"The Unspeakable One" A Newspaper Fetish Fantasy   added 4 years ago
  By: paperman83  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur, The Fetishists, Identified partner, Oral Sex
Tags: fetish newspaper Being watched her sister
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Your sister and I came to your house to visit.  We see that it is a bad time for you.  You had just broken up with your boyfriend, after finding out that he cheated on you.  I tell you that I’m sorry and that you’ll find someone great that’ll make you happy someday.  Then you hug me with your petite body.  Your breasts pressing into my chest makes me want to hold you longer, but I don’t want to upset your sister.  So I walk into your living room to relax, while you and your sister walk upstairs.  You lead your sister into your bedroom and you start to talk about what happened.  She listens to you and agrees that you are better off without him.  You worry that you’ll never find a guy who is loving, caring and nice.  Then you admit to your sister that you have realized you had hidden feelings for me.  Your sister understands.  She opens your door and calls down to me to come up and talk with you and her.  

I come upstairs and meet you in the bedroom.  You are smoking a menthol cigarette and whipping tears from your eyes as you greet me in.  I sit on the chair in front of your desk, while you and your sister sit on the bed.  Your sister stares at the floor while you stare at the wall beside me.  We sit in silence for a moment, till your sister speaks up.  She tells you that you can tell me your secret.  You hesitate for a moment, but realize you must tell me.  You close your eyes and with sincerity, you tell me that you are falling in love with me.  You admit that you feel bad about bringing this up to your sister and I, but it needed to be said.  I walk to the bed and sit between you and your sister to give you a hug.  Then you softly kiss my neck and bury your face on my shoulder.  Moments later, your sister pulls my arm back and places my hand on you upper leg.  You and I are confused for a minute, but come to the conclusion that your sister is allowing us to be intimate with each other.  We hold off from taking the situation any further, till your sister kneels on the floor in front of us.  She puts a hand on your back and the other on mine and motions us to lay down on the bed together.  You are laying on your back and I am laying on my side, slightly hovering over you.

Your sister gets up and walks over to your desk to sit.  She watches us, while we begin to make love.  I slowly undress you, while you are laying down.  It’s difficult, but doable.  Then you help me undress.  When both of us are naked, I move down towards the end of the bed and begin to lick your clit, and then I eat you out.  And when I have the taste of your pussy in my mouth, I move up with my cock between your legs.  Slowly, I insert my cock into your pussy and we make love for an hour, while your sister watches us.  And when we are finished, I cuddle up behind you.  We fall asleep and your sister leaves the room for the night.

The next morning, I quietly get out of bed, so I don’t wake you. I grab your pink robe and put it on, before heading downstairs for some coffee.  Your sister had made a pot, so I pour myself a cup and walk to the front door to grab the newspaper.  I notice you haven’t collected your newspapers in a couple of days, so I drag them in and carry everything upstairs.  Inside your room, I lay the earlier newspapers on your desk and walk over to the bed.  Dropping the robe to the floor, I set my coffee down on the night stand and hop into bed with the newspaper.  You wake up and look over at me drinking my coffee and reading your newspaper naked.  You see how the pages rest upon my hardened cock and smile.  You feel this is awkward, so you ask me why I’m reading the newspaper naked.  I tell you that since you told me how you feel about me, that I have to tell you my secret.  I tell you that I have a newspaper fetish and explain it to you in details.  You smile, when ideas fill your head.  Then you place your finger over the newspaper and run it up and down my cock, feeling my shaft through the newspaper.  This turns me on.  You tell me you’re getting up to take a shower and ask if I will join you.  I say yes and fallow you into the bathroom.  You start the shower and I hop in with you.  We help wash each other and you hop out, while I finish up.

After my shower is over, I hop out and head to the bedroom.  To my surprise, you have taken all the newspapers and spread them openly on the bed.  Your breasts wrapped in newspapers like Christmas gifts.  You’re wrapped up, down to your waist to resemble a strapless tank top.  And you are laying down, while reading today’s paper.  Your intentions are to thank me for last night, by allowing me to make love to you on top of newspapers.  You admit that you enjoy the newspapers on your naked skin and that you have become extremely aroused.  You also show me that your nipples have hardened behind the newspaper and tell me to feel them.  You moan, while I am touching you through the newspaper.  You beg me to make love to you once more.  At this point, your sister and your mom walk into your room, in surprise.  You express your embarrassment, till I explain it was for me.  I tell your mom about my newspaper fetish and she says that she’s intrigued and wants to watch us.  Your sister and mom take a seat, while I make love to you on top of the newspapers.  Half way through our love making, I viciously rip the newspaper straight up the front, revealing your naked body.  I lay my chest down upon yours and passionately race you to your climax.  You cum and brace yourself for my release.  Your mom says, “NOT INSIDE” and I quickly pull out.  My cum squirts out, all over your breasts and stomach.  I back up, so that everyone in the room can see you.  In our eyes, you look like a piece of art.  Your mom expresses how sexy you look, with newspapers.  And how you look like a ripped open gift, laying there with my cum all over your naked body.  She takes pictures of you from different angles as you smile for the camera.

I ask you if I can do something special with my favorite picture and you say yes.  So I take the picture to a private photo shop and have it copied and enlarged to the size of a poster.  Then with both pictures, I have them framed and send one to you.  I hang the other one on the wall above my bed.    

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