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Categories: Masturbation
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Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
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Nature: Romantic

There'd never been any sexual tension between them until quite recently. She was his line manager and they'd always got on well. She was precocious in her late twenties, he a little bit older and more experienced. He knew she trusted him to get things done and there was a mutual admiration between them but until this weekend they'd both kept their feelings very well hidden. But now they would be away together for four days away attending an intensely boring conference in some far flung part of the country. What was more, being the only two representatives from their company they would end up spending a lot of time with one another.



The first night they'd shared dinner together and it was a light hearted affair not much different to lunches back at the office. On the second night they did the same although as the night wore on and they moved onto drinks the conversation had teasingly dallied around their personal lives. They were both attached but it was she who made the first flirtatious joke about them being a bit like a married couple without the sex, he laughed it off. But the mention of sex had flicked a switch deep within their psyches. Of course, in idle moments, as most men do, he'd imagined themselves together sexually but to suddenly hear her vocalise it made it seem possible. The same for her, she realised she'd gone too far, but was shocked by how liberating it was to actually say something she'd harboured deep down for months now.



All through the third day the seed planted in both their minds the previous night began to grow and wrap itself around their consciousness. The more boring the conference became the more their minds wandered back to the other. Suddenly he stopped seeing her as his admired colleague and began noticing her wonderfully proportioned body. Her stockinged legs, how short her skirt was, the low cut of her blouse that revealed her ample cleavage. He could feel the stirring in his loins, he could feel his aching need rising.



Her mind too was wandering, imagining them together in sexual congress, imagining his virility, pleasuring her for hours and comparing that to her previous, rather unsatisfactory encounter with her partner and his own 'little' problems with sex. She too could feel that wonderful tingling between her legs, the sure sign that a pleasurable moistness was overwhelming her vagina.



Dinner that night was strange, both of them skirting around their arousal. He watched her intently and his need for her became ever more intense. The sweet way she pursed her lips to sip the wine. From the corner of his eye, looking across to the bar he saw an impossibly photogenic couple deeply submerged in a passionate kiss. Overcome with erotic thoughts his mind was now at the mercy of his genitals. Common sense was overridden, a combination of the drink and closeness made him bold; As he resolved to himself "I must have her tonight". 



She too was feeling light headed, she was similarly feeling overheated, sexual thoughts had been swirling around her mind all day. She was thinking to herself about the ways she could pleasure herself when she got back to her room in an attempt to quench the fire within her. The thought of finger on clitoris only heightened the tingling within her labia and now her whole body was overcome by a deliciously sensual feeling.



He was slightly tipsy and so was she but somehow they didn't care. An unseen force of attraction was willing them on, As the night wore on they got closer and closer to one another on the comfy leather sofa in the hotel bar. He knew if he was to have any chance of fucking her he needed to make his move now. Gently he brushed a few strands of her brunette hair and fixed her warm brown eyes with his piercing blue stare "you are beautiful" he said and smiled. She felt her heart thumping madly, desperate for him to go further. He too was in a state of high anxiety, forgetting caution he leaned his face close to hers and kissed her lips, he felt her resistance melt but just as she suddenly she returned to her senses and pulled away. Both of them were embarrassed and unable to look each other in the eye after this intimate moment They knew this was wrong on many levels but why had it felt so right?



An inner voice told her this was wrong and she said to him that she should go to bed now. He was in a state of confusion the critical moment had been reached but all seemed lost, and more than that he also felt some guilt himself, after all he too was in a stable relationship. She got up and left to return to her room, he knew the moment had passed and slowly returned to his.



When he got back to that small hotel room he knew he needed satisfaction, he was unbearably horny. He lay on the bed and unzipped his trousers, shuffling them off around his ankles. He groped inside his underwear and felt his hard cock in his hand. Pulling down his pants he took the shaft in one hand and cupped his balls with the other and then began wildly pumping his rigidly engorged manhood whilst gently caressing his bollocks. He closed his eyes and let out a groan of relief. In his mind he was inside her now, madly taking his pleasure deep within her, the silky wet walls of her cunny stretching to accommodate every inch of his powerful phallus.



In her room she could stand the tension no more. She lay back and felt between her legs, her hand shifted her lingerie to one side revealing the swollen labia. With her index finger she gently stroked the crevice, immediately she felt the flowing wetness concealed within on her finger. Spasms of pleasure shot through her, biting her upper lip she explored the landscape of her aroused quim. One hand splayed open her labia, with the other her fingers slid up the slippery inner lips until they arrived at the hood of the clitoris. Dexterously her finger pulled this back to reveal the fleshy pearl, the centre of her pleasure, her swollen and oh-so sensitive clit! Her hands wet with the viscous pussy juices flowing so voluminously from her snatch she began rubbing it. Each gentle rub sent new waves of intense electricity through her body, she was lost within her own very deep pleasure as she vigorously frigged herself to release.



He looked down at that veiny mass within his clenched fist and was satisfied with what he saw. The top of the shining purply head was revealed with each stroke of his hand, the elegant base of his cock's head sheathed in dark pink foreskin and bumpy thick veins. He could feel himself edging ever closer to the point of no return, each stroke of his glans cranked up the pleasure another notch. He imagined himself in his favourite missionary position, thrusting himself towards ecstasy, close enough to her body to feel it quivering and sweating beneath him with each new thrust of his manhood. But still able to look her in the eyes and kiss her passionately; their tongues interlocked whilst filling her other orifice with his cock. He would move closer and closer to his final goal until with a short sharp roar of pleasure a stream of salty pearls is unleashed deep within her womb. Spent he collapses into the sanctuary of her breasts whilst she strokes his hair. Slowly this reverie subsided and as he opened his eyes he saw the reality before him, a twitching beast between his legs subsiding in a pearlescent pool of his own juices.



Oblivious to this, she continued her own solitary search for pleasure. An abstract configuration of sensations shot through her body. Harder and faster she rubbed at her clitoris but still the sensation grew within her, taking her other hand she began sliding her fingers in and out of her slippery cavern and she began to experience intense pleasure. Each orgasmic plateau built upon the last t create an incredible totality until finally she tipped over the edge. An incredible wave of sensations passed through her until she felt a curious sense of release. A gush of hot liquid shot from her vagina, over her hands and saturated the bed clothes. Oblivious to this she let it gush forth, milking her pleasure until finally she too was spent. Gasping for air she lay back and reveled in her hot, wet, pulsating, pleasure.






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