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Categories: Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex / Threesome
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Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
It’s been a really good day, lovely and warm and we have been having nice flirty chats on the phone while his at work. I’m in the kitchen cooking dinner and the phone rings, typical! I answer the phone and before I can say hello he says “I’ll be home at 7.30 make sure your in bed naked and blind folded” then he hangs up. I’m almost instantly wet, he knows I love nothing better than being his bitch.

So dinners done the house is tidy and I’m getting ready. I have a bath shave my pussy. Nothing feels better than getting a good licking when my pussy’s bald. I put on some soft music and light some candles it’s early, I’ve got about 15 minuets before he’s home so I decide to start without him. I start by gently stroking my breast and squeezing my nipples, giving them a little tug then my hand slowly slides down my body and I start to play with my pussy, rubbing my clit and pressing my fingers into my self. I lick my fingers, not that I need them to be any wetter and I taste my sweet pussy juice I start rubbing my clit a bit faster, it can’t be long until he’s home and I don’t want him to catch me so I have to come quick. I start thinking about his cock sliding in and out of my incredibly wet pussy and pretty soon I start convulsing in pleasure my pussy is twitching like crazy and it feels so good. I lay there enjoying the feeling and I hear his key in the door so I quickly grab my scarf and blindfold myself.

But he doesn’t come upstairs straight away I can hear him in the kitchen and it sounds like he is heating up his dinner! I am aching for him but I know if I go down or call him it will ruin the mood so I lay there in the dark and wait. The anticipation is driving me wild I am so horny I can not wait to get my hands on his cock.

Finally I hear him on the stairs. I’m almost coming already and he’s not even in the room yet. At last he comes in and I hear him getting undressed – slowly. I am writhing in pleasure on the bed, but we don’t speak I feel him get on the bed and he strokes my leg all the way up to my pussy giving it a slap on the way past and keeps going until he gets to my breasts and he starts to squeeze and pinch them, then he leans forward and kisses me gently at first then he rams his tongue into my mouth and almost crushes my head into the pillow I try to turn my face to breath but he won’t let me just as I’m about to put up a fight I feel another set of lips on me. I shout out in shock and pleasure, he knows I have wanted a threesome for years and at last he has found someone, but I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman, I put me hand out to find out and he grabs it so I can’t, they both start kissing my body working on one side each it feels amazing I have got two mouths and four hands playing with me all at once it’s almost to much to bear no one has spoken they just seem to know what they want to do to me, then they move and I can feel nothing I’m moaning in pleasure and anticipation wanting more.

Then he tells me to get on up my knees I do it, but I feel so vulnerable and exposed but I suppose this is all adding to the pleasure. I’m kneeling on the bed waiting then I feel one of them push there head in between my legs and the other is standing in front of me, someone is eating my pussy and they must be getting soaked I don’t think I have ever been so wet I start fucking there face grinding my pussy against them. Then the person in front of me grabs my hair and pulls my face towards his cock I gladly start sucking I know this is my husband, I could tell the feel and taste of his cock anywhere I start sucking and licking his delicious cock and burying my face into his body taking as much of his cock as I can fit into my mouth, he’s thrusting his cock into my mouth, I’m fucking some ones face - this is amazing I come with incredible power all over the mystery persons face then my o/h pulls his cock out of my mouth and they swap places so I’m now sitting on my o/h faces and I know he likes this so I start fucking his face and he starts to play with my arsehole. At the same time the mystery person comes in front of me and I last I know it’s a man he’s rubbing his cock on my face teasing me with it, he knows I can’t wait to get it in my mouth so he’s making me wait, at last he lets me have it and I can show him what he’s been missing. He groans in pleasure and slowly starts to pump my mouth as I suck and lick the length of his cock taking all of him in my mouth.

My o/h can hear from his groans that I am sucking his cock so he comes out from between me legs to watch. Then I hear him say “she can take more than that” with that he grabs my head and starts pushing my face into his body. I’m gagging he’s pushing it so far in but I keep sucking because I know they are both enjoying it “that’s it you dirty bitch, you take it all in, you love it don’t you”.  My pussy is dripping I’ve got come running down my legs it’s time I got some cock, they obviously agree I feel the mystery man lay down and my o/h tells me to climb on, I don’t need telling twice on I get and the feel of his cock sliding into my wet pussy is delicious I start riding him while my o/h watches and it’s not long at all before I have an orgasm, my o/h pushes me forward so my tits are in mystery mans face, he happily takes advantage of this and starts licking, sucking and biting my nipples, my o/h moves behind me and starts grabbing my arse he’s squeezing and pulling at my arse checks then he leans forward and buries his face into my arse. His tongue starts licking and probing my arse just how I like it, all the while mystery man is fucking me.

This truly is the best surprise I have ever had. Mystery mans cock is so deep inside me I’m coming again and again. At last my o/h makes his move, I knew it was coming but he loves making me wait! He kneels behind me and slowly slides his long hard cock into my tight arsehole, once it’s in he starts pounding away my tits are bouncing in mystery mans face, he’s fucking my pussy my o/h is fucking my arse and I am coming all over the place. I can feel his balls slapping against my arse, having 2 cocks inside me is wonderful so much better than I had ever imagined. I start pushing back on my o/h cock, a sure sign I’m about to come so he slaps my arse so hard I’m sure his hand print will still be there next week, that’s it, its all over for me I come so hard it feels like my insides are going to fall out. “That’s it you bitch, you take my cock, your nothing but a dirty little whore are you” then he tells me to get up. Obviously I’m not keen I don’t want to stop what we’re doing so I don’t move, he grabs my hair and pulls me up “I said get up bitch” he pulls me off the bed, tells mystery man to sit on the end of the bed and bends me over so my face is in his crotch I start sucking his cock and I can taste my come all over him. My o/h comes behind me and forces his cock into my pussy, I start moaning with delight he slaps my arse again and tells me to suck. He’s thrusting so hard into me it’s hard to suck mystery mans cock properly, but I manage. I’ve got 2 cocks as far inside me as they can get and I am in my element I love sucking cock and I love fucking it. Mystery man grabs the back of my head and pushes himself deeper in my mouth I can feel that he’s about to come so I start sucking him just a bit harder, I try to pull away so I can lick him but he grabs me harder and forces him self so far down my throat that I gag and start to fight against him this turns him on even more and while I’m fighting with him he comes and I’ve got a mouth full of sticky warm come my o/h is still pounding my pussy I start licking mystery mans balls to make sure I’ve got the last drop of both our come. Mystery man pulls me up so he can kiss me and starts playing with my breasts again. Suddenly i’m pulled off of mystery man and I’m being bent almost double my o/h is ready to come now and wants me all to himself with one final thrust he comes and I can feel him shuddering and throbbing inside me, he pulls out and turns me around and says “clean that off bitch” I put him in my mouth and I suck the last drop of come out of his cock then I lick his balls while I’m squeezing his arse, he can feel that this is turning me on so he pulls away and says “enough” then he tells me to leave the blindfold on and get back on the bed.

I can hear them both getting dressed and my o/h says “I told you she was a good lay didn’t I, fancy a pint?”
Then that’s it there gone I’ve had the most amazing sex ever and I have no idea who the other man was.

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