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Roleplay: Boss/Secretary
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Anisa is my research assistant in my new project, she is also the daughter of my boss, and we had known each other from before. I knew she always has the hots for me, but never actually had the opportunity to get together.


I use to visit her home sometimes for work, and she use to come out and greet me, sometimes wearing the shortest hot pants that i can almost see the crack of her pussy over her pants, sometimes she’ll be wearing tiny skirts that when she comes and sit near me I can see her smooth milky thigh running high to her waist, that tiny piece of cloth being the only thing hiding the crack, and I was thinking like did my heart skip a beat, or did I just float.

And then I will have this insane urge to just grab her, kiss her mouth and squeeze her small round breast, but then good sense usually prevail and I hold my self back, besides the boss is always around and her house is always so full of people.

            I use to imagine what it will be like to get her in a secluded place and just bury my face on her sweet smelling pussy. I fantasised about her visiting my place and I was alone that evening, she was be wearing that flowery flowing thin skirt that she often wear, and I had her pinned on the wall in the corridor, we started kissing passionately, and then I was rubbing her tits over her cloths, my fingers crawled down lifted her skirt and rubbed her pussy over her tiny panty, Anisa was panting and moaning now, so I grabbed her ass and lifted her up to my bedroom.

 I laid her down at the edge of my bed, there is no time to undress her, so I just lifted her skirt high up to her waist, pulled her soaking wet panty to her ankle, and spreading her leg wide, dip my nose into her pussy and smelled her juice, it was intoxicating, then urgently I licked all her pussy juice dry, and with the tip of my tongue gently licked her clit, she was shivering uncontrollably and after a few seconds gave out a loud moaning cry, then after catching her breath with a glint in her eye she grab my cock out from my boxer and licked of all my pre-cum, then she swallowed my cock till I could see only my balls.

 I almost came at the back of her throat, she slowly took my dick out of her mouth and grabbing it firmly she stroked away till I could hold it no longer, then with a sudden shudder I blew my cum all over her pretty face. 

            Well that was just a dream, but who knew my dream was about to come true then. Last winter we took up a new project and Anisa was sent as my assistant. My boss rang me up and asked me to pick her up on my way down to the project site.

I rang Anisa and told her I was coming. When I reached her place she excitedly ran out from her room grabbing her vanity bag and another carry bag with her laptop, she was wearing a light green short skirt and an equally matching light blue and grey stripped top, the smell of her perfume gave me an instant hard-on.

As we started to drive she was still preening her hands and legs with a cold lotion, a little down the road I saw that my hand was too dry, so I asked her for some lotion, she was ready to squeeze out some, when she saw that it was difficult to lotion oneself and drive at the same time, she offered to lotion me.

 Anisa squeezed out a generous amount of the cream and started lotion-ing my left hand, I could fell the electric passing between us, as her slippery hand rubbed mine, when her slender fingers slipped in between my fingers, I thought she caught her breath, she quickly finished and when I lifted my right hand, she poured some more lotion and started rubbing my hand, whether she was being generous or nervous, I don’t know, but squeezed out large amount of the cream this time too and when she was done, my hand was still pasted white, she smiled  and then rubbed her hands against mine and swallowed hard, with two slippery hands rubbing against each other, she must have been thinking what I was thinking, as she was silent for quite sometime even as we drove on.

            When we returned from the project site, it was late in the evening; Anisa did not want to eat alone, so we went to my place and she cooked us some dinner, then we went to my room and tried to relax playing some card game, but it was a real tough day, today and we were both tired. I tentatively offered to rub her back; she looked at me for sometime and said ok.

            I asked her lie flat on her tummy on my bed, I started to massaged her firmly but gently from her nape to her small back, and when my hands went swept back to her shoulder blades this time it pushed her dress to her neck, she was wearing a shear light green transparent bra, she didn’t protest, so I rubbed her smooth, soft back, I told her I am going rub with oil, she moan in affirmation, I flicked her bra hook loose, she didn’t move.

 I let her bra strap fall exposing her milky white breast, I poured a generous amount of oil on her back and rubbed from her shoulder to the tiny crack in her back she squirmed in delight, I boldly pushed her skirt up to her waist and with my oily hand gently squeezed both her buttock, she let out a small moan, she was wearing a matching shear transparent panty, I could see her pink pussy, it was wet and her panty was soaked.

 I massaged her from her nape to her red painted toes, my slippery fingers sliding in between her toes, squeezing her thighs and buttock, accidentally pressing my hand between her thigh and touching her cunt, my fingers a strange mixture of her juice and oil, she wasn’t complaining  and so slowly I started peeling of her cloths one by one.

            When I pulled down Anisa’s panty, her pussy was clean shaven, it was so squeaky clean, that it was such a delight licking her pussy, her labia was quite swollen by now and there was a nice mould, her inner labia was a long leafy flab, I ran my tongue just above her bum hole to her clit, and Anisa was letting out low sexy moan, I kissed her buttock, then held her labia between my lips and sucked. I sucked and licked her till it was swollen and red.

I quickly pulled down my pyjama and t-shirt, I straddled her over her buttock and pouring more oil in my hand rubbed her back and her bum again and as I slide my slippery fingers up to her shoulder, my erect joy-stick probed her wet pussy, my hands swept down to her ass, my oily thumb rubbed her ass-hole in a circular motion, and as I moved up to her shoulder again, this time my dick easily entered her slippery pussy.

 Anisa let out a small cry, as I slowly fucked her from behind, my hands gently squeezed her neck and shoulders, I could see goose bumps on her upper arm, she probed her ass up so that I could enter more deeply, after sometime I turned her around and kissed her lips and neck, and while suckling her pink nipple entered her again, we fucked missionary style for awhile, she had her arms around my neck, when I was about to climax I withdrew and asked Anisa to get up from the bed.

            The window near my bed was open, and a cool breeze was blowing in, the night has set in and a few stars were up in the sky. Anisa looked so sensual as she stood there naked facing the window, I asked her to bend a little so that her ass stick out and from behind her I grabbed her arm by the elbow and then guided my erect dick into her still wet cunt, as I fucked her, she bend her knees to take more of me inside her, I caught her wrist and pulled both her arms towards me as I hammered her from behind her, with the heat emanating from our body and the cool wind blowing over our naked body, the feeling was exquisite.

            Suddenly Anisa began to shudder and her body stiffen, she began to moan and breath heavily, and as she climaxed I step up my tempo, and the slapping noise of my ball against her small round ass increased and when I could hold it no longer, I withdrew my cock as the first drop of my cum squirt high on her shoulder blade, I squirted some cum on her tight ass hole and the rest of my cum I emptied on her round ass. I then wrapped my arms around her, and holding her tight we both collapse on my bed exhausted. 


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