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Categories: Oral Sex, Romantic Setting/Exotic, Identified partner
Tags: hard sex oral talk dirty woman Confident
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive
I met Brian on one of those online dating websites and I knew I wanted to see him again. I loved his southern style drawl and he was very much a gentleman, holding doors for me and making me feel like a lady. It didn’t hurt that he was six foot and had broad shoulders. I’m a sucker for broad shoulders. He certainly wasn’t cut, but he was firm in all the right places and I still imagined how it would feel to have his big arms around me.
For our fifth date, he invited me to his place where he said he would like to make dinner for me. I’m not going to lie, I was hoping today would be the day I would finally have the chance to see what lies underneath his cotton shirts and denim jeans. So far, we’ve only had heated kisses and although it is very gentleman of him to not push for more, I’m starting to wonder when he will finally just DO me already.  As I pull up to his house, I can only hope that today is the day he will stop being such a gentleman.….
Brian lets me in and the house is filled with a delicious aroma. “Mmm…it smells good in here,” I say. He smiles and starts helping me with his jacket. How sweet, but I still cling on to the hope I had before. I take note of the entry way and I look at him. “I would very much like to see your place,” I say sweetly, “Would you give me the nickel tour?”
“Well, this is the bedroom,” he says say after showing me every other room and corner of the place. I walk in the bedroom and start nodding like signally that it’s nice. Then I walk to the bed and I crook my finger motioning him to come over, which he does. I grab him by his shirt and fall back onto the bed pulling him on top of me. It’s an awkward move, I know, and he smiles down at me as he realized what I just did. I smile back and ask, “Does this tour have a happy ending?”  I plant a kiss on his lips and pull away feeling pretty satisfied with myself. Brian puts his hand behind my head and twines his fingers into my hair and brings my face closer to his before whispering, “Tease.”
He brings his lips down on me and starts tracing his tongue along my lips until I open my mouth to his. He plunges his tongue into me and kisses me harder. His tongue starts exploring my mouth and I finally take charge and start sucking on it. He moans and I feel him shift his weight for better leverage. He forces my legs apart with his so he can rest between them. He starts grinding into me as he kisses me harder. I whimper under his body and that seems to encourage him to be more forceful in grinding and kissing. I slide my hands underneath his shirt feeling the heat of his skin and slide them up to his chest where I feel a mound of curly chest hair. There’s something so masculine about chest hair that makes me want to run my fingers in it and press my face or body to it. I slide my hands over his broad shoulders and around his neck to draw him closer to me. He breaks free and sits up on his knees and sheds his shirt off like it was one quick motion. I look at him towering over me and I reach up to touch his chest and run my hand down his stomach to the top of his jeans where I run my fingers along the edge of the jeans. 
I must be mistaken, but Brian’s eyes seem to be darker and I dare say animalistic. I definitely see a shift from the Brian I’ve been seeing.
He bends down and starts kissing my neck and I arch my hips into his showing my pleasure. He pulls on my shirt and lifts it over my head and disposes it quickly to the floor. He returns back to kissing my neck and then trails his tongue down to my chest. Not letting anything impede his course, he yanks on my bra to pull it down to expose the top of my breast and the nipple sitting in the middle like a cherry. He starts devouring my nipple placing it in his hot mouth and running his tongue around it; pressing down with the tip of his tongue making circles around it and then biting it lightly only to repeat the process over and over again. I dig my fingers into his hair and throw my head back to give out soft moans.
He pulls his head up and tucks his arms behind me to unlatch my bra and quickly disposes it like my shirt to the floor. Each breast is about 2 and half handfuls, so he grabs them and pushes them together. “I’ve been wanting to see your tits naked and exposed for me from the first moment we met,” he says, “Now that I finally have them, I don’t know where to begin.”
“Do what you please to them,” I mew. 
