Breaking Her In Part II   added 4 years ago
  By: LadySub  Age: 36  Country: United States

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Force/Rape, Anal Sex, Identified partner
Tags: submissive Dominant
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

I wrap the towel around me and head to the bedroom. I've already crossed over the wrong and forbidden that the walk down the hall to him isn't so hard and filled with conflict. I step into the room and his back is to me. "Shut the door," he tells me. When he turns around I see him holding a white cord and he crooks his finger at me to come. "You don't have to tie me up. I'll do what you say"

"Not if you don't like what I want to do," he shoots back.

He turns me around forcefully and ties my hands behind my back and tells me to try to get out. I try and he is pleased I can barely move the cord. He pushes me down on the bed and I fall on my side and immediately turn to my back as he lands next to me. He stuffs a cloth in my mouth and says, "No safe words today. You are going to be punished for all your teasing."

He rips off the towel to expose my body and traces my neck and moves his hand behind my head to grab a fistful of hair and bring my face next to his. He glares at me as he says, "I'm gonna split you open. That's how hard I'm going to fuck you."

I feel him against my leg and can tell he is rock, hard. "I was going to tease you and make you frantic, but I just need to be inside your pussy now. If you weren't such a tease and got me excited for months without being there to finish the job, I might be a little nicer."

He stands up and positions himself in front of me. I part my legs open, but not wide enough to his liking. He startles me when he slaps my inner thigh. "Spread your legs wider! I want you to present yourself to me."  Then he slaps my other inner thigh and I make a whimper noise and spread even wider. I feel him trace my slit from top to bottom with his finger. "You are still dry, huh? Well, I don't want you too wet. I want you to feel the pain of me splitting you open."

He slips his finger into me and my body reacts quickly. "Damn, I haven't even slip two fingers and you are already getting wet, you Slut." The tip of his cock replaces his finger and I feel the pressure of him pushing into me. There's quite a bit of resistance as he keeps trying to push into me. I start making whimpering noises as the friction of him trying to plunge into me builds. My legs start to close andhe grabs both thighs and slams them to the bed. "Don't fucking move your legs until I say so!"

"Gah, you are so tight!" he says as he tries to push into my dry pussy more and I grunt with each thrust. The friction gives way as I start getting wetter with ever attempt he makes to enter me. It's a delicious mixture of pain and pleasure. He pushes through and I feel myself stretch to accommodate his cock.

A moment of panic hits me and I start to try to spit out the cloth and push it out with my tongue. He is grinding into me in a circular motion trying to stretch me and I throw my head back and moan. "You like that, huh?" You like being fucked?"

What was I thinking before he started grinding into me? What was I trying to do? The thought comes back and I try again to push the cloth out with success. "Jason! You need protection I'm not on the pill," I manage to get out.

"Shuddup!" He stuffs the cloth back into my mouth. "If I want to come inside you, I will and you will thank me for it!"

He lifts my legs over his shoulders and thrusts in deeper into me. Oh he feels so good inside me and I don't think I ever been fucked by a man before. No, they were all boys at least that's what I think now. Even Dan doesn’t seem to own this much power, but that’s why I’m here. To have something he can’t give me. He pulls out slowly and thrusts hard and groans as he crushes and brutalizes my pussy. I feel him hit my sensitive cervix and a familiar pressure builds up. I rock my hips higher and start groaning and panting with each thrust.

"I want you to cum all over me!" he commands.  I start grinding into him and the thrusting becomes faster. "Cum on me!" "Cum!" he keeps ordering me over and over again. I feel a scream build up below and rip out as I start convulsing on the end of his cock. Wave after wave hits me as I faintly feel my body being turned and position with my face against the bed and my rear in the air. He rubs my cum from my slit to my ass over and over again. It hasn't registered yet as I'm still coming down, but it does when I feel his finger slip into my ass. I lurch forward breaking our bond. He grabs my hips and slaps my ass hard! "Take your punishment!"

I struggle again to move forward and he grabs me again and slaps me harder. "I can do this the easier way or the hard way. You decide"

I don't move accepting it's going to happen. He resumes rubbing my pussy and collecting the moisture to rub on my opening and then sticking a finger in me. I cringe as he slips in another finger. This action is repeated a couple more times. Then his hand leaves me and I feel his cock against my rear. I feel him enter me and I scream as he pushes all the way in.

He pauses for a couple of seconds. "FUCK!" he exclaims.

Then he starts moving in and out slowly. I'm gone! I start screaming with wild abandonment through the cloth in my mouth. If it wasn't for the cloth, he would hear "Jason! No! Please! Stop!"

"You are mine," he yells, "You don't tell me NO. You never tell me no. You are mine!"

He starts to thrust thrusting harder and faster and slaps me again as he violates my ass. I feel him swell inside me. "I'm going to cum. I'm going to fill you up!"

Tears are running down my face and I've stopped screaming and now just groan and grunt with every thrust. I feel him spill inside me and collapse on me. We lie there for a couple of minutes. I feel his hot breath on my neck. Then I feel his teeth. He starts to nick and nip my neck and shoulder. "You are a good fuck, baby."

He turns me over and sees my tears. His face is unreadable, but he wipes my tears away and kisses each cheek. Then he unties my hands and turns me over and bends down to bite my nipple and suck on it. Then he raises my hands over my head and proceeds to tie me to the bed. I look at him puzzled. He smiles down at me. "I need another shower, don't you think?" He stands up looking down at his work. "I'll be right back," he tells me. "Next, I'm going to make you say filthy things and fuck the prude out of you." I watch him as he leaves the bedroom and seem to come back to myself when I hear the shower turn on.

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