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Categories: Anal Sex, Group Sex / Threesome, Anonymity, Masturbation, Other women
Tags: clitoris penetration double thrusting hardcore butt oral housewife dildo ffm women controled fuck exploration Group orgasm Female greedy toys
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Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
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Dear lord, I hate sifting through the replies to my CraigsList posts! Nobody pays any attention, and most ask the same questions that can be answer3d by reading the WHOLE thing. 
Here I go, answering yet another reply. "What is it you are looking for?", he asks.
With a deep sigh, I lean over the keyboard to start my hunt and peck way of typing. At this rate, I will never get my pussy pampered! I will tell you EXACTLY what I want!

Dear married Family Guy,
My post says everything that I am looking for. The line " Do what you need to to loosen me up  and bring me to pleasure" is what I am looking for.

I am a larger woman- pretty and sexy. I am a white blue eyed brunette and i am searching for couples to give me: A real, Thorough, Deep tissue Massage.

 After which I am totally relaxed, and at this point, usually hoping for more than the "14A" rated touch I can get from any massage therapist.
That is why I am on here, to simply lay back and experience having "XXX" rated touches done TO me that I can't get at a legitimate massage parlor. I want to be able to feel the sexual pleasure build without the distraction of  wanting  to please someone else.

You see, I am a natural giver, and an extremely sensitive lover. As a result I am often the initiator of sex and my focus is on providing erotic, sensual pleasure to my partner. 
What I want, what I am hoping to experience, is a casual encounter that pampers ME. The focus is solely my relaxation, then my arousal, then more. I'd like my body manipulated into orgasm. Using both hands AND mouth I want to be brought to shuddering climax. 

I should have said as much in the post, but then I would get flagged, for sure!

Of course, what happens when meeting people in person varies. There is not always the guarantee that what one wants will be done , or in a manner one would find sexually arousing.  What I would want to happen next is what I would do believing I WILL be sexually aroused.

 I am multiple... so once I have had a couple of  "O's" , being the natural giver I am, I would undoubtedly get caught up enough to turn this into a fully interactive meet.

I am bisexual, and have enjoyed pleasuring a woman; orally, and with toys... On a patient and endowed fully erect male? I would prefer to straddle him on top. I would do the same if there were role-reversal, as well. She wears the strap-on, and I would straddle her fat cock.

 Even as I squatted over you and began to press the head of your cock into my well lubed pussy you have known this is still about MY pleasure. I'd like you to hold still as I get used to the feel of your long hard dick in my pussy.

 I want you as still, and as deep as possible. 

In as far as you can go, I like to spread my ass cheeks, give a little hop and grind my belly and pelvis down into you a bit. I want to feel you grow even bigger inside me!  

While waiting I lay forward while your woman continues to massage my shoulders and backside.

Perhaps she s-l-o-w-l-y works a small vibrator into my bum?  While I am enjoying the stretching of my ass hole, you patiently wait for my sphincter   to get properly worked in.  Your extremely hard cock throbs deep in my pussy; I can feel the walls of my vagina stretch and grip you like a velvet glove. 

With proper self control you wait. The vibration you have felt  through my vaginal wall had started down at the base of your cock. She has masterfully been working the vibe into my bum, giving me only as much as I can take at a time. You can feel as she makes progress, the toy swipes across your cock and the vibrations travel further up your shaft.

She finally has the toy all the way in! I can feel your swollen member twitch and jump inside me; the vibe much more intense now that it is so much closer to its sensitive underside. Having your rod in me and the vibrator held securely in my ass, I am so exquisitely full! Parts of me are are getting stimulated that I had never been aware of before. It occurs to me that this is what it might feel like to get Double Penetrated. 

That thought alone is enough to make me hump slowly, grinding myself up all along your shaft, pausing for a beat only to squeeze your cock head HARD against my G spot before I slide back down your shaft.

ALL the way back down! I want to feel you deep, don't forget!  You finally  tilt your pelvis and thrust yourself upwards into me, giving me what I want for a full three beats before setting your ass back down. And I hump slowly, grinding myself up along your shaft. Setting the pace, I pause only to  squeeze your cock head  firmly against my G spot before I slide back down your shaft.

Again you  thrust yourself upwards into me, giving me what I want for a full three beats before setting your ass back down. Again I hump slowly, grinding myself up along your shaft, pausing only to  squeeze your cock head  firmly against my G spot before I slide back down your shaft.

 The vibrations are almost too much, you want to pull out quicker and farther just to jam your cock back into my hot pussy, but I clench my pussy muscles and keep your now HUGE cock head right where I need it: pressed against my G spot.
 I give you a second to regain some restraint ;)

We pick up tempo so slowly, your woman comes around to face me and straddles your head, pulling her pussy lips apart. You open your mouth and send your tongue probing into her pussy, and  I see total pleasure cross her face. 

