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She was a good friend. We would talk for hours on the phone and IM on the internet. We talked about her family problems. But mostly, we had phone sex, describing the whats and hows of oral and anal sex. Cumming on what and licking the cum from which orifice.

As chance would have it, I final was in her neighborhood, a thousand miles from my home. So we met for lunch and flirted with the idea of fulfilling our phone fantasies. My hotel was close by so we decided to go there after lunch.

My bones were achy so she offered to give me a massage. Since we were friends, stripping down to my underwear was no big deal. She began massaging my shoulders and back, her fingers digging deep into my tissue. It was when she began massaging my thighs that I began getting hard. As her fingers worked the inside of my legs, my cock got harder and harder. When she reached deep inside my leg, I turned over and she found her hands directly on my dick. 

She began rubbing my cock gently, then slowly slipped my underpants down. She then ran her mouth the length of my dick before placing it inside her mouth. Fully engulfed she began sucking then licking my dick until I came in her mouth. 

As she looked at me I pulled her toward me and and kissed her hard, my tongue deep in her throat, I then threw her on the bed and tore off her panties, Soon my mouth was all over her pussy, licking and sucking het clit. The wetter she got, the more I liked and sucked. She moaned and groaned. I felt my self getting hard again. I heard her cry out."fuck me.fuck my ass" 

I rolled her over, spread her cheeks and began licking her ass until it was wet and ready for my cock. I shoved my dick hard inside her ass. She yelped then groaned with pleasure as I sunk deep inside her. I fucked her ass hard until I was ready to cum. I pulled out, and turned her over. She grabbed my dick and pulled it toward her mouth and began sucking. I came again in her mouth.

We were exhausted but both smiling 


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