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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex, The Fetishists, Other men, Masturbation, Oral Sex
Tags: fetish newspaper gay bi curious RPG game
Location: My House
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
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I want to play a little game.  Would you like to play it with me?  For this game, I’ll be open minded.  Men are welcome as I am curious.  Here’s how we’ll play this game.  I will start with 1 scenario.  And I will give you an A or B option to choose from at the end of the each scenario.  This will give you a chance to choose how you would like the story to continue.  Let’s begin!

For Men: Gay, Bi, Bi-Curious, or even Straight

You come home from work. It’s been a long day, so you grab a beverage from the fridge and walk to your chair to sit.  You open your beverage and take a sip, before exchanging it for the daily newspaper.  Opening the pages, you try to relax, but you’re too tense. You  (A-1) Continue reading  (B-1) Demand I come to you


A-1) You continue reading your newspaper.  I come into the living room and see you so tense.  To put you at ease, I walk up behind you and begin to rub your shoulders.  You start to loosen up, but there’s still some tension.  So I walk over to the front of your chair and get down on my knees, in front of you.  I place my hands on your crotch and begin to rub your cock through your pants.  I rub it till I feel you getting chubby.  Then I unzip your pants and reach my hands in.  Wrapping my fingers around your shaft, I pull your soft, but long chubby out.  I begin to masturbate you, till you are good and hard.  I want to take you into my mouth.  I start by licking your shaft all the way down to your balls.  I playfully nibble on them, and then lick my way back up to the top.  I wrap my wet lips around your cock tip and suck on it like a lolly pop.  You glance over your newspaper to see me sucking on you good and slow.  Then you return your attention back to your newspaper.  After awhile, your cock tip becomes tiring and unpleasurable.  So I slowly take your shaft into my mouth.  I am deep throating you, till I slowly pull my lips back up your shaft.  I continue back down your shaft and up again.  While hearing your sounds of enjoyment, you (A-2) Cum in my mouth (B-2) Pull me up and make me lead you to the bedroom.

B-1)  You demand that I crawl to you on my hands and knees.  I crawl to the front of your chair, as you whip out your extremely large and erect cock.  You demand that I suck on your cock, while you read your newspaper.  Without hesitation, I quickly wrap my lips around your cock tip and begin to suck your cock fast and hard.  I am deep throating you.  I stop every so often to breathe, but I don’t want you to break your concentration from the newspaper.  So I quickly dive back onto your cock.  I suck on it so good, that you (A-2) Cum in my mouth  (B-2) Pull my head back and stand me to my feet.


A-2)  You forget that you’re reading the newspaper and rest it upon your chest.  You’re feeling more relieved from your day, that you are
completely relaxed and in the moment.  My lips feel so good on your cock that you let out a moan of enjoyment and soon, you’ll be ready to release yourself into me.  Your cock is throbbing and you can’t help but place your hands on the back of my head and thrust your throbbing cock into my mouth.  You’re fucking my lips hard as my saliva drips down your shaft and glazes your balls.  I am ready and willing to accept your explosion.  Your climax leads you to one hard thrust on my lips and your cock bursts inside my mouth.  Your cum lubricates my throat and I swallow.  After you are done, you (A-3) Sit in your chair and finish your beverage  (B-3) Stand me to my feet and lead me to the bedroom.

B-2)  You stop me in the middle of giving you good head and tell me to stand up.  You don’t want to finish just yet, or at least not in your chair.  The living room is not the place for you to allow me to take your load.  You place your hands on my back and motion me to lead you to the bedroom, where we can be more comfortable.  You walk me through the door and stand me at the end of your bed.  You leave me for a few minutes to grab a stack of newspapers.  You come back and tell me to spread the newspapers out, over the bed.  I do as you tell me to, while you leave again.  When you return, you have a newspaper dress.  You hand it to me and tell me to put it on.  I do as you tell me and put the newspaper dress on.  The newspaper dress is (B-3) A full dress that falls to my feet.

