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One day during college a class that my roommate and I had got out early.  It was somewhat cold out so we figured we would just head back to the dorm and chill for a bit till the dinner rush came at around 6 at the food court.


Our dorm had a big couch in it with 2 TV’s.  One TV was for playing videogames and the other was for actually watching TV.  My roommate Troy always liked hooking his laptop up to the non videogame TV and displayed funny youtube videos, goofy 4chan pics, and just anything else u can imagine college guys might look at. 


He browsed around for about 30 minutes while I screwed around on the playstation.  Then he popped on a really hot multi scene vid that was all about girls doing 69’s t each other.  We both typically liked to share porn scenes that we found particularly hot, you know, to pass along the good time haha.  Anyways, this vid was full blown on the screen and it had some kinky shit in it.  Girls licking the other girl’s ass, tongue fucking, pussy slapping, you name it and it had it.


We both watched for about 10 minutes, commenting on different parts of the scene when I could feel my cock was getting really hard.  It was showing through my gym shorts and I slightly readjusted to somewhat hide it.


Neither of us have ever masturbated together by any means, but we both did have sex with our girlfriends at the same time in the same room once.  We joke about it whenever they are both around, mostly to see the girls blush.  Anyways, I think Troy noticed my hard on as I readjusted as he tossed me a glance when I was in the process of moving.


Once the next scene started up, I saw him slowly rubbing the head of his cock through his pants, trying to not be obvious.  Since we had both seen each other naked before, I figured why not and moved my hand down to my cock, beginning to slowly caress my shaft through my shorts.


It felt amazing as I actually had not jacked off or had sex in 4 or 5 days due to just being slammed with school shit to do.  I saw troy took notice and got a little more into his cock touching as well.  He was gripping his large bulge through his pants, with a longer stroking motion.  I noticed he would glance over every now and then, but I couldn’t tell if it was to see if I was still rubbing myself or if it was to watch.  Either way, I didn’t mind much, I was turned on to all hell.


Around the 3rd of 4th scene I think Troy couldn’t take it anymore.  Without saying a word he just stood up, took his shirt off and dropped his pants so that he was butt ass naked.  He then sat back down and grabbed a hold of his huge, rock hard cock.  Now we had seen each other naked but I had never seen his dick hard, and it was big.  It had to have been 7 or 8 inches, rock solid with some slight veins popping out.  It was decently thick, not overly thick but not skinny by any means.


His balls hung pretty low, and were clean of hair.  In fact, he trimmed everything nice and neat.  He moved his hand up and down his long shaft, making his large balls bounce a bit with each stroke.  When he looked over he caught me still somewhat staring at his cock while he jacked it off and just smiled, then focused back on the video.


I took key and also stood up and got naked.  My cock was a solid 7 inches, and a bit thicker than his, but didn’t show as many veins.  My balls were shaved and, like Troy, I also kept nicely trimmed down there.  I began to stroke my rock hard cock, leaning my head bet and shutting my eyes to enjoy the sensation more. 


After a few minutes of stroking I felt a hand on my balls, gently beginning to message them.  I opened my eyes surprised and found Troy stroking his thick cock with one hand and rubbing my balls with the other.  He looked at me and slowly moved his hand up to my cock and took over jacking it off.  I was somewhat in shock, as I didn’t know what to do.  My roommate was jacking me off while he was jacking himself off. 


Neither of us were gay, but the whole not touching myself felt really good.  I leaned back and enjoyed it a bit, which was obvious as my dick got even harder.  Since all of this was happening, I kind of though why not just go with it.  We were alone in our room, both obviously enjoying what was happening, so we might as well make the most of it right?


Well, after a few minutes of letting Troy jack my cock off, I moved my hand over to grasp a hold of his and began to jack it off for him.  I could feel every vein on his hard shaft as I slowly moved my hand up and down.  Every now and then I would slide my hand down to feel his massive balls, moving my fingers over each one independently.


Touching his cock turned me on way more than I ever thought it would.  I could feel my balls begin to tingle as an orgasm was getting closer.  I didn’t want to cum yet so I slowly slid down off the couch to the ground.  Troy looked surprised and slightly confused as I just put a stop to the whole thing.  I smiled and moved to where I was facing him.


I spread his legs apart more than they already were and moved in without hesitation and began to lick up and down his shaft.  He let out a long moan and leaned back.  I just kept at it.  I licked down to his balls and sucked each one individually, then moved back up his shaft to his read mushroom top.  I slowly took the tip of his cock into my mouth and made my way down, trying to take as much of him into my mouth as possible.


As I sucked, I played with his balls and lightly played with his asshole, caressing them and slightly pushing up down below.  I think he really began to enjoy this as I could taste the pre cum form out of the tip of his dick.  It was slightly salty but also slightly sweet.  Pretty hard to describe honestly.


With that he pulled me off his dick and pushed me back to the floor.  He stood up and walked towards me as I was laying on my back.  He stood over my head looking down at me.  I was so turned on all I could think about was his cock back in my mouth and touching my dick.  He watched as I pleasured myself for a bit before leaning down and getting into a 69 position on top of me!


I instantly took his cock in my mouth, and reached my hands up to grab his ass and force him a little further into my mouth.  Every now and then I would pull his cock out and start licking on his balls.  I had slobber and spit everywhere.  All over his balls, shaft, my face, everywhere.  Using this to my advantage, I got my fingers wet with saliva and began probing his asshole again.


I could tell he liked it because with that he took me completely into his mouth.  And he was getting my entire shaft into his mouth and down into his throat.  He was going all the way from his lips meeting where my balls were back to his lips just touching the head of my cock, up and down really fast.


I knew my cock wouldn’t last long being deep throated so I attempted to do everything I could to make him cum.  My finger was up his ass, massaging his prostate as I forced his cock a bit further into my mouth, somewhat choking myself on it. 


With that I could hear him moan through a mouthful of my cock and I saw his balls tighten up.  He started clinching his asshole around my finger, but I kept on massaging and moving in and out.  His cock finally erupted into my mouth.  I felt each squirt of hot, sticky cum shoot down my throat as I still gagged on his rock hard, pulsing cock.


The taste of his cum sent me over the edge and right as I began to cum, he deep throated me and just held it there, letting me blow every single squirt down his throat.  He took every last drop like a champ before pulling up to release my still hard cock from the grasps of his throat.


And there we laid.  Cocks completely drained into the others mouth.  We probably laid there for a solid 10 to 15 minutes before moving off of each other. 


After that day, we never really talked about what happened, but did make it more of a habit to masturbate together.  We wouldn’t always go at it like we did the first time, but every now and then, when we were extra turned on, we would let our secret desires out. 


This ended up being our little secret for the rest of college, and we both realized we had a pretty “special” friendship. ;-)


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