"The Badge And The Paper" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 4 years ago
  By: paperman83  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, The Audience / Voyeur, The Fetishists, Identified partner, Masturbation, Oral Sex
Tags: fetish newspaper Cuffed oral
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Roleplay: Cop/Prisoner
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It was late at night, when David started driving home from work.  He worked roughly two hours away from home and the drive was wearing him out.  David didn’t have anyone to come home to, so nights were spent alone.  And he didn’t have much time in the morning to read his newspaper, which was one of the activities he enjoys, when he gets time to himself.  Life’s always the same: Another day, another dollar. 

David’s car is a Porsche.  A small car, but it’s fast and it turns heads.  So from time to time, he liked to break the speed limit.  He turned onto a back road that seemed promising enough to really open up the engine.  He looked to the passenger’s seat to grab a sheet of newspaper from his brief case.  “It’s been awhile!” he said to himself as he reached down to place the newspaper into his pants.  “Mmm….That feels so good.” He finished.  David pressed on the gas pedal and shifted into high gear, then placed his open hand between his legs.  Rubbing the newspaper on his shaft, he would let the car take him for the ride of his life. 

In seconds, the car hit 60 miles per hour.  70 miles per hour, then 85.  “Faster!” he thought to himself, as he rubbed his cock harder with the newspaper.  Soon, he reached 110 on the speedometer and his cock was throbbing and ready to cum.  “Almost there!” he said with a moan.  Then, in the rear view mirror, he saw the lights.  “Oh no, a cop!” David said under his breath.  His thoughts started to scramble, as he slowed the car down to pull over.  He came to a complete stop and the police car pulled over behind him.  With David’s heart pounding, he almost forgot about the newspaper tucked away in his pants.  “Damn! Maybe the officer won’t ask me to get out.” He wondered. 

The officer opened the door and exited the police car.  Then, walking up to the Porsche, the officer spoke.  “Sir, roll down your window, please.” The officer said.  In surprise, David rolled down the window and looked up at the female officer.  “I’m sorry, ma’am. I was rushing to get home. It’s been a long day.” David stated, apologetically.  The officer bent over to see David’s face.  “Sir? Please address me as officer. Now hand me your license and registration, please.” The officer said.  David leaned over towards the glove compartment and opened it.  The newspaper in his pants made a crinkling sound.  David prayed to himself that the officer wouldn’t ask him about it.  “Sir? You seem very nervous. May I ask why?” She questioned him.  David straightened his back in the seat.  “It’s embarrassing.” He answered.  The officer grew a confused look on her face to David’s response.  “Sir, I’m gonna have to ask you to slowly step out of the car, please.” The officer said.  David’s heart began to beat rapidly.  David opened the door and slowly stepped out of the car.  The newspaper crinkling loudly, the whole way.

The officer walked David to the back of his car and asked him to stand, while she searched it.  Shortly after, she came back and stood in front of him.  “Sir? Turn around. Place your hands on the car and spread your legs.” She asked him.  David trembled as he turned to face the car and stood in position.  “I’m gonna have to pat you down, sir. Please stand still.” She said.  David’s eyes widened at the thought that the female officer may find his secret tucked away.  As the officer started the pat down, David stood stiff.  The lower the officer felt him, the harder his cock had gotten.  The newspaper moved inside his pants, causing the officer to become even more suspicious.  She knelt down to pat his ankles and legs.  The closer she got to David’s secret, the more worried he became.  The more erect his cock had become.  The officer took the back of her hand and gently tapped upward on David’s crotch. 

