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Mandee stood a little over five feet 8 inchs tall and weighed just under 110lbs. Her slender frame was further enhanced by small b-cup breasts and a tiny waist. Her thick long brunette hair framed her blue eyes and pretty face. Mandee took a less traveled road it would cut over an hour off her time. All of a sudden, her car jerked to the right and she began to hear a thumping noise.

Damn, a flat tire, she thought. Mandee coasted over to the side of the road. She got out and went to make sure. Yes, it was flat and she would have to change it in her new cotton halter-top sundress. She popped the trunk and got out the jack.

As she was struggling with the lug nuts, a black sport utility vehicle pulled up. She looked over her trunk to see a black man get out of a Chevy Blazer. A moment of terror ran through her body

as if she had been hit by a truck. "Hey, looks like you have car problems!" said I . " Maybe you would like a little help, getting those nuts off, I said with a leering smile. "No, I've got it, thanks anyway," Mandee blurted out, hoping that I would leave. "Baby, are you too fine to just walk away from!" I said. " Take it all, just please don't hurt me..." Mandee pleaded. I opened my car door for her, I grabbed Mandee, picking her up and carried her to the back seat of my blazer.

I tied her wrists together and her ankles together. I drove down the road then turned onto a side road. I stopped opening the door, I grabbed her halter - top undoing it, it fell to her waist. Exposing her medium size tits. Mandee began to plead and sob to be let go. I pulled her out of the SUV shoving her onto her knees in the dirt. I was standing in front of her, she looked up to see me unzipping my pants and then I began to pull out my stiffening big cock. Mandee hesitated and shut her eyes, I grabbed her hair and shoved a huge black colored cock, twisted with thick ugly veins and huge ugle head aganist her lips. Huge hairy nuts swaying underneath the shaft aganist her lips. A smile spread over my face.


I took her to the back of the SUV dropping the tailgate. " Oh, no please don't I'll suck you off," Mandee pleaded. I grabbed Mandee and threw her on the tailgate. I pushed her sundress up to her waist and ripped her panties off of her hips. Exposing her well trimmed black pubic hair. I untied her ankles, spreading her legs and tying them to the tailgate. I dropped my pants, my large very hard cock was exposed and waiting for satidfaction. I began rubbing it up and down aganist Mandee's pussy. I shoved my large cock into her dry vagina. Mandee screamed in pain. I worked hard to shove all 14 inchs all the way into her.

Her tight, dry opening was resisting the penetration. I spit on my hand then lubricated her opening.

That was all was needed as my 14 inch shaft slid all the way in burying deep inside her. I grinned and began to work my baseball bat of a cock into her thrusting into her with long hard thrusts. She could feel her vagina tearing as I shoved it in. As I began to pound it in, she could feel it bottoming out on each stroke, hitting her deeply like a pile driver. A few strokes later I shoved my cock deep into her, erupting filling her with hot cum. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her too me as I finshed empting myself into her.

Mandee felt her ass cheeks being spread apart. Oh, no, he is going to put that huge cock into my ass. No one had ever fucked her there before. She began to struggle and scream. " Well, looks like I struck cherry territory!" I said. Mandee could feel the big head pushing and probing her small tight virgin asshole. Suddenly, Victoria feels the head finally pop into her virgin anus. It burned all the way in. I began to pull it out. Victoria began to cry tears running down her face from the pain. " Oh, baby, this is one tight cherry ass hole!" I did not take it easy, I pounded her ass like a pile driver. The sight of blood only energized me to pound her ass harder. Finally, I could not hold back in such a tight anus. I began to erupt filling her ass with warm cum.

When I pulled out, I let her go. Mandee collapsed onto the ground like a rag doll. My sperm was leaking from her. I drove her to her car and let her out.


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