“Oh, I intend to, my dear. I intend to do everything I please to you tonight,” he shoots back. I flinch at his response. I thought I was the one that was going to be in charge tonight. He never gave any indication in all our meetings he was a dominant force to reckon with. I realized I just walked into the spider’s lair willingly without knowing it. The realization was coming through and I heard him chuckle as he bent down and bit my earlobe. His hand cupped my breast and rolled it around in his palm. His hand was strong and rough against my delicate skin and making such a delicious contrast. He continued to manhandle it and pinch my nipple. Then he whispered in my ear, “You have such lovely tits. I think I’m going to make them stand at an attention for me.”  
He moves down over my chest and starts kneading both breast and I love the feel of his hands on me. He starts sucking on each nipple and pulling on them with teeth until he gets the right response. I whimper and moan through the constant teasing and grind my hips to his. I feel a rock hard bulge that I keep trying to rub against. “That’s more like it,” he says as he continues to rub, squeeze on me. “I can play with your tits all day.”
He brings his lips back to mine and thrusts his tongue into my mouth and kisses me hard. He holds my head in place as he continues to assault my lips and tongue with his. I couldn’t escape his mouth if I wanted to.
Brian breaks away and pushes himself up to start undoing his pants. “Take of your pants.” I do what he says and leave my panties on and return to my lying position. He drops his pants and I see his cock. It’s thick, engorged, and looks like it can do some damage. He leans down and yanks my panties off and presses he weight back on me so that his cock is lying right on my pussy. He starts grinding so that it slips into my slit. I’m already wet and his cock slides up and down the full length of my pussy. Oh yes! This is what I want and I trace my fingernails down his back and start showering his chest with kisses. He grabs my arms and slams them down to the bed and I scream at the sudden shock of him thrusting his cock into me hard and deep into me. I feel myself stretching to accommodate his thickness as my initial reaction was to clamp down and squeeze hard on him. “Now you are mine, “he growls. He holds my arms down and grinds into my pussy making circular motions. “All mine!”
He comes down to kiss me again and I’m whimpering and moaning as I suck on his tongue. He starts pulling out slowly and slamming back into me. My God! He’s so thick. He places his hands below the small of my back and rolls me on top of him, so that I’m not straddled him. “I want you to ride my cock,” he commands, “If you make me slip out, you will be sorry.”
I start rocking my hips and making the same circle he did to me…slow and first and then faster. “Squeeze on my cock! Squeeze it like you did before.” I comply and I see him roll his head back with pleasure. “You have such a tight cunt.” I continue to rock back and forth on him; enjoying the hell out of the massiveness of his cock. He grabs my hips and pulls on them to make me go faster. “Fuck me!” he yells, “Fuck me with that tight cunt!” I want to hear him moan again, so I increase the tempo of my hips, which cause him to slip out. I’m about to put him back in me when he says, “NO! You have to clean me off with your tongue now and then try again.” 
I climb off and open my mouth and devour his dick in my mouth and began vigorously running my tongue along and around the length of his shaft and across the head. He webs his fingers into my hair and pushes me further on it until I gag. “That’s a good girl. Now try again.”
I climb back on top and start rocking my hips back and forth and going faster again. I’m still adjusting to the thickness and the stretching and friction is so pleasurable.  I throw my head back and just succumb to the feeling of him inside me. Then he slips out! I climb off like a good girl and take him all into my mouth and devour him again. The taste of me and him mingled together is exciting me and I’m about to climb back on when he pushes me off and tells me to roll over. I roll over on my tummy and he climbs on top of me holding my hands down. “You want to be fucked, don’t you?”
“Yes, oh yes I want to be fucked!” I scream.
“You were made to be fucked and you need it, don’t you?”
“Yes, I need it!”
I feel him enter me from behind. He’s not gentle as he forces himself into me and starts thrusting fast into me. I hear the slapping of our two bodies and feel his hot breath on my neck. I start screaming his name “Brian!”
“Yea, you need me to fuck you. Say it!
“Yes, I need you to fuck me hard,” I scream. I feel him swell up and his cum spilling inside me. The ache that was building inside of me spills over as I’m hit with waves of pleasure at each pulse. It’s like time froze for that brief moment where we crashed into each other. I feel him slide out and roll onto his back and I can’t move quite yet. I hear him tell me that I need to clean him off, so I move to do so like a good girl….

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