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Location: My House
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
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Same as the first RPG, but this time, for the ladies. 

You’re a business woman, just getting home in your business suit.  You know how your suits turn me on, especially when you are wearing your reading glasses.  You want to relax, so you grab a beverage from the fridge and head to the couch to read the newspaper.  You sip from your beverage and exchange it for the daily newspaper.  You (A-1) Start with the funnies for a few laughs (B-1) Start with the business section.


A-1)  You pull out the funnies section and you read Garfield.  At the end of the comic strip, you laugh due to the lasagna that landed on Garfield’s head.  This loosens some of the tension that’s been building up inside you all day.  But not even Garfield can put you in the mood.  I see you sitting there, looking sophisticated and sexy, but way to strung out.  I walk over to you and you (A-2) Ask me to sit (B-2) Turn your back to me.

B-1)  You pull out the business section of the newspaper and start to read it.  For you, the business section keeps you on track of your already stressful job.  Stocks in certain areas are down and this makes your day even worse to cope with.  You decide to read your horoscope in hopes it’ll say something positive that’ll make you relax a little more.  But your horoscope tells you that there are tough times ahead of you and to brace yourself in the next few days.  I walk into the living room and compliment you on how good you look today.  You smile and thank me.  Then you  (A-2) Ask me to sit next to you  (B-2) Take off your jacket.


A-2)  You ask me to sit next to you, so I can lend you an ear.  You want to tell me about your day, hoping it’ll help relieve some more stress.  So I stare into your eyes as I listen.  I don’t understand much of what you do at your job, but you’re very appreciative that I try.  You begin to lean your back against my chest and lay the newspaper down on your lap.  I can’t help, but become turned on by the newspaper in your lap, that you feel my arousal poking you.  You look back at me with a grin, because you know I can’t help it.  Then you pick up the newspaper and decide to tease me with it.  You pull a section out and it happens to be my favorite, the classifieds.  You place it over your face, but just under your eyes.  You want to see my reaction, when you breathe the aroma in.  My eyes slump to pure ecstasy.  You slowly stick your tongue out a lightly but seductively lick the newspaper with the tip of your tongue.  Now you have my full attention as my eyes are wide open.  You lower the newspaper down to your breasts and tease me as you circle the newspaper around the area of your nipples.  You (A-3) turn to kiss me (B-3) Continue with foreplay.

B-2)  You take off your jacket, revealing your blouse.  I take notice as you return your eyes back onto the newspaper.  Any section will do, while you are a bit more comfortable.  I walk over to the couch to see you struggling to massage your shoulder as you read.  Then I take my hands and place them on your shoulders and rub them gently for you.  You find it hard to concentrate on your reading, due to the massage that you lay back into my chest.  You then lay the newspaper over your blouse and wrap your arms around it, so it presses up against your breasts.  You tilt your head back with a smile and close your eyes.  Then I wrap my arms around you and place my hands on the newspaper.  I rub my hands all over the newspaper as you feel them through the page.  At this moment, you drop your arms to your side and allow me to take over.  I soon run my hands up to your breasts, cupping them with the newspaper.  You feel the newspaper brushing against your cleavage.  My groping your breasts with the newspaper sends you into arousal.  You (A-3) Want to kiss me (B-3) Run your hand down to your pants.


A-3)  You turned to face me with your puppy love eyes and you threw yourself at me.  The newspaper still sticking to your chest as you lay upon my chest.  We can feel each other’s bodies through the newspaper as you place your lips up to mine with a long, slow and sweet kiss.  I place the tip of my tongue in your mouth, just gracefully brazing along your lips.  Your eyes close slowly as your mind drifts off.  The moment is getting so intense, that you want me to  (A-4) Lay newspapers down on the couch  (B-4) Carry You to the bedroom.

B-3) You are so aroused by now that you raise your arms.  You place one hand over the newspaper covering your stomach and the other running down towards your pants.  Undoing your pants and slipping them off, you place your hand over your pussy.  While you cup your pussy, you slip a finger onto your clit and gently rub it.  I raise your blouse, revealing your perky breasts.  Then I place my hands back onto the newspaper and continue to grope your breasts with it.  You moan as the feel of the newspaper sends tingles through your body.  Soon after, you (A-4) Want me to eat you out (B-4) Fuck you in the bedroom.


