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“You two are so lame!” Hannah teased from the pool.  “It’s a beautiful day out, and I’m the only one swimming.”


“Geez, what happened to us?” Jenna laughed as she looked over at me.


“I know!  For Hannah to call us lame is pretty bad.  Especially considering the last few weeks,” I said winking at Jenna.  “I guess the fact that we’re still in our bathing suits means we’re prudes or something,” I sarcastically said, turning my head and watching Hannah’s naked body snake through the water.


It was the second week of August and our summer vacation was winding to a close.  One of the tragedies of growing up was the quickening perception of the passage of time, particularly during the summer.  This was especially true this year.  It seemed like I had just returned home for summer vacation yesterday, and now in a couple weeks I’d be returning to campus.


“Are you going to be living in the dorms again this year?” Jenna asked.  The question was somewhat unsettling, not because it was an unsettling question, but because Jenna seemed to know what I was thinking.  I had noticed over the last few months that she was extremely good at knowing what someone was thinking.  Of course, that talent of hers had benefited us both this summer.  Without it, Hannah probably wouldn’t have been swimming naked in front of us, or fucking us for that matter.


“Probably not,” I said.  “Hannah and I have been thinking about getting our own place.  There are tons of houses that are rented out to students in the area.  I’m sure Mom and Dad would help out with the rent.”


“I actually wanted to talk to you about that,” Jenna said.  “I was thinking – ”


“Hello!?” our mother’s voice called from inside the house, cutting off Jenna mid-sentence.  In that instant, it seemed as if time slowed down.  I could see Jenna’s eyes widen, her mouth forming a perfect “O” of surprise.  I’m sure my face was an exact reflection.


“Shit!” Jenna hissed, as we both jumped to our feet.  “Hannah!” she whispered, “Mom’s home!  Get dressed!”  She grabbed Hannah’s tossed aside bathing suit and threw it into the pool by Hannah.


I was already running through the sliding doors that lead back to the pool and into the kitchen.  I could feel my heart pounding furiously in my chest as I turned into the hallway and almost collided with my mother.


“Mom!” I shouted, the surprise in my voice evident.  “What are you doing home?”


“It’s nice to see you too,” she said sarcastically, “but I live here too.”


“Mom!  We didn’t expect you until next week!” Jenna said as she crashed into me from behind.  “Is Dad home too?”


Our mother’s eyebrows raised in suspicion.  “You guys aren’t having a party or something, are you?”


“Of course not!” Jenna laughed.  “We just didn’t expect you.  If we had known, we would have cleaned up around the house a bit.  Well, Hannah would have.  Right Hannah?” smiled Jenna as Hannah joined us in the hallway, once again wearing her bathing suit.


“Well excuse me for preferring to not live like a pig,” Hannah retorted.


“Dad is still away on business,” our Mom said, changing the subject.  “He ran into a few difficulties during the negotiations and the trip was extended until the end of the month.  He felt bad that I haven’t really seen you guys this past summer so he told me to come home since he could take care of things.  That just means I’ll have about two weeks with you guys before you return to school.  I can’t believe how fast the summer went!”


“Yeah, tell me about it,” I agreed.


I took my time carrying my Mom’s luggage up to her room.  I could hear Jenna and Hannah telling her about our summer, leaving out certain details of course.  Hannah volunteered to cook dinner for everyone and they all decided to go grocery shopping leaving me to mind the house.  I spent the time swimming and despairing about my mother’s return.  She would have been back next week, but this meant one less week of incredible sex with Hannah and Jenna.  I must have dozed off for a bit because the sound of everyone returning home woke me.  “It had to end sooner or later,” I thought to myself as I climbed out of the pool.  In hindsight, I wish I had spent that time cleaning up around the house.


Dinner was delicious as it usually is when Hannah cooks.  She made fresh salmon and shrimp, salad, and orange sherbet for dessert