my first black cock   added 4 years ago
  By: venny21  Age: 26  Country: United Kingdom

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hi my names laura i am 21 years old blonde very slim 5,4 with a banging body iv always wounderd if its true what they say about black men if they really do have huge cocks iv always been intrested in black men for as long as i can remember but never really been able to encounter one the way i would like i have a bf who is white but i just cant stop thinking about fucking a big black cock just the thought of it makes me so wet and horny i sometimes find myself fantasising about fucking a black man while i fuck my bf it makes me come everytime but i feel so guilty after but i just cant help it ther beautiful black skin againts my pale white body turns me on so bad one night i was gettin ready to go out with my girls clubbing we wer dancing and havin a good time when i very handsome black man caught my eye he was stood ther just looking right at me i got so nervous was thios black stud really looking at me so i would glance every now and again just to make sure he was looking at me i had a very short skirt on with high heels i knew i looked sexy but all i was thinking was him fucking me with his big jet black cock with me in my heels as i was dancing he started walking torwords me i just stood ther and froze i knew this was my chance to furfill my fantansy he said hello in a deep husky voice just the sound of is voice turned me on he asked for a dance i was so nervous we started dancing slowly i didnt really no waht t do then he grabbed my hips and flipped me round so my ass was facing his cock i knew he wanted me t grind on is big black cock so with out esitation i started slowly gringing on is cock i could feel is throbbing cock threw his jeans pushing it harder againts my ass by this time my pussy was throbbing and wet for is cock he then whisperd in my era do u want to come back to my place i was supriesed at how forword he was but he knew what he wanted and i sure as hell knew wat i wanted and that was is big black cock deep inside my tight white pussy so we got a cab and began the journey back to his place we got to his place and we talked for a while we both knew what we wanted so iut of no were i grabbed is black cock threw is jeans i couldnt beleive what i was doin he just looked at me and smiled and siad i knew u wer a black cock slut the moment a i saw you i just smiled and siad well show me what uv got nigger he slowly unzipped is pants and pulled out the biggest cock i had ever seen at least 11iches long and jet black he told me to grab it so i slowly moved my hand and grabbed is throbbing cock it looked so black againts my pale white skin but it looked so sexy the contrast alone made me so hot and wet i started moving my hand back and forth againts his pole each movement making him harder and harder i could feel his cock throbbing i wanted it in my pussy so bad he stood up and said get on your knees and suck that black cock you slut i did as he asked i was his slave form now on i sucked on the tip of is cock it was to big for my little mouth but i did my best as he groaned in pleasure he then grabbed me and lifted me up round his waste i siad do you want this big black cock in your white pussy i said yes fuck me with that jet black cock so he slowly rubbed the tip of is cock around my pussy teasing me i was drippin wet by this time then he slowly put the tip of is cock in my white pussy it felt amazing but i wanted it all the way inside me i wanted him to inpregnate me with is black cock he slowly eged deeper and deeper iv never in my life felt so much pleasure it was unbearable my legs wer shaking and was moaning like iv never moaned befor after i got used to the size of this black monster i told him to fuck me like i was his dirty whore he started fumping my pussy with is cock pounding it like it had never been fucked befor i came one after another his cock was dripping with my pussy juice i didnt want him to stop he was graoning i knew he was ready to come so i started riding his big black cock till he came in my pussy this was what i wanted he groaned and groaned till he shot his huge load 11inches deep in my pussy  i could feel the warmth of his come inside me his cock flopped out of my pussy and i licked up the reamaining bit of come of the tip of his monster black cock hmmmm it was worth it i thought to myself and thats my black cock exsperience.

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