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Categories: Romantic Setting/Exotic
Tags: bath bubble Touching intimate
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

And just before you completely turned you leaned in and tilted your head upward, inviting. And our lips soon met in our first real, passionate kiss.  The first feeling was simply amazing and almost indescribable in words as a vast swarm of emotions flowed through my mind...your lips were so soft and yielding...melding together with mine...yet when you kissed back there was a strength and firmness about it as well.  And my heart began racing as your parted your sweet which I responded with a probing, licking exploration with my tongue.

Our tongues swirled together as we took turns pressing into each others hot, wet mouths....sending a warmth and tingle into our nether regions.  The kiss was not overly long...but so deep and meaningful it was though our very souls were touching.  As the kiss ended our lips lingered for a moment..still touching and our eyes opened once again....opened to meet each others gaze...a soft searching look...almost if to ask.."can we really be doing this?". 

I know I desired take you sexually and experience your body in every way possible....yet my conscience was sense of right and wrong as foggy as the mirror that now bounced back the inverted image of me holding your  dripping, naked body tightly in my arms....staining my clothes.

Finally I released you and as you turned fully now to face away from me, I knelt and once again grabbed the bar of luxury soap.  I wetted it and my hands and began a soapy massage of the most perfectly formed ass I had ever seen.  I loved how toned you were back there...your cheeks full and rounded yet taught without a single sag or wrinkle.....simply flawless.  I loved the unique each perfect globe stretched upward in a seamless journey from your leg to the small of your back...forming not a circle but the seductive illusion of slender length.

I placed my left hand on the front of your left leg to hold you and pull you toward me as I reached across at a right angle with my right arm and began to rub the left side of your ass.  Oh God!! The feeling was so unbelievably nothing I had experienced so smooth....I couldn't resist the temptation and whisked away a small residue of soap and kissed you there.  Using my tongue I felt and tasted you...covering every inch of both cheeks...stopping occasionally to press hard against you and suck with my lips before beginning the erotic journey again with my tongue......
My breathing was chest literally sexual desire for you tapping every nerve ending throughout my body...sending blood surging into my now rock hard cock.

I wondered if you knew that...if you sensed how deep my lust and excitement was for I not just admired but literally worshiped your beauty....if you knew how utterly perfect I thought you were....perhaps...but I wanted to take no I paused and told soft I kissed the back and side of your neck...and pressed my lips to your a sweet low tone...almost breathless..I whispered...

"I love you, you know...I always have....from the day we became a part of me....and somehow I always knew, as if it were our destiny, we would be together like this."
And with that said, I kissed a trail slowly down your back to where my fingers had separated and opened you and with my eager, searching tongue I came to know you even more intimately..

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