“Sir….” The officer had paused for a moment.  “Was that….. What I think it was?” she finished.  David lightly shook.  “Um….I” David struggled to explain.  But before he could finish his sentence, she spoke up again.  “Turn and face me.” She said.  David slowly did so.  “Drop your pants, sir.” The officer ordered.  David undid his pants and held on to them as he bent over.  He stayed bent over in embarrassment, as the officer watched him.  “Sir, please stand up straight.” The officer ordered.  David slowly stood back up.  As he did, the officer’s eyes widened and a grin grew on her face.  “Sir, why is there newspaper tucked in your underwear?” she had asked.  David didn’t know what to say at first, but he knew he had to answer quickly.  “I enjoy…. rubbing fresh newspapers…on….myself.” he answered.  The officer was quite enthused by David’s explanation.  “I bet this is pretty embarrassing for you, since I’m a lady, huh?” she asked.  David put his head down and nodded.  “You know, that tent of yours isn’t getting any smaller.” She finished.  She walked up in front of him and placed over his crotch, gently rubbing the newspaper onto his cock.  “How about I fix that for ya.” She said.

David started to give in to the officer’s proposal with a moan.  Although he couldn’t believe this was happening, he wouldn’t protest it.  And the officer’s touch felt so good.  “You like this, don’t you?” the officer said in David’s ear.  “I like to read the newspaper and I like to do it naked.  I like to spank my bare ass with it and rub it all over me.   I love to spank my pussy with it.  It feels so good!  Mmm.” She added.  After a few moments, she backed up and told David to turn around.  “I want you to drop your boxers and show me what you like to do with that newspaper on your cock.” She demanded.  David turned around and slowly dropped his boxers.  Then taking hold of the newspaper, he wrapped it around his cock and began to stroke himself.  The officer smiled, while she placed her index finger to her lips.  She ran her finger across her lips, before placing it into her mouth and gently retracted it.  She was fully turned on by David’s performance, that she walked back up to him and turned him around.  She pulled the newspaper from David’s hands and placed it to her lips.  Then she licked the newspaper, before placing it on David’s cock tip. 

Grabbing her cuffs from her belt, she pulled David’s arms behind his back and slapped the cuffs on him.  “Turn and face me.” She said.  David turned around with the newspaper sticking to his cock tip.  Once David was facing her, she pushed him against his car and ran her hands down from his shoulders to his cock.  Then taking hold of the newspaper, she began to masturbate him.  “Are you enjoying this?  I bet me being an officer of the law is making this all that much more exciting for you, huh?” she asked David.  David nodded and said, “Yes ma’am……I mean Officer.” He corrected himself.  The officer giggled.  “You can call me Officer Lynn.” She introduced herself.  “Lynn….I like that.” David replied.  Officer Lynn stopped masturbating David with the newspaper and wrapped her lips around his cock.  She could taste the newspaper from his skin and it aroused her.  She sucked rapidly on David’s cock, cleaning the taste of newspaper from his shaft.  Then she placed the newspaper back onto his now wet cock and began to masturbate him, again.  And once David’s cock was full with the scent of newspaper, Officer Lynn removed the newspaper and began to suck on it, again. 

David was about to cum, when he warned Officer Lynn.  “I’m about to cum!” he spoke up.  Officer Lynn retracted her mouth from David’s cock and grabbed it with her hand to masturbate him.  She placed the newspaper up to his cock tip and waited for David to cum.  David tightened up, just before he shot his load onto the newspaper.  Then he looked down to Officer Lynn as she placed her tongue onto the cum soaked newspaper.  “Mmm….Now that’s good!” she said.  Officer Lynn stood to her feet and un-cuffed David.  “This has been a wonderful experience for me. Hope it was just as good for you?” she asked.  David smiled to show Officer Lynn that she did not disappoint.  “Can we meet again, sometime?” He asked.  Officer Lynn nodded with a smile.  “I’ll have to invite you to my place for some ‘naked reading’ time!” she answered.  “We’ll have a meal, but desert’s on me.” She winked after saying.  Still holding David’s cum soaked newspaper, Officer Lynn held it up for David to see.  “But I’m taking this as evidence, ya know.” She jokingly stated.  Then they both shared a laugh as they walked to their cars and proceeded to drive away.                

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