Fun with Mother and Daughter! ;)   added 4 years ago
  By: OwenAdams  Age: 22  Country: United States

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     My girlffriend sent me a text after i got out of practice sayin "cum ova, well have fun". Yes! i thought, just what i needed after a long day.when i got to her house i saw her peeking through the door, and she gave me a little flash! i hurried inside to find her laying on the couch fully naked! ohhh my i thought. she said her mom wont get back from the gym for another hour, so we got started!I stayed standing up and she sat on the couch deepthroating my 6.5 inch long cock. i could feel my iron cock poking the back of her throat and couldnt last. i shot my hot load down her teen throat and watched her stare at me in extacy. then i got down and flicked her clit teasing all around her pussy untill she was dying for me to fuck her. but i didnt stop there, i piched her nipples and sucked softly untill she was in a shaking screaming orgasm. her juices gushed into my mouth and i drained every drop!

I was now hard again, so i turned her over and we fucked in doggy style! My balls were slapping her pussy and the sound of her juices slushing from my penetration was soo hot. All of a sudden i hear the door slam shut and see my girlfriends step mom standing just staring at us. i pulled out and just sat on the couch stunned. wtf do i do? She looked so sexy standing ther. a 35 year old cougar in her tight booty shorts and sports brah. then she said as if she didnt know, "were you just fucking my daughter". yes mam i said just staring at the floor. Then she said, "well im not going to have any of that!" she took off her sports brah rubbed her nipples and got on her knee sucking my standing cock. she licked up and down my shaft just ignoring her daughter yelling at her to stop it! hes mine she said! I loved my girlfriends tight pussy but this was great! finally Ally, my girlfriend started sucking my dick too! Then Jen, my girlfirends mom stood up told me to lye down and strattled me! We were in the cowgirl position and i was pumping her milf pussy! Her juices dripped from her pussy lips and slid down my cock and i could feel her moisture on my anus! omfg! This was great Ally then jumped up on me and sat on my face! there i was laying there fucking my girlfirends mom and eating out my girlfriends. i told her i was about to cum and they hopped off. and were on ther knees. i sprayed them with my cum, one shot for each untill i was empty.they then sucked me clean and i was standing there limp. you better get home young man Jen said. I was told to come back tomorrow! the fun had just begun!
 -Owen    ps. Sorry for the grammar. i got horny and wrote this story in like 5 mins while jerking. haha tell me if you want me to extend it and fix it up. feel free to email me! thanks;)

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