A-3)  You continue to sit in your chair with your cock out and the newspaper upon your chest.  Your heart is pounding so hard after a great mouth fucking, that you reach for your beverage and take a big gulp.  I rise to my feet and walk to the bedroom.  Once there, I close the door and walk to the bed.  My cock is so hard, that I have to undress myself to relieve it from the pressure.  I am also extremely aroused from sucking on your cock and swallowing your cum, that I prepare the bed with sheets of newspaper.  I fall quickly on top of them and grab a page for some light reading, while I slowly stroke my shaft.  Once your heart beat has gradually lowered itself, you rise to your feet and put your newspaper aside.  Then you walk to the bedroom and see me lying down on crisp sheets of newspaper.  Your cock shoots right up with a hardened stiff.  You remembered a surprise you have for me, waiting in the closet.  A newspaper dress placed on a hanger.  You go to the closet to pull it out and walk over to the bed.  Then you ask me to get up and try it on.  I stand to my feet and slip the newspaper dress on, letting it slide down over my naked skin.  It fits perfectly, with short sleeves and the bottom is designed like a mini skirt.  It even has lace strips glued to the paper for decoration and flowers made from newspaper.  I tell you I love it.  Then you turn me around so my back is facing you.  You slowly bend me over with my hands out on the bed.  You slap that long hard cock of yours on the newspaper skirt and it presses up against my ass cheeks.  I want you inside me, again.  I breathe seductively as I beg you to fill me up, once again.  But you have to discipline me first.  Eagerness deserves a spanking.  You grab a few pages of the newspaper and fold them up thick to make a whipping belt.  And then you begin to slap my bare ass with the newspaper whip.  I moan as my chest flies forward.  My cock slaps the inner part of the newspaper skirt.  You continue to spank me harder and harder.  Then when you are good and ready, you place your cock tip under the newspaper skirt and up to my ass.  Slowly, you guide your cock into me, penetrating my insides.  The walls of my ass wrap tightly around your cock and I feel your every inch up inside me.  At first, you make me work it around your cock.  I push my ass into you.  Back and forth, in and out like the good newspaper slut that I am.  My own cock has hardened to the max and I need to relieve it soon.  So I grab it, while you are still inside me, and I stroke myself.  You notice that I am masturbating my own cock, so you take control and motion me to all fours on the bed.  Once we are both on the bed of newspapers, you reinsert your cock into my ass.  I want you deep and hard inside me.  Make me scream for more of your long, hard and delicious cock.  Fuck me, I yell out as I beg!  Fuck my ass hard!  You start to ram yourself into me and I take every inch of you with a welcoming smile.  You unloaded your cream in one hole.  Now’s the time for you to fill up the other.  Harder and deeper you push and the feeling is so intense that I almost beg for you to finish.  But my slutty self isn’t getting off that easily.  You ram my ass for what seems like hours, till I have finally found the urge to make myself cum.  My load squirts into the newspaper skirt.  It seems like forever since I was able to release myself.  My cock just keeps on coming.  With my entire load soaking into the newspaper dress, I wait to receive your next load.  You alert me that you are almost there, when you start to squirt up inside me.  Your fluids lubricate my anal walls, but you do not finish there.  You pull out and toss me around, so that I am sitting like a girl in the grass on a hot summer day.  You point your cock in my face and start to masturbate yourself.  Your load squirts out and it lands all over my face and over the newspaper dress.  The newspaper flowers are soaked as your cum drips from them and slowly races down the newspaper dress.  I swipe your cum with my hand and use it to lube my cock as I stroke it playfully.  (THE END)

B-3)  The newspaper dress is a full dress that falls to my feet.  Much like a prom dress as I take a second to twirl around in it.  I tell you I love it, while you stare at me wearing it.  You tell me to turn around so that my back is facing you.  I feel your fingers gliding down the newspaper on my back.  You kneel down to the floor and grab the rim of the bottom newspaper dress.  And with 2 hands, you forcefully rip the newspaper upward, all the way till the rip reaches my ass.  I want to cry for the work of art that you quickly destroyed, but you tell me that you took pictures of it, before tonight.  Then you push my chest into the bed, with my feet still planted on the floor.  You grab my arms and pull them behind my back.  Then I hear a clanking noise as you handcuff my wrists together.  And with one lift you hold my arms high up behind my back and plant my face into the newspapers on the bed.  I breathe in their aroma, deeply and taste them with my lips.  You place your cock up to my ass and insert it gently.  Your shaft fills my anal walls as you continue to push it inside me.  Once in, you move your hips around like you are hullahooping.  This motion brings me much pleasure as I moan for more.  My cock is ready to explode, but with the handcuffs wrapped around me, I can’t do anything to help it.  You push yourself deeper inside my ass, giving me the old, hard 1-2 routine.  Then you let go of my arms and all my weight forces me into the newspaper.  You help me to stand up, while you grab a sheet of newspaper from the bed and a light, long sleeved shirt from the floor.  Then placing the newspaper over my face, you toss the shirt around my head so the shirt held the newspaper tightly and securely over my face.  You grab the arms of the shirt like a sling shot and then allowed me to fall forward.  Still cuffed and face wrapped, you continue to have your way with me.  Your cock shoved deep inside me, you force it in harder.  My god I love your cock!  You ram harder and harder, thrusting into me.  You can hear me breathing harder into the newspaper wrapped around my face.  Soon your throbbing cock drips into my ass.  You pull out, while most of your load is still inside you and you let the arms of the shirt go.  Pulling me back up, you finish your load onto the newspaper over the shirt.  You plant my face down to your load and make me taste it. Then you make me rub my face all over it and then pull the shirt sleeves back up.  My face is now planted into the cum filled newspaper, as you continue to wrap the shirt tightly around my head.  You reinsert your hard cock back into my ass for another round, until you squirt your last large load up inside me.  (THE END)         

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