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Categories: Romantic Setting/Exotic, Oral Sex, Anonymity, Steady Partner
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Location: The beach
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
There we are completely relaxed both of us are in awe wondering what else can happen. We leave the car and start walking with our arms around each other and stumble upon a beach. We kick off our shoes and start walking along the beach absorbing the full impact of the water splashing onto the shore. The moon is full and the temperature is pleasant. On our right side is the gulf and the other side are some private homes. We comment on how nice it is to be able to do this. We keep looking at the houses and notice that most of them are dark but some have the TV on and we can see what they are watching. We notice that one of houses was showing porn on the TV. We were interested and kept moving closer to the house all the time looking at the TV. You start to get aroused again and you could tell I wanted some more. We found a gazebo near the window and sat down to watch some more.

You brushed up against my leg and I rubbed yours. We took the cushions from the lounges and laid them on the floor of the gazebo, laying on them we were touching and feeling each other like a found love. You removed my top and then unfastened my bra exposing my breasts. I reach for you and removed your shirt. Our touching then traveled to areas below the waste. You unbuttoned and took off your pants making sure I stayed interested. I grabbed your hard cock and confirmed the interest. You kept rubbing my inner thighs until you found the opening that you had used for dessert earlier. You placed one finger into the opening massaging my clit. You added another finger and I started to relax and sway back and forth. With your fingers still in place you licked the inside of my thighs and let your tongue team with your two fingers to send me into a multitude of orgasms. You would not stop until I begged you to. 

Laying on the lounges I thought I was too exhausted to go any further. But I knew after I had given you a blow job earlier, you would be able to stay hard all evening. And to prove that to me your dick was standing at attention, and I could not pass it up. I roll you over onto your back and get in between your legs and take you into my mouth again just to taste your wonderful hard pink dick. Mmmmmm! your throbbing thickness in my mouth slowly kissing and licking, teasing. I take you out of my mouth and ask you to move to the lounge. I have you put the cushion back and have you sit on the edge so I can straddle you. I kneel and slide my drenched pussy onto the tip of your penis and then I move in and out just a little, just touching the tip driving you are moaning and trying to pull me down onto you, but I keep teasing you and pushing you back so you have to just watch and crave. Then I finally slide all the way onto you and start riding you, up and down faster and faster until you grab me and turn me around so I am now facing away from you. Still sitting you grab my hip with one hand a put the other on my shoulder as you push and pull me on top of you. Harder and harder we go you thrusting in and out of me...stifling our screams as not to wake the homeowners....but what we don't know...they are already watching us. You push me on my back so I am laying forward and you skooch up so we are both on our knees now. Your thrusting gets harder till you think you might cum, then you stop and pull out, you roll me onto my back and lay on top of me our bodies shivering and sweating we start kissing each other our bodies melding as one. Our tongues dancing in each others mouths, I softly suck on your tongue with your mouth covering mine. OMG were good!

Our kisses get more passionate as you enter me again as i lay on my back and you on top of me. We are at that point of our love making where we are so exhausted but can't get enough of each other we can't stop. Rubbing our hands all over each other legs intertwined you enter me again and we slowly make love. Your fullness in my tight pussy moving slowly, lovingly until that final moment when we both cum and moan and cry all at the same time. You roll over slightly still inside me both of us quivering with the chills of pleasure. Oh my darling you are the best lover I have ever had.  The neighbors have snuck away now, so we never see them...

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