 I am really enjoying your thrusting up into me! Now that we have found the rhythm you wrap your arms around my ass to push my down even further onto your cock with every stroke. Thrust! three beats Thrust! three beats THRUST! three beats THRUST! Your thrusts get harder and deeper and the rhythm stays steady and I am in heaven! 

I reach over and  rub your woman's clitoris as she rides your face, feeling the vibrations all through my body now. On every THRUST! tingles run down my back, arms, and legs. I am getting close to orgasm and I want you to be a man and finish me off. I tell you to go harder and DEEPER!

Sensing how badly I need you,  you speed up the tempo. THRUST two beats THRUST! two beats THRUST! She is bucking against your face now, and complaining that she wants more; she needs your cock in her!

I circle her clit with my thumb and drag it up and down, hoping to give her more stimulation. I want to cum so badly, tingling in my belly and up my neck, too now. With every THRUST! I beg DEEPER! and you speed up again- two beats, then one beat THRUST! one beat THRUST! one beat THRUST! one beat THRUST! I am completely at your mercy, giving into pure sexual greed and praying that you keep giving me what I need and put me over the edge.

"Oh, I am so close" I tell her. "Soon, oh yes, soon!" I promise as I feel heat infuse my body. I am simply not enough for your woman, and I watch her take over and rub her pussy furiously. She lays back beside us and reaches for a large pleasure toy, pushing it into her pussy easily and fingering her clit with her other hand. She is my savior, allowing you to continue giving me what I need! Use that cock and vibrator right! 

My ass begins to tighten around that vibrator and I can feel just how hard and large you have grown. You want to fuck me REAL GOOD now and grab my hips to grind me around in a large circle over your pelvis. 

You thrust again and again THRUST! THRUST! keeping in DEEP as you now  know that's how I like it, I won't accept it any other way. No short strokes and no more pausing in between, just your steel cock a piston ramming deep and hard into me, pressing hard and repeatedly against my G spot. That fucking vibrator is being pushed all around by your dick and every time on the out-stroke it rests against my vaginal wall and FEELS FUCKING GREAT! then Ungh! Ungh! your beautiful glistening cock is back, stretching me open in JUST THE RIGHT WAY!

 I start to whimper and babble
 "OH! God you feel so good and I want to come so badly. Please make me cum! Don't stop don't stop oh please don't stop." I'm going to cum real soon, I can feel my climax building and I start giving direction. "Right there, yes. Again!  oh yes, just like that. Uh Huh, RIGHT THERE! keep doing that, that's it! Don't stop oh god that's it, that's right."

I know I am about to come, and you are, too! Your cock twitches and SWELLS and that's it. I am over the edge, so enraptured I actually stop moving! I am just feeling the rush of sensations running through my entire body.
You take control, pulling me down onto your cock by my shoulders a few times before rolling me over. I raise my legs to get you deeper into me, praying you keep fucking me the same, begging for my orgasm to build to it's climax soon before you blow your load!

I grab your ass to guide you the right angle, but you don't need my help. You are Slam! in me DEEP and your pubic bone is on my clitoris and you keep contact with it as you lift your ass to SLAM! into me again! And AGAIN!

I start to tingle again in my belly and ass, "Oh, Fuck that's good. OHhhh Yes, keep it up don't stop. Oh Don't stop, UNGH! yes! fuck me hard! Oh give me your big cock, yeah! Fuck me DEEPER! There!, DEEPER, yes, that's it! FUCK me Oh, fuck me fuck me fuck me DEEPandHARD oh God yes!"

 I can hear you start to moan, I know you can't hold on much longer. You've kept your pubic bone against my clit and I'm able to have a clitoral Orgasm at any time! I push my ass up into you, your balls slapping against my ass and the end of the fantastic vibrator. I just need you to last a little - bit - longer! 

I can feel the great pressure in my cunt and you've reached the magic place and "THERE! oH! mygodjesuschristthat'sit DON"T STOP!! Fuckme HARD Oh God hard fuckme OH yes, oh yes, oh yes! oh YES! yes!yes!yes! Gimme your cock! now now now I'm coming, I'm cumming I'm cumming I'mcummingI'mcummingohyeessssshere it is!  Ungh! UnghUnghUNGHHHHHHYEAHHHHH!

I've never come so hard in my LIFE, lol! Your woman still needs attention, and you need 5 to recoup, so I would love to return the gift and keep her happy!

Of course, I need to find couples who enjoy beautiful big girls like me, and can host in Surrey.

Just like to post says, hon  ;) This is what a Deep Tissue Massage is!

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