Summer Forest Vibrations   added 4 years ago
  By: case2000  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Location: In the forest
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

    A lovely hot summer plans are set...take advantage of the Saturday... set up the hammock swing way back in the edge of my property, have a drink or 2, strip down and have a nap in hammock...I live way out in the country, and while I have many neighbors, the closest is over a half acre away, and the houses are a little further than that, so my property is nice and isolated...there really isn't any way to see any details from the houses I live near, and the feeling is very private...its forest country, my yard is about half dense trees, half open space with wild grasses, and this time of year the grasses have gown about 3 feet high and turned to brown...I should really mow the grass down, but I figure it can wait another week or was a rough work week, some relaxation and a nude nap while the summer afternoon birds tweet away is just what I need today...

    I have my drink, and savor the relaxation of the heat...I take my shift and pants off, it is just hot enough today, and the sweat cools my thighs just slightly...I take a good look around from my back porch, not a person in sight...I slowly brush my hand against my balls through my boxers...they are nice and warm, nice and relaxed and full...all stretched out in the more look for stray eyes and seeing none, I remove my boxers and begin to slowly stroll outside to my hammock...

   The dry grasses tickle against my legs as I walk out to the edge of the property...a few summer flies buzz around and I wave them away...the sky is mostly clear and there isn't much chance or rain tonight, just a warm night breeze....every few steps a mass of dry grass will bunch up against my cock as I walk, I just keep walking and tune into the feeling as it pulls away and sends a shiver up my back...I reach my hammock, its just at the edge of my property, and adjoining the neighbors, though I very very rarely see anyone there, I have the feeling it is more of a vacation spot for them and not a regular home...there are dense trees here where our properties meet, and the house looks all sealed up.  I climb up into the hammock and take a huge breath, hold it, and let it go...all the weeks tensions and troubles fading away and I feel the sun on my chest, the sensation of being outside naked, hidden in my little grove or trees...the heat and slight occasionally breeze runs across my body, the drink helping the sensation...I have worked hard in life and this little private hidden in the trees naked summer afternoon is my reward...I hear some horses neighing about half a mile away, high altitude hawks make their cries...I slowly jiggle my balls a little, the hammock embracing my body and swinging back and forth...the swinging giving me a little bit of thrill...looking up into the trees, considering the possibility of masturbating out here, always a slightly risky venture, and thus creating some nice excitement...but as I drag my fingernails up and down my cock, the heat and the very essence of summer take over and I slowly fall asleep...

...I can hear the sounds of a mower in the distance...don't really care...still napping...but it continues to go around in my head and then suddenly I wake up...not sure how much time has passed, the day seems somewhat later, dusk is on its way...I realize I am holding onto my cock and its nice and relaxed...that stage where there is no erection at all, but the blood flow to it has just relaxed as well and its hanging nice and low...balls fully relaxed...a quick consideration of the voices...don't sense anyone too close...just a mower somewhere...looking around...ahhh...there is it...but whats this? ahhh...the neighbors house....someone mowing...hmmm....naked and awfully close to them...well...take your time see what is going on...then sneak back inside =) ...the summer sun is beginning to sink....there...through the trees...I can see the mower now...a riding mower...and some one doing just that...riding along...mowing on their property...cutting down the late summer 3 foot grass...something I should be doing also hehe....cupping and hiding my balls, no need to surprise some dude, not my idea of I see the movement...the mower is moving through the trees...about 200 feet away...hmmm...a woman riding the mower...interesting....a bikini top too...nice large breasts, a little too large for her top...she is wearing jeans and a sun hat....working back and forth, slowly mowing down those late summer grasses...exciting! ...dangerous...who knows who she is...I need to get back to the house in a most sneaky fashion...watching her a little more through my little hidden tree sexy as she is, I have no idea who she is or how she may react to finding a nude sun napping man with a super relaxed cock slightly bigger than most mens...I watch for a for moment more, there is no indication that she sees me in any way...the butterflies in my stomach remind me of both hide and seek as a child, and also my time in the military while hiding in training and also during active situations...she gets closer, mowing strip by about 150 feet away...the wind shifts and I can smell the sun lotion and see her breasts nicely...and I feel a little rush of sensation to my cock...yeah...its time to go back inside...I begin to roll out of my hammock...

