Chocolate Cake Punishment Part 2 True stories   added 4 years ago
  By: LauraAngel  Age: 50  Country: United States

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Categories: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, The Fetishists, S-M / Domination / submissive, Group Sex / Threesome
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

I replied "Yes, you are in charge Master and I'll forever be your little slut". I had no other options, but to let him do anything he instructed me to do. I laid on my back helplessly chained to the bed. All I had on was my red, wet, silky panties, and a pair of red, 4 inch "Come Fuck Me Shoes".

His eyes lusted for me when he saw my pussy's juicies slowly getting those panties wet. "I want to see you cum in those panties by rubing yourself, I need those panties wet and I need you ready for my real punishment". As soon as I rubbed myself, I released an earth shattering orgasm. He excited me soo much. The courriosity of not knowing what was next, gave me a rush of excitement all through my small, tiny body. The fear excited me!!!! Then he unlocked the dog collar from the bed post, and walked me down stairs only in my red, silky panties and red "Cum Fuck Me Shoes" on. I saw 4 girls and a bunch of young, strapping college guys down stairs. They could see that my little ass was as red as my panties, and the humiliation of my

exposure humiliated me. They all knew something secretly about this. Was this planned out already?

Master told me to pick two guys that I'd like to fuck. "Just pick two guys you little, slut and if your lucky, I will let them fuck you the way you enjoy". First, I picked the blond haired, baby faced hotty with blue lust filled eyes. Then I chosed the big italian guy that quietly looked down on me, as if I was just another cheap whore. He said, I did good, but my naughtiness still had to be punished some more. He dranged me by the collar and insisted that I follow him. " Little pets are to obey their Masters and take their discipline without complaint". He's training me to be an obediant pet, and teaching me some of new tricks The two men I picked for myself undressed, and I saw that their cocks were as hard as my ass was red. I only saw two cocks in my life, and I couldn't believe that all cocks were a little different. The blond had a hugh, kind of thin cock: and the italian had a shorter, darker, thicker cock As soon as I saw them, Master put a blind fold on me and yanked me tightly to my knees.

He then pushes my face down unto the floor with his hands firmly around the back side of my neck. I had no chance to escape. But I endulged in the pleasure of it all, and started to shake uncontrolably. My small body could barely endure the pain and my newly found secret pleasure!!!!

My body was already too exasted to move. "I want you on your hands and knees with your pretty, little raw ass way up in the air. I need to see both of your tiny little holes. I must see if you are ready to take a load or two". " How many loads would you want", he asked me. . Was this my punishment? What was I to do next? I couldn't see a thing, but I already knew what each guy looked like so I could definately tell them apart. I can not see, but I imagined them in my mind. I knew them just by their differnt looking cocks. Master's cock was as thick as a toilet paper roll, although he was average in size. He definately had the best looking cock of them all, just the best looking and coloring. I really loved all cock!!!!

"I'm going to teach you how to get fucked in all holes". He insisted that I'd love this new experience, and if I didn't do what he commanded, the punishment would be alot more longer and harder. The italian got behind me doggie style, and started rubbing my red, wet panties with his right hand. His left hand was on his hard, thick cock that pushed my panties aside so that my meaty pussy was exposed. While my Master pinned me down by my neck, this italian stallion took advantage of me by sticking his hard, thick cock in my wet, little pussy. I never had such a hard pumping and I instantly had an orgasm. Within 10 minuets, I had at least three orgasm. His finger went in my ass hole and I screamed with delight. This punishment gave me pleasure! While pumping his cock into me, he started giving me more fingers up my ass.
I could feel my little ass hole getting abused. The pain was like pleasure to me. Two of my holes were being used. I couldn't believe it. he had two fingers in my ass and he was fucking my pussy. The italian unlocked the chain from the bed, turned me around to sit on his cock. Just as soon as I did, the blond guy put a couple of wet fingers in my ass. TIt really hurt bad, and I started screaming, and crying out in agony over the pain. Then he attempted to put his long, massive cock into my ass. It hurt so bad. "Stop it, it hurts now, take it out"!! " PLEASE NO MORE"!!! He told me to shut up, and take it. "Your my little tralup, and I do what I want, and you'll learn to do what I say and how I command it. Is that alright with you?

My Master put the unlocked chain in my mouth and told me to bite down on it. He tightly locked the chain around my head. The tightness of the chain brought me to start gaging. He pumped his long, hard cock a little bit futher in my ass hole. With each pumping, he broke my little ass in more and more. I felt it as my ass was ripping apart. He grabed my ass cheeks to open up wide and deeply plunged into my sore little behind. He kept on pulling out, grabbing both my ass cheeks wide, and liking it a little bit. He took it out, then rammed me even harder and harder with each thrust of his manhood. My pussy was filled with the italian sausage, while my ass got violated by the cute, young blound. His massive cock was almost entirely up my ass. It seemed like it took a good 10 minuets to get it in all the way. Both of them were so rough, as they pumped in and out. I had two hotties pumping my little holes.
I was just 17, and this new experience was the best I ever had. My orgasms came one after the other. My 100 pound body was nearly broken apart. Both of these men were going to rip me up, if I dared to cry or move. I was motionless I sat on the italian, while blondy pumped my ass and played with my clit. The motions of his fingers caused me to have a clit orgasm, then soon after I started having the best g spot orgasm I ever had. My ass and pussy never knew such an orgasm. I was in Heaven and I felt wonderful knowing Master was just training me up to be his submissive pet,

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