the roommate came home   added 4 years ago
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Enter your story here... She was laying there with her skirt hiked up and legs spread wide enjoying the feel of his fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy when she heard the kitchen door open. "Damn your roomy is home," she complained snapping her legs closed and yanking her skirt down with a pout. "So? "he said keeping is hand right where it was. "Hey guys want to play cards?"they heard come from the next room as chairs were being pulled back from the table. Apparently the roomy had brought home friends. "Nah thats ok we're fine in here with our movie"he answered as he started pulling her skirt back up."Stop that!"she swatted at his hand. "You know you dont want me to stop"he teased pushing his fingers deep inside her and making her moan."Yeah thats what I thought. You dont want me to stop at all." He lifted her skirt back up and pulled her legs back open. "Dont worry about them. they aint even in the same room. Just worry about keeping them legs open wide so I can play with that nice wet pussy"he told her as he slid his fingers in and out. "But theres no door"she tried to protest,but ended on a moan. "Just relax baby. They arent paying us any attention. Besides whats the worst that could happen? Theyd get to see what a beautiful wet pussy you have. Hmmm I think you like that idea" he teased her. "Your pussy got even wetter and tighter just thinking about them looking at your wet cunt. Does it turn you on baby?"he asked as he worked her pussy with his hand. "mmm Maybe"she answered just as his roommate walked in the doorway."Are you sure you guys dont want to play? Oh oops! I see that youre already playing"he chuckled leaning against the doorway as he enjoyed the view. "Mind if i take a pic?"he asked as he pulled out his phone. "Go right ahead. Spread those legs a little wider baby so he can get a nice shot of that pussy"he told her pulling his fingers out and using them to pull her pussy open while his roommate took pictures. "Damn shes wet! The guys are going to love this," he turned back toward the kitchen, "hey guys you gotta see this" he said walking into the next room. "Hope you like an audience baby cause youre about  to get one"he said sliding his fingers back inside her.
to be cont..

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