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Categories: Oral Sex, Anonymity, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: sex oral submission stranger orgasm
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later


At the costume party, I head towards the coat closet which is located at the other side of the dance floor. My friends dragged me to this stupid place, which I really didn’t want to attend, and they were hoping it will do me some good to get out of the house. They were thinking that I will find someone new at this gathering because I recently broke up with my long term boyfriend Mike after 10 years. So far no luck.

 I open the wooden door leading to my destination and spotting my coat, I place my blue purse on the ground. I search for my cell phone in my jacket, wanting to see if Mike called. He didn’t.

Replacing my phone back, I bend down to retrieve my bag and I hear a lock click. I realize someone has locked the door with me still in the room them and panic sets in, scream lodge in my throat. When I was about to turn around, a tuxedo strong arm wraps around my waist and pulls me against his muscular chest. A firm hand covers my mouth. Masculine cologne fills the air and invades my senses, turning me on despite how scared I am. The stranger whispers in my ear “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you. I just want to tell you that I’ve been watching you all night dancing, swaying your voluptuous ass from side to side. It’s like your inviting me to touch you.”

I can smell the scotch and cigar mix together on his breath as he places his whisker cheek against my smooth one. He runs his hand from my waist, down my blue glittery costume, to my leg and pushes them open. Trailing his warm palm up my inner thigh, he finds my satin panties and traces his finger lightly over my now throbbing nub. I can feel them starting to soak from my arousal as I am getting turned on, despite the fear I am feeling. I whimper softly and he chuckles, “Seems like someone likes that” and pulls aside the elastic, “let’s see what else you like.” and dips his finger into my wetness and then rubs my clit.

Closing my eyes, I rock with his hand as they play with me, sticking it in my cunt and then stroking up and down my pussy. He tilts my head back and reaches down my lace top, passing my black satin bra and cups my breast. “I love your tits” he rolls my nipple between his fingers, “and your pussy is so fat.” He kisses my neck then licks up to my ear as he rubs faster on my clit. “Your so wet for me” he states as he withdraws his finger and holds it to his nose. He inhales deeply, “I love the smell of your pussy.” He starts what I assume is undoing his neck tie, walks me forward, turns me around and brings my hands up. We are now at the back of the room and he bounds my hands up around the bars that are above me. For the first time I get to the mystery man, but I couldn’t make out the face because a masquerade mask is covering the top half but leaving his nose and mouth exposed.


He smiles a sheepish grin at me, drags a black chair that is in the corner and places it by my legs. “Now that I have smelt you, I want to know how you taste as you cum in my mouth.” He kneels in front of me, lifts up my tight fitting dress, showing off my stocking and matching garter belt, unfasten them and slides off my now drench underwear. He puts one of my legs on the chair, plants his soft lips on my thigh and licks up until he reaches my pulsing slit. Spreading my nether lips, he slowly eats me out, sampling the inside my pussy lips first, darts in my hole and then sucks my clit.

Continuously he pleasures me with his mouth and when I think that I couldn’t take it anymore, he teases my asshole with a finger on one hand and stick two fingers in my tight cunt with the other. I close my eyes, gripping the restrains tightly as his fingers pump both my holes in a fucking motion while his mouth and tongue moves in sync with his movements. “I want to taste more of you” he tells me as he looks up without stopping his hands, “I want you to watch me as I eat out your gorgeous pussy.” I did what he asks. As I stare down at him, I can see and feel him devour me as if he is starving and I can hear my holes making a squishing sound as he sticks repeatedly in and out of me while sucking my snatch.

The pleasure intensifies and when I ask him to do it harder and faster, he laughs in my pussy, causing vibrations that sets off an eruption of orgasms. Over and over again I came in his mouth and when my trembling subsides, he gets up and runs his tongue over his wet lips, licking up the remaining of my cream. “Mmmm, now that was delicious.” He approaches me and starts kissing me, his hands traveling up my arms and unties the binding. “Now get down on your knees and put my big cock in your mouth.” I happily went down in front of him and I unzip his pants, anticipating for the taste of him. I reach in, pull out his dick and notice it is already leaking and pulsating. Licking my lips I look hungrily at his thick rod, imagining it is already inside of me and I am now aching to have him fuck me.

