lips still crushing hers swallowing her very breath, finally she let out a loud scream as her muscles contracted and pulsed around him, he continued thrusting as he lifted her up and free from the hook above, then deftly turned her over and took her doggy style plunging deeply into her softness one hand reaching in front rubbing her swollen clit until she felt she would burst, he bit her shoulder and whispered in her ear "cum with me,cum again" as he made a few more deep thrusts she exploded in a huge orgasm that seeped out of her and wet his hand, a few seconds  later he released himself into her rocking into her hips for several minutes, grunting and relaxing onto her. He whispered in her ear "welcome to my bar"

The end 

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