Unplanned threesome   added 4 years ago
  By: enigma  Age: 41  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Steady Partner, Cuckolded, Oral Sex, Other men, Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: Threesome Cuckold Huge Cock Stranger
Location: The toilet room
Roleplay: Student/Teacher
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

I dated an ex, H, for about a year and had a great sex life. One night we were invited to a house party. H looked awesome in flat shoes, mini-skirt, fishnets and a shirt emphasising her 36DD breasts. As the party wore on, everybody was getting pissed, listening to the music and some were copping off with each other. I was kissing H's breasts tenderly on the sofa and we decised to find a more discrete room.We went upstairs to the bathroom and i pushed the door behind me, not realising i had not closed it properly. We got lost in a frenzy of passion, tearing at each other until finally i was fucking her doggy style, her pussy soaking. Completely in our thoughts, we did not hear the door open, and next minute a guy from the party came in. 'Hi, my name's John - didn't mean to intrude, i just wanted a piss', he said. 'Hey, it's ok,don't mind us', i replied. With that he went to use the toilet. Suddenly i felt H tighten on my cock. I looked up and saw her eyes looking towards his crotch. I followed her gaze and John turned sideways. I was astounded by his cock - it was huge, very thick, throbbing and just hung down semi flaccid, easily 9 inches long. His balls were pendulous, full of cum no doubt. H looked back atme, I nodded. This was totally virgin territory for her - threesome and a large cock.
She reached across and started to suck hungrily on John's shaft, her mouth engulfed. The scene blew my mind and i started fucking her ferociously scratching her back, pulling at her hair. At the same time John was teasing me and her by saying how he would fuck her with a real cock saying how pathetic i was in comparison. She begged him to fuck her and was agreeing with him. Strangely this turned me on even more and i climaxed hard inside her shuddering body. I leant down and licked out her pussy in readiness for him. John took off his shirt, his six foot frame, slim yet well defined, as H removed his trousers. He lifted H up and in a quick thrust impaled her on his beautiful cock. She sreamed in pain as he went in deeper than anyone ever had before. I told him to show her no mercy, how she was a slut, and craved to be fucked by a big cock. He took me at my word and pounded her mercilessly, her screams of pleasure/pain music to my ears. It  turned me on so much to see her getting the fucking of her life. She squirted for the first time that night and soaked the bathroom. I held her hand while she craved every inch and she kept saying thank you to me and how much she loved me. The experience definitely brought us together closer than ever before. John climaxed inside her at least seven times during the night, a heavy cummer. I licked her out every time, and am bi-curious as a result. I would dearly love to repeat this again now. Alas, me and H are no more, but the memory will stay with me for life..

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