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Location: A bed
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later
I love women & always considered myself hetero. But awhile ago, an old married friend confessed he was bi, and to make a long story short, I let him seduce me. 

I've been married for 14yrs, don't want to change that, but sitting nude with him on his couch, feeling his hot breath on my neck as his hand slowly caressed my inner thigh aroused me like only a few times before. Maybe it was the taboo aspect of it, but when his lips circled my cock, I was so excited that it seemed only fair for me to return the favor. It was the first time I ever looked at another mans cock up close, let alone touched one; but seeing that drop of precum on the head made me want to taste it. It was incredible...I had another man's cock in my mouth, and it felt so natural...so exciting, so erotic, so...right!


We played regularly for awhile, but he moved up north a few months ago, and I miss it. He introduced me to him wearing his wife's panties and I found I loved the feel of his cock growing warm & hard in my hands through the fabric. Soon I was wearing my own wife's panties during our trysts together. We would rub each others bulges until we couldn't wait to mouth the wet spots of fluid through the sheer, silky material. In a short while I found I loved being femme even more than he did. The first time I wore his wife's nylons & garter along with panties, I felt so slutty and sexy that I dropped to my knees and worshiped his cock as a sissy should....I ran my tongue up his thighs, from his balls up his shaft to that point where the head starts, feeling him twitch and moan as I kissed the tip of his dick before sucking him as far as I could into my mouth & down my throat. I stared into his eyes while lavishing attention on his throbbing dick, engulfing as much as I could take, tickling his puckered anus with the tip of my finger as I teased the tip of his cock with my tongue on the upstroke of my bobbing head. I loved the feeling of power it gave me over him. Knowing I was responsible for his knee shaking orgasm made me even more excited. I loved the expression on his face as his brow would contort right as he was coming, a moan escaping his lips along with the inevitable “Oh my God... Oh Yessssss….. I’m coming,”  his hips bucking, his knees growing weak as he pulled his shooting cock out of my hungry mouth, spraying hot sperm all over my face and eagerly licking lips. I was hooked on sucking cock…his cock. I had become a total submissive cross dressing cumslut, and I loved it.


The last week he was here, he surprised me. Dave called and asked me over, saying he had a treat for me. When I arrived, he kissed me full on the lips and told me to go into their guest room and shower. When I came out of the bathroom there was a bag on the bed with a note attached that read, ‘put these on and wait for instructions.’ Inside were boxes, obviously new, with a skimpy little black camisole top, sheer matching panties, and a garter belt with black silk stockings. ‘A going away present of our times together,’ I remember thinking. I was impressed with the quality and Dave’s thoughtfulness, becoming slightly aroused as I snapped the garter into place, rolling up the stockings and pulling the panties up over them. I slipped the top over my head, feeling the satin fabric against my stiffening nipples. I stepped back, admiring myself in the mirror. I certainly didn't look like a woman, no make-up, no heels or jewelry; but I felt just like a naughty sissy slut in lingerie willing to do whatever Dave had in mind for our pleasure. My cock was hardening with anticipation when the knob turned and in walked not Dave…but Julie, his wife! 

“Well, she certainly is a wonderful Birthday present Dave” she said over her shoulder through the open door. “But with his mouth hanging open like this, we’re going to have to fill it with something rather quickly.”


I must have turned fifteen shades of red in utter astonishment & embarrassment. I was standing in women’s undergarments, in the middle of the room, with a rapidly receding bulge in front of my friend’s wife. I couldn’t run, I couldn’t hide, hell, I couldn’t even explain…


But I didn’t have to. Julie laughed. “You look like the cat caught eating a canary, but I bet you’d rather eat something else.” She was wearing a short strapless red dress, slit up the side to reveal a stocking topped leg and a garter peeking through. Her figure seemed to be even better than I remembered. Sleek, sensuous and long legged; her dark hair falling below her bare shoulders, she looked exceptionally erotic.

“It’s alright sweetie,” she cooed into my ear as she hugged me. “You’re my Birthday present and I’m not going to break you, at least not before I get to play with you.” I was still somewhat shocked as she put a collar on me and led me to their bedroom.

