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  By: Darktrain  Age: 42  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Oral Sex, The Audience / Voyeur
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
I’m sleeping, dreaming.  An erotic dream. I am naked on the bed with you approaching me running your hand up and down my cock.  I‘m so hard.  You concentrate on the head then slide you mouth down one side, then back up, then slide your mouth down the other side and back up before sliding my whole cock into your mouth.  I’m moaning, groaning watching you do this to me.  For me. 

Your alternate it, teasing me, building me up in steady stages. Each moment takes me too a new level.  I’m slowly grinding my cock into your soft and wet mouth.  Your plant your delicate hand on my pelvis.  It stops me.  I look into your eyes.  They are fixated on me.  Your looking at me and I am looking at you.    Your drinking in my face, studying my level of excitement knowing when to slow and when to speed up.  To tease me whole heartedly, perfectly.   You break off staring more into my eyes, stroking me and using your saliva as a lube,  devouring me again and again then breaking off.  You torture me, tease me and please me. 

Then I feel it.  I groan betraying what is about to happen.  I know I’m about to explode.  You know, because you have speeded up.  Your not going to tease me.   I’m too far gone for you to tease me.  Your going to please me.  My breathing is heavy.  I hold back as long as I can.  I hold it back, right on the edge.  I love being on the edge,   then letting go and exploding.  I prepare to let go and…

I wake up.  And there you are.  In the flesh.  Just as in my dream.  I’m moaning and groaning.   Your hand is on my pelvis just as in the dream.  Your eyes are staring right into me watching me, reading me.  Your other hand is stroking my chest.  Even though my cock is in your mouth I can see you are smiling.  The shock and the joy makes me let go. 

I roar like an animal.  You focus on the head.  Acutely bringing my orgasm to a higher level.  Your doing your best to swallow.  But there feels like there is so much.  How long had you been doing this?  How long had you been teasing me?  Wave after wave my cock pumps out its fruits of your labour.  It’s too much for you.  Some is running out of your mouth.  It trickles over your fingers that are wrapped round my cock.  You stroke me. Using it.  Sliding your hand up and down me.  My orgasm begins to give way.  My head is light, I’m dizzy.  I sink my head back into the pillow. Overwhelmed and drained. 

You stroke and suck the last pieces out of me as I spasm the last drops.  Your hand doesn’t leave my cock as you rest your head on the pillow beside me.  You look at me and giggle.

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