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Categories: Virgins/Young women, Force/Rape, Anal Sex
Tags: Wetness enjoys fox pleasure
Location: An airplane
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
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Nature: Agressive

Maria stepped out of the shower and toweled off. Padding to the bedroom, Maria put on a black satin bra and panties. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she slowly pulled on black thigh-hi nylons. She enjoyed wearing sexy lingerie under her clothes. It made her feel pretty and desirable.

It was almost an ego boost for her. Again, harmless enough. Maria put on a

light blue silk blouse and buttoned it. She then pulled on a pair of navy blue

slacks and pulled up the zipper. She finished the outfit with a pair of navy

blue pumps.

Maria closed the door behind her and walked to her car. She started the

engine, moved the gearshift to drive, and pulled into the street. It was a warm,

clear night and traffic was light. She made it to the airport in less than

fifteen minutes. Maria turned her rented car in, got into the limo waiting to her to the executive airport area. I was waiting for her on my private jet. She arrived bordering the plane, we then prepared for take off. Once in the air Maria started to relax, I grabbed her fom behind wrapping my arms around her waist pushing her toward the door at the back of the plane. I placed a hand over her mouth to muffle her screams. Opening the door to the bedroom pushing her in then locking the door.

I forced her onto her back, she lashed out trying to rake her fingernails across my face. I slapped her, still she fought, flailing with arms and legs. Stop it! Don't do this! Maria was screaming but no one heard, no one came. She felt my hands break open the zipper on the front of her slacks. I grabbed the waistband of her slacks and panties jerking them down over her thighs and past her knees. I pulled off her slacks and panties throwing them on the floor. Her legs free, she tried to kick me, I pinned them down.

I grabbed her blouse and tore it open, scattering buttons everywhere. Tearing her bra open, I pulled it and the remains of her blouse from her body and threw them on the floor. I threw myself on top of her, one hand grabbing a fist full of hair while the other grabbed one of her breasts roughly. She screamed You are hurting me! Owwww! STOP it! Please Stop it! I crushed my mouth to hers forcing my tongue into her mouth. She gagged as I forced it way deep into her mouth. Maria had her hands aganist my chest, trying to push me off of her, but I was too heavy. Maria felt my knees forcing her legs apart. Her body was twisting and squirming under me as she fought to escape.


Maria cringed when my hand reached her tight pussy and began to rub it."Keep your legs open," and I began to feel her pussy lips. My finger slowly began to seperate them and move between them. Her pussy became wet from the stimulation. Maria was humiliated seeing me staring at her naked breasts and nipples. Maria's breasts were medium size, firm, and perky. Her nipples were protruding because of fear. I slowly moved my hands toward her naked breasts. I lightly touched her nipples and they became instantly erect from the stimulation. My hands completely encircled both breasts and began to squeeze them. "You have nice firm breasts, your nipples are extremely sensitive to touch. Watch as I grab the nipple," I said. I grabbed each nipple between two fingers and began to pinch them."Not so hard, that hurts," Maria cried."You can take a little pain, watch as I pinch the nipples," my fingers grasping each nipple harder and began to twist and pull them."OOOOWWWWW," moaned Maria, pushing her breasts out, trying to relieve some of the pain from my fingers," that hurts so much."

Maria was now spread open, leaving her pussy and asshole open to me. I moved down between her legs and she felt my fingers move over her ass. "You have a cute ass, and your anus is so small amd pink. You are now going to allow mee to put my fingers into your anus." I moved my fingers between the crack in her ass and glazed over her anus, sending shivers of fear through Maria. I was pushing my finger on her asshole, and she pushed to stop me from entering her asshole. The second time Maria did not try to stop me and my finger pushed and entered he anus. Maria squirmed, uncomfortable with my finger up her ass.

Her anus gripped my finger tightly." Your ass is hot and tight, I am enjoying this," I said. I pushed my finger deeper into her, forcing a gasp from Maria. I pulled my finger out and in again, this time with two fingers."OHHHH, that hurts, my ass is to small, take your fingers out, please" she begged.

I pushed them in deeper, Maria groaned and began to spread them, opening her up. I pulled my fingers out, and then pushed back in, spreading as they reached deep in her. I pushed a pillow under her ass, raising her hips from the bed. Her pussy was pushed high into the air. Your

sweet pussy is tender and ready. I positioned myself between her legs, my rock hard 14 inch cock stood out boobing. Maria cringed as I leaned forward towards her body, my cock seeking her wet tender pussy. "Please don't, it's gonna hurt," as I rubbed my cock along her pussy lips, ready to plunge into her.

I pushed the bulbous head into her pussy, my body pressed hard aganist her. Her ass rose from the bed trying to escape the penetration, forcing more of my large cock into her small tight pussy. I grabbed her ass, forcing her pussy to accept my cock as 14 inchs plunged full length into her pussy, stretching her open. Thrusting into her with long hard deep thrusts, forcing groans from her lips as I penetrated her. Maria felt so stuffed from my cock thrusting deeper and deeper into her body. Her screams were pleasure to my ears as I enjoyed the sight of this beautiful woman, naked and spread before me as i slid my big cock all the out of her pussy and then plunging back into her.

Maria cries and gasps as she bucks to escape my penetrating cock. "Please, no more, it hurts so bad, leave me alone," she cries. "Get ready for my first load of cum" I said as I pushed my big cock deeper into her spread pussy forcing groans from her lips.


I lifted her legs so they now sat on my shoulders, still smiling at her I fitted the large bulbous head of my cock between the cheeks of her tense buttocks. Pressing the huge head firmly aganist her small tight asshole, which had never had so much as a finger shoved in it before. Maria whimpered as I pushed harder at her tight hole, suddenly the huge plum - like head popped in. She clapped her hands to her mouth to muffle the scream, and tried to pull away from me. I bent forward, grabbing her hips and lunged forward hard.

She screamed, the sound almost escaping from behind her hands,as my steel-hard, red-hot thick cock went all the way in one incredibly long stroke. I paused, slowly drew my cock through the depths of her until only the head of my cock remained lodged in her ass. I paused again, squeezing her hips in my hard large hands, then I suddenly launched forward again! I kept repeating the slow slide out, and savage impaling thrusts forward deep into her again and again.

"OOOOOOOOOO you make my cock so hard!"

Maria, now I'm gonna take my time fucking you nice and slow. I thrusted hard driving my hard cock deep into her, then slowly in and out of her tight ass. My thrusts slamming into her like a pile driver, my thick piston-like cock burying the shaft full length into her. Pausing every so often, then thrusting deep into her causing her body to spasm involuntarily. Her ass would clutch my hard cock tight increasing my pleasure. I thrusted deep into her one final time, groaning loud as my cock began jerking uncontrollably flooding her with cum. I pulled my cock from her ass, lowering her legs from my shoulders. I fell forward, allowing the full length of my body fall heavily onto her. She breathed a sigh, I whispered to her " enjoyed having you on the flight."

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