A-4)  You tell me you want it on the couch.  We stand to our feet and I start laying sheets of newspaper down on the couch.  When the couch is covered with newspapers, we finish undressing and I set you down upon them.  You reach for another sheet of newspaper and open it up, then place it upon your chest.  The page is brushing across your nipples, making them hard.  I see them perk up, so I use a finger to play with them over the newspaper.  You smile at me with some playful laughter.  I kneel to the floor and spread your legs.  Your pussy is wet and ready for me to eat it.  I move my head into your inner thighs and place my tongue on your clit, slowly licking it on the outside.  You place your hands on the newspaper covering your breasts and play with your nipples.  You begin to grope your breasts, lightly.  When I hear you moan again, I push my tongue into your clit and rapidly lick your insides.  You let out a loud moan followed by short giggles.  I move my tongue down to your pussy lips and stick it in as deep as I can, allowing your wetness to soak in my mouth.  Your pussy tastes so good!  When you can’t take it anymore, you beg me to take you.  You want me to make love to you on top of the newspapers.  I stand to my feet and pull your legs onto the couch.  You lay down, allowing the newspapers to wrap around your naked back side.  Your ass cheeks dig into the newspaper.  I hop onto the couch and position myself between your legs.  Then taking my long hard cock, I press it up against your hot wet pussy and stick it inside you.  I start with passionate pushes, while you are still pleasuring your breasts and nipples with the newspaper.  We make love passionately for 45 minutes, when you tell me you want it faster and harder.  “Fuck me now! Fuck me faster! Harder!” you demand.  I pick up the pace and make my pushes harder.  Every push digging deeper into your sweet, wet hot pussy.  Your moans get louder and louder.  I know I am fucking you good.  You grab me and pull me down to lay upon you.  My body is pressing the newspaper into your body and it adds to your ecstasy.  You’re about to cum as I ram my hard cock into your pussy.  Your pussy walls tighten around my dick and shortly you release your fluids all over my dick.  You tell me that you want my load on your chest.  As my cock is throbbing to the point, I quickly pull out and masturbate myself till my cum squirts out onto your newspaper covered chest.  Our fucking was so good, that I keep cumming all over the newspaper.  My load now soaking into the newspaper over your breasts and nipples.  And dripping down to your stomach.  I watch you finger doodling my cum into the newspaper, while you smile at me.  (THE END)

B-4)  You tell me that you want me to carry you to the bedroom.  Then you get up from the couch and grab a pile of newspapers from the table next to the couch.  I place both of my hands on your butt and with a swift lift, I pick you up.  You wrap your legs around my waist and your arms around my shoulders.  Still holding the newspapers behind my back, we passionately kiss all the way to the bedroom.  As we reach the door inside the bedroom, you hop down.  We undress any article of clothing still on us and you toss all but one page on the bed.  To tease me, you place the page in front of your naked body, swaying it from side to side.  You turn and quickly walk to the bed, where you toss the blankets on the floor.  You cover the bed with newspaper and turn to face me.  You tell me how much you enjoyed covering up with the newspaper, that you want to be wrapped up with it.  I turn to our dresser, where we have wide clear tape and bring it to you.  You assist me in wrapping you up with the newspaper and I use the tape to secure it to your naked body.  You are my newspaper doll.  You tell me to wrap some newspapers around your head and secure them with tape as well.  This adds to your pleasure as you can’t see me.  All you can see, smell and feel is the newspaper wrapped around you and my large cock as it penetrates you beautiful pussy lips.  I quickly turn the A/C on to keep you cool under the newspapers.  Then  I force your front side up against the cold wall.  You moan to the chill that penetrates the newspaper on your nipples.  I begin to take you from behind.  My cock penetrating you as your body is pressed up hard against the wall.  And when your breathing gets heavy, I turn you around and quickly lead you to the bed.  I romantically lower you down to lay on the newspaper sheets and lay down on top of you, reinserting my cock into your pussy.  I place my index finger on the newspaper over your lips and glide it along them.  And I place my lips onto the newspaper to kiss yours.  You moan gently, while I caress your newspaper wrapped breasts.  I push my cock harder inside of you.  We fuck for 45 minutes, till you start to moan louder.  I press my lips onto the newspaper and kiss you hard, while you climax.  And soon after, you release your juices onto my shaft.  I am ready to release my cum.  I start to squirt, but quickly after, I pull out and finish myself all over your newspaper wrapped body.  My cum squirts high onto your newspaper wrapped face and then finishes dripping onto your newspaper covered breasts.  The last few drips land on your newspaper wrapped stomach.  But you don’t want me to be finished yet.  You want me to lay down on the cum soaked newspaper and slide my cock back into your throbbing hot pussy.  I do so and we go for round 2, till I complete my second load inside of you to cool you off.  (THE END)       

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