There were candles lit and Dave was standing there in a robe. Before I could react, Julie instructed me to kneel in front of him. She told me that I was hers for the evening and I was there for her pleasure and I would do what I was told if I wanted to get any release before the night was through. She told me she knew of Dave & my 'little gurly games' and how I borrowed her sexy clothes. She told me it turned her on to hear Dave tell of our dressing up and sucking each other. She had not only known of it all along, but she had actually urged her husband to get me more interested in crossdressing in preparation for just this very evening. She wanted a toy of her own, she told me, and tonight I was it. “If you love looking & feeling like such a slut.” She teased, “you are going to have to act like one. Get my husband hard for me.” I looked up at Dave's smiling face and figured this was going to be all right after all. She went behind him and parted his robe, revealing a skimpy pair of sheer red panties that barely contained his half hard cock. I slowly, yet eagerly teased his upper legs and crotch with my hands, following my touch with tongue & mouth. I must have been doing it right, because his hard-on was growing and starting to stick out the top of his panties. She reached around and pulled them aside and told me to take him into my mouth. I willingly obliged as she caressed my face and her fingers traced along my jawline & lips to feel where his cock entered my mouth. She was verbally urging me on, calling me a little cock whore and asking me if I enjoyed pleasing another man in front of his woman. I could feel him push into my face as I engulfed him, wantonly sucking my friend as Julie commented on my technique. She knelt down beside me, caressing his balls & my face, whispering with her hot breath in my ear...asking me if I loved sucking cock…if I could taste him...could I feel him throb in my throat….Me wanting more and he wanting to cum, but she pulled him back and told me to stand up. She kissed me and said, "Don't worry slut, you'll get some eventually, but let's see if that tongue can please a woman too."


She took off her dress, revealing a black garter holding up her hose, a sheer black high cut thong, and a stunning demi-corset that accentuated her already slender waist. She sat on the bed, her legs slightly parted, and Dave led me to kneel in front of her, guiding my face into her deliciously scented, lace covered pussy. I was so freakin' turned on, I wanted to bury my face in her, but she told me to rub & lick her feet through her nylons. I eagerly complied, removing her heels and caressing her toes and ankles, licking her soles through her stockings. I worked my way up her legs, rubbing and licking as she instructed, feeling her silk covered feet rubbing my cock as my tongue teased her inner thighs, smelling that female aroma from her pussy that I love so much. Dave caressed my panty covered ass cheeks as she parted her legs, pulled her panties aside, and I was finally allowed to plunge my tongue into her soaking wet bald pussy. I was in heaven, so overloaded with new erotic sensations that I was afraid I was going to come then & there. But she had other plans.


“Come up here on the bed my toy,” she murmured, lying back with her legs spread. “Worship my breasts, you slut. Don’t you wish you had a pair as firm as these?” she murmured as she unhooked her corset.   


And they were lovely. Julie was of Mediterranean origin, with an olive complexion and a perpetual tan. Her tits weren’t very big, but they were perky and topped with large dark areolas and pointy nipples that reminded me of Hershey’s kisses…I certainly wanted them in my mouth. But she covered the front of them; cupping them with both hands and making me lick the undersides thoroughly.


“That’s it slut, now run your tongue wetly between them, get them nice and slippery for my husbands cock.”


Dave had climbed up on the bed, his hard dick still protruding from the crotch of his panties. He straddled her gorgeous body with his knees and replaced my jealous tongue with his manhood, sliding his cock between her orbs as she held them together to grip him warmly.


She wrapped her arms across his back, pulling him further down and forward, exposing his ass to me as I was left kneeling on the floor between her legs, hungrily watching Dave’s cock slide up and disappear between her swollen chest, his shaved balls leaving trails of my salvia on her warm belly.


“Lick his hole for me”, she commanded, pulling the back of his thong to one side, exposing his tight little asshole. “Suck his ass and make my bitch squirm for me.”


I hesitated. This was new territory for me, and I was unsure about sticking my mouth on another man’s ass. But I had done it to women before, and I loved it when it was done to me. My wife wouldn’t get into anal play, hell, she wouldn’t get into a lot of things she considered too ‘kinky.’ But wasn’t that one of the reasons I wound up exploring sex outside of our marriage, sex with a man no less? Hadn’t I complained married sex was getting too vanilla? Wasn’t that why I started playing with Dave in the first place?


Leaning forward, I reached out and cupped his cheeks. I spread them wide and leaned into Julie’s cunt with my chest as I inched my face closer to Dave’s ass.  His thrusting slowed, and then stopped as I realized Julie had taken him into her mouth, and I took advantage of his temporary motionlessness to subtly sniff his rosebud with my nose. The aroma was heady, not strong at all, and I realized they had prepared for this. They (or at least she) knew that I was going to be enticed into just this. I wasn’t humiliated. After all, they were good friends. Julie and my wife worked together, that’s how Dave & I met. I trusted them implicitly.


“Oh well,” I said to myself, “Another line crossed another taboo broken.” But I had made the decision to follow wherever my libido took me when I let Dave first seduce me.


I literally kissed his ass! First the left cheek, then the right, tentatively inching closer to my goal until Julie abruptly grabbed the back of my head and told me to quit fucking around and be an obedient little slut or she would punish me. She freed herself from underneath Dave and squeezed my balls painfully, threatening to rip them out if I didn’t obey. Dave crawled up higher on the bed, arching his back to allow me full access to his asshole. I crawled up to my friend’s rear and started licking his hole as if it were a pussy, thrusting my tongue into him at times to hear him moan in pleasure. Julie still handled my balls, but with a decidedly more erotic touch, and her long fingernails were teasing my now rock hard shaft.  


We played for what seemed like hours, both of them teasing my cock until Julie would put a stop to my pleasure and order me to service one or the other in some way. My lips, mouth & tongue were getting sore from so much use, and my ass was warm and probably red from her slapping it as she called me her little slut. She made me rim Dave's ass again as she stroked me and stuck one, than two or maybe more, lubed fingers in and out of my butt, getting me so horny I wanted one of them to take my anal virginity. She asked if I wanted to feel like a real woman, to be fucked by a man. And once I begged for it, she finally allowed Dave to penetrate my ass. It hurt at first, but it felt so surprisingly good to have my hole filled by a hot hard dick. Julie allowed me to eat her pussy to orgasm as she stroked my cock in a 69 while her husband fucked me from behind. I could actually feel Dave’s cock swell in me as he moaned and his cum filled my ass.


She made me clean him up, and we both brought him back to hardness with our mouths, our tongues intertwining as his cock came back to life between our lips. Julie instructed me to lie on the bed as she got over me in a 69 and told me to guide my fuck buddy's dick into her pussy. I took Dave's cock into my mouth for a quick lick and then rubbed it up and down her slit. I could see her bare swollen cunt glistening with my saliva as Dave's cock slowly stretched her lips apart and disappeared inside her. It was the most erotic sight I've ever seen. Two people joined together only inches above my face!!! The sounds of their moans and the aroma of sex filled me with desire as I licked them both where their sexes met. Julie would remove her lips from my cock every time I was about to cum, teasing me and yelling for Dave to fuck her harder. His balls were slapping my face and she was bucking away from my mouth, but I was holding her pussy against my tongue as hard as I could. It was wild! Dave finally groaned, and she screamed as his balls tightened in front of me and he started to cum. Love juices were dripping into my face as I pulled Dave's cock out and hungrily sucked the last drops of his cum from his dick. I eagerly stuck my lips back onto her pussy to suck both of their juices out as she commanded. She was starting to cum again as my tongue probed both her cunt & asshole. Dave had joined her at my crotch, licking my balls as moans escaped all three of us. Whose mouth I finally exploded into, I really couldn't say, but it was the most intense orgasm I have ever had, before or since.....


We made up a story to tell my wife and I stayed with them for the entire night. Dave & I gave Julie multiple four hand massages and a double tongue bath. Julie sucked me to orgasm while Dave fucked her from behind. I was allowed to clean her tasty cunt of juices once more. We gave Dave an incredible double blowjob, taking turns at his ass, sac and shaft with our lips and tongues, and I finally got to fuck Dave while Julie penetrated me with a strap-on.

And the night before they left…I was once again at their house. Both Dave & I were newly shaved of all body hair, dressed in lingerie, heels, wigs & full make-up. We spent a few erotic moments locked in a passionate kiss until everyone was so turned on that I was finally allowed to fuck Julie…while her husband & my wife cheered us on…

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