   I am getting out of the hammock, getting ready to go back inside right when her back is away from me...suddenly I hear the mower go into idle mode...the blades have stopped and the engine is just running...I look back...she is now standing up off the mower...maybe there is a problem...full lawn bags....large stick in the path... I watch and wait a moment...I see her move more towards the front of the mower...she looks around a little...leans over the front and holds herself up with the steering wheel...yeah...must be engine trouble...dang...I didn't realize she was this close to me...about 75 feet away or so...her back is to me...still leaning over the front section of the riding mower...kinda holding herself up in a strange posture for a mower problem...then...whats this...? ...a little hip grind...?  no...cant be...Im out of the hammock now, and crouched down in the grasses...I watch again...yeah...she is defiantly pressing herself against the mower...ahhhh...I get it...and yeah.. there is a little hand up against her way! sweet! this beautiful woman actually doing what I think she is?  I keep watching...she stands up suddenly... looks around all guilty like...she doesn't see me...yummmmm...a quick grab of her boob, now I know Im seeing what I think I was seeing...she is just at the edge of some trees...she puts the mower in gear and walks it more into the trees, incredibly right towards me!  50 feet... that's all that separates us now...she is at the edge of her property and nicely in the trees...she stops the mower...takes another look around...lowers her hand to her crotch and unbuttons her they are nice and loose, she pulls them to the side...i dont think she is wearing any panties...its too far still for details but I can see her crotch now just slightly... looks somewhat shaved...but some hair on the top of it...she steps a little awkwardly around to the front of the mower again due to her loose jean shorts...and then...with the shorts still pulled to one side...presses herself against the mowers engine compartment...I see her face go a little silly with the vibrations...and she leans over...bends over the front of the mower and props herself up on the seat with her arms...I cant believe what I am watching!  Is there any way she knows I am here...I realize my cock is completely hard now...the kind of hard that if I were to stand up and pull down on it then release it, it would snap back up and pop against my tummy with an audible spanking sound...this is unreal...she begins to jiggle herself a little...I can see just the bottom of her ass cheeks showing below her jean shorts...she is just slightly bouncing up and down now, and I can see the side of her face...mouth open...chest rising...eyes darting back and forth on occasion looking around...I think maybe I can hear moan escaping her lips...but its too hard to tell over the mower engine...but the full ohhhhhwww face she is making confirms she is happy...up on her tip toes now...up and down with her feet... a bounce going through her whole body as she grinds on the mower...

    I can smell the gasoline now...and see her chest breathing faster and faster...i watch and begin to stoke my cock...a sight like this is too good to let go to waste...I can tell she is trying to cum now...but its hard too...the vibration from the mower must be just not quite enough...she is really working for it..I can feel some sweat form on my neck...and then she is turning around, removing her crotch from the mower, suddenly dropping her shorts all the way down and sitting down on the seat...her face a mix of exhaustion and the need to cum badly...she sits on the seat and dives her fingers into her pussy with one hand the other hand pulling the bikini top free around her neck, releasing her tits and then joining her other hand below to frantically rub her clit...I can tell this is the final few moments, she is about to cum and she is so close and facing me could she not see me or my hammock?!  ...a few quick intake of her breath and I realize she is cumming now...right now...her eyes glaze slightly...her hands go between frantically fast and pausing...her legs tense and flex...I cant help myself...I stand up fully out of the grasses...I feel an enormous adrenalin rush to my core and stomach...I can feel it all through my I stand up a breeze hit me, I feel the sun and the breeze and hear the birds...its just the two of cock is throbbing now, flexing against my tummy...I stand up and just as you are cumming our eyes meet!  I can see right away you are absolutely shocked to see a naked, in shape man, standing 50 feet from you as you play with yourself, making yourself cum in the late summer light, your hands fully committed to rubbing your pussy as the orgasm washes over as you look at me...your breath almost panting and gasping, the orgasm was so long and sweet and such hard work for you to get to using that mowers vibrations... your hands rub fantastically now, and your arms are pressing your breasts together as you lean forward cumming, bringing your eyes closer to me, your toes curling in the warm soft forest floor...your lips curl up into an O shape and I know that you are feeling that massive rush of sensation from cumming...just the very beginning of the afterglow...our eyes still locked on each other...i have one hand up behind my head on my neck, my muscles flexing and the other down on my balls gently rubbing them...I have no idea what will happen next, but as we stare each other down I realize this may be the most exciting moment of my life so far...!!!



     This is the end of part 1, it is now up to you, my sexy story writing and erotic tale crafting lady friends to write the next part.  Please see my profile for more info =)  We can message each other and exchange a generic email to send the next parts to, or it can be done just through this site.  When the story is done, it can then be posted on yours, mine or both of our profiles.  Please write what you want to happen next from YOUR point of view.  Real laddies only please, sorry guys, you will just have to read the results as the story grows.  It is the woman's point of view, psychology and style that will turn me on, and help fuel my reaction to what they write.  Laddies, please write anything you like and mail me through the site or contact me, it is up to you what happens next, then I will write the next part and so on.  Lets co-create some erotic fantasies and have some creative fun while we do =)  Yours in waiting...Case ;)

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