I put my mouth on him and moan at the taste of him, gliding my tongue along the sides and swirling around his head as I go up. I feel him put his hands on my head, groaning in the back of his throat and fucking my mouth. His reaction increases my excitement and I start to suck his dick harder now, picking up the speed. Going up and down, I take my hand and jerk him off, lightly squeezing him and after a few minutes he yanks me up. “You have a very talented mouth there, but I want to be inside you when I come and I can’t wait any longer.”  

Turning me around he whispers “Bend over that chair and spread your legs so I can fuck you from behind.” Putting my left hand on the seat of the chair, I look over my shoulder and slowly open my legs and caress my ass with my right, enticing him to come over. Smiling, he walks over to me like a predator spying on his prey, leans over and inserts a finger in my pussy. Satisfy that I am still wet, he grabs my waist and rams in his cock in my waiting twat. My head is spinning from the feeling of his dick filling my cunt, reaching deep inside me and touching my womb. Slapping sounds echoes the room as his balls bang against me, pumping harder and faster.

He moans, “Your pussy is so tight and wet.” and reaches over between my legs and plays with my clit. Stroking my sensitive jewel, the rhythm is now in tune with his hand and when he tells me, “That’s right. Feel my big cock inside you, how it fills and slides in and out as I stroke your fat, wet pussy.” I begin to moan, wanting more and more of him. “I want you to come for me” he says, “Let me feel your juices flow over my prick.”  I must have been loud when I scream “OH YES, I’M COMING” because he has to put his hand over my mouth when I came.

Soon as I feel him tense his ass and his dick getting bigger, I move faster on his cock, wanting him to find his own release as well. He takes my shoulders, jams deeper and finally growls “I’m Fucking coming” and bust inside me. His hot fluid fills me, making it run out of my pussy and down my legs.

When finished he informs me in a raspy voice, “That was amazing. Now I want you to sit down on the chair so I can see my cum in your pussy.” So I sit down and open my legs, showing him his left over sperm in my cunt. He takes my panties from the floor, sniffs it and tucks it in his pants pocket. “I will keep this until we are done here. Now I want you to touch you pussy” he orders me. “Close your eyes, stroke and finger your cunt, pretending it’s me, licking and fucking you.” I reach down to my still sensitive clit from all the orgasms, I shut my eyes and begin to touch myself, picturing the stranger tasting and taking me again. “That’s right” he says, “I want to watch you play with yourself. You look sexy sitting there like that. Keep going baby, I love picturing you touching that cunt.”

I must have been really into what I am doing because the next thing I know, I hear the door open then close. I peek and glance around but there is no signs of my stranger anywhere. All I see is his red tie that he used to tie me by my feet and I grin.

Quickly, I straighten my costume, stuff the tie in my purse and rush out the door, hopefully to find the man who really satisfied me. However, when I step out of the room and look around, all I see is people dancing on the floor. I survey the party and scan the guys that might be my lover, but what I never noticed before is that all the men wore nearly the same outfits.

“Marissa, where have you been? We’ve been looking all over for you.” I turn around to face my best friend Amanda, with worry look in her eyes. “Sorry” I apologies, “I got trapped in the coat closet.” “Oh you poor thing, you must have been very scared!” she replies. “I was at first,” trying to calm her down, “but after awhile I figure that there is no point of being afraid. Hey, I even started to enjoy myself…very much. Maybe I think I will do it again at the next party.” My friend looks at me as if I lost my mind. “Well,” trying to distract her, “let’s get back to our friends” and let her lead the way.

As I am leaving, I quickly look at the closet and then around the room again. Still no sign or hint of my mysterious lover. I feel the wetness starting to pool between my legs as I reminisce what had happened in there and also remember how the man took my undies. Who needs Mike when for sure I will be seeing my unknown stranger again.

Smiling, I went to catch up with my gal pals.

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