Chocolate Cake Punishment Part 3 True Stories   added 4 years ago
  By: LauraAngel  Age: 50  Country: United States

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Categories: The Fetishists, Group Sex / Threesome, S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex, The Audience / Voyeur, Oral Sex
Tags: bukake bukkake
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

Entwas fully obliged to call my newly, found love my Master. My boyfriend's large, strong hands were still around my small, pale neck. The other two men were still fucking my two holes good and hard, just like college hot ties should. I had had the best orgasms that I ever experience.

My blindfold suddenly fell off my eyes, laying loosely around my neck, My eyes exposure caused me to see exactly were I was. I got fuck by the two men on a small college bed. The bedroom was totally lit up, so you must have been able to see EVERYTHING. They all saw my raw, exposed nakedness wearing nothing but my red little panties and my red "Cum Fuck Me" 4 inch shoes, I finally realized, my Blondie was even cuter than I remembered, and the Italian was a bit smaller. My brown eyes, still a little unfocused. slowly peered towards the door, and standing in the entrance stood several men watching my secret sexual encounter.

A red haired man stood there jerking off, while another dirty looking, dark haired, bearded man was filming the whole entire episode. "OH FUCK - NO, TURN THAT FUCKING THING OFF". Early, I had thought I could hear something. Several men held cameras, snapping pictures of me. A few had even taking a video of the entire evening. I felt a little dirty, knowing I had been filmed.

I smelt the scent of pure testosterone. I saw lust filled eyes and heard some groans and moans. Many men stood at the door's entrance, jerking off to me. With hard cocks in their hands, they all saw all my holes and lusted for my petite body, meaty pussy and little tight ass.. My first, two hole fucking lasting almost an hour.took me to such a high heights.

All of the men came into the brightly lit bedroom. One by one they touched me laying on the dirty, unmade bed. There were four beds, several dressers, a brown, wooden desk, a T.V. and two big lamps without lamp shades on them.

Master still firmly held my dog collar. He yanked the chain hard which cause me to fall off the bed unto the hard, wooden floor. He made me crawl to the center of the room where about 20 men stood, hard cocks in their hands.. Master ordered me to have the last hole fucked "Get that mouth fucked. you cheap whore". "Your mouth will be punished now". 

"All these cocks are after you"!!!! "Show all these men how good you can suck cock". "Show them your filthiness, by the way you have always craved to suck cock, and show them the way I trained you". I loved to suck and lick cock and swallowing sweet tasting cum loads. I always enjoyed watching dirty movie exposing woman who love sucking cock, and taking cum shots to the face.

I was a little slut with 5 men around me, and another 15 crowded the college dorm's bedroom just watching I sucked a huge cock, belonging to this old looking man with gray hair. I could not believe how stiff, hard and big this cock was, considering his age. He inside of a college dorm. Where did they get him from? Was he some younger cock stud's Father? I sucked all the stiff hard cocks like they were lollipops. Licking ans sucking was a tasty treat for me. While my wild, lusty, hot adventure occurred, my Master stood there observing my newly discover joy of sucking cock!!!!

There appeared to be a Multitude of men waking their cocks off, right over my face, ready to shoot their loads on my pretty, little, wide eyed face. My mouth wide open prepared to catch just a drop of each diverse man's load. I stuck my fingers in my moist, hungry mouth preparing to have a meal. All, but one. were college hot ties craving to cum on my face. and in my mouth. I sucked one, while jerking off two. The variation of cocks I sucked and licked stimulated all of my senses.

I smelled testosterone!!!! I heard the moans, groans, and extremely heavy breathing of the multitude of men. I saw, touched and tasted the best cocks imaginary. I cried out, "I need a cum bath - a milkshake of sweet, sticky cum loads". My excitement grew more and more. I was so curious to know what will happen next. The suspense nearly killed me, as I waited. "This is my punishment, and I want cum every which way I can get it", I yelled. "Make a mess on my face, you stud fucks". I sucked each hard cock with such vigor. I needed their precious, wonderful cum loads right now. I groaned loudly, as my appetite for cock grew. To cultivate my need for cum, I sucked even harder, deeper, and faster.

My Master suddenly talked, while he was observing the entertainment. "Leave your sweet mouth wide open, and catch as much cum as you can possible hold, and do not swallow a drop". "Your just a cum catcher, and you better do your job right". He loudly asserted, "If you do anything without my permission, you will not get any rewards - You little slutty trollop, you belong to me - You are my possession - I can do whatever I want - I am you Master"!!!!!!!! He finally gave his permission to all the guys, to cum all over me.   "Unleash and release on her pretty, little fave and in that cum hungry mouth of hers - take as many turns as you want", he asserted.  "Make a mess as you disgrace and reward her".................
"Stretch your mouth wide open and catch as much cum as you can"!!!!!

One by one the guys slashed their white, sticky, sweet cum loads all over my face. Each of them tried to get some drops of cum into my mouth. Most me quickly shot out their cum, while some other men's loads shot out slowly. My Master, still observing my every move, made sure I did not spill any cum from my mouth. " Do not spill any cum, or you'll punished, as the little slut you are.

First, this cute, green eyed blond ,shot his load about 10 inches above my head.   His body was so defined and cut, it would make you wet just looking at it.   I held my mouth widely opened!!!!  I prepared to have a mouth full of sweet cum.  I said, "Give me a a drink of sweet, juicy cum".   I couldn't wait to have a mouth full of cum, plus a face thickly covered in sticky cum.    I yelled out in agony ." I need cum loads - Hammer away guys".  My pussy was so wet, sticking to those little, red, dirty panties. Somehow, I had lost one of my red cum fuck me shoes shoes .   I was sweating in anticipation , for what would happen next.

A dark, haired cutie I'd been jerking off, shot his cum right in the center of my face managing to get a few drops in my cum hungry mouth.   A defined, hot ,dirty blond with a great smile, jerked his load on my right cheek,   Another hot tie whacked off on my left cheek.  One after the other they shot all over my mouth.  All oozing some cum into my widely opened mouth.  I started to gargle and gag, although I did not waste any, not even a drop . The cum applied to my face started to get thick and sticky.  It was a cum facial, and I was so excited by the feel of it all.  My thickly covered face excited me so.    I was breathing quickly.  I retained as much cum as I could get, my mouth was getting all filled up with cum.  It was so sweet.


Master just stood and watched the milkshake party.  While men wached their cocks to cum all over me, I moaned with delight. One by one, they glazed my face with sweet cum.  One jerked his load into both of my nostrils causing me to gag.  As I breathed out my nose, several small bubbles appeared, and then popped one by one.  One man jerked his cock's load in both eyes, gluing them shut.  one man's load dripped off my chin about 10 inches, until hitting my hardened nipples.  I had a mess of thickly covered cum all over me.  I smiled. 

I was finally ordered to swallow, which I did gladly.  Master wanted to see if I swallowed every drop, and he told me to stretch my mouth wide open again, so he could inspect it.   As he inspected it, he said that I had been a good girl.   "Did you like your little bukake, punishment"? 

I never had heard of bukake before.  He explained that bukake is a punishment of cum.  Although, to me it was WONDERFUL. A punishment for eating chocolate cake turned into bukake.  Now, when I eat cake, I think of my first bukake. Never will I forget.............................   

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