Chocolate Cake Punishment Part 1 True stories   added 4 years ago
  By: LauraAngel  Age: 50  Country: United States

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Location: A bed
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I remember my first FUCK Punishment as if it were yesterday. The day, turned into nght. The night, turned into a fuck party for me with twenty other guys..... A punishment for eating chocolate cake without permission, turned into satisfaction and sweet delight for me. The raw pain, turned into sensual pleasure as I relized!!!! The pain groans, turned into pleasurable moans continueing all night. But before I knew what his idea of "Punishment " was, I knew I did something really wrong for him to yell, "Punishment. I ate the chocolate cake without his concent. What was he thinking when he yelled, "Punishment" to me????

We just started going out, I was only 17, and I thought I was in love with this 200 pound, sexy kind of man. He was 18, going on 25. He was extremely mature, and he had lots going on for him. He had the best car , a wonderfully high paying job, and he had his own very classy apartment. He went to a good college, and his family appeared normal and nice. How could I go wrong. . He was the best catch ever. He could have had many beautiful and sexy woman, but he choose little, petite me!!! I couldn't believe this guy craved my firm, small, soft body. He loved my baby soft, blound hair, and firm, little girl tities. He fully enjoyed sucking my panties. HE MADE ME ALWAYS LEAVE THEM ON, WHEN WE WERE FUCKING. I thought that was the extent of his sexual deviance, however, I was in for my first real punnishment. Was this guy a violent type? Am I suppose to be scared? Or do I give into anything he wants, I wondered. I knew he was soo much bigger than me. He could have broken my little body in just one hit. I am 5 foot 2, 105 pounds, and he is 5 foot 10, 200! Two times bigger with five times the power and strength. I decided really rapidly to be submissive, and I gave into him having an amount of fearful curiousity. Why must I have any type of a PUNISHMENT, I still wondered.

I quickly realized he meant business, as he took the dog collar off the hook, and locked it tightly around my neck. he pulled the collar so hard. He told me firmly to call him :MASTER", and I quickly obeyed. I was clearly taught and socialized to obey men, especially if you belong to only him. How can he do this now I thought. We just tarted falling in love, and now I have to put up with this. My master spanked me really hard until I was begging him to "PLEASE STOP"!!! He spanked by ass with the cold, rusty chain untill by ass was raw, red and bruised. "How long can this take place", I thought to myself, yet I didn't dare say a word. All over chocolate cake? Was that the only reason why he had to hurt and humiliate me. I was longing for some kisses, and he gave me what he thought I deserved. It seemed to go on forever. Was that the extent of it? Wasn't he over with the punishment?

I begged him one more time to stop, but the more I asked the harder and longer my spankings were. My ass was now even reded than my little panties he made me leave on. He had a true burning desire for those little red panties. He called them his cum catchers, and always made me leave them on for days at a time, even if they were smelly and dirty. Why not lick my panties instead of a very painful punishment?

After he got through with my spanking, He locked the chain to the bed. It caused me to have the chain even tighter around my neck. I could hardly breath, but he didn't care. I called him Master, and he called me his litlle, slutty pet that he alone owned out right. He told me to "Never disobey him again". He said, I had to always ask his permission before I did anything. He said that he was in charge, and if I didn't like it, he'd fuck better girls.. "Is that O.K. with you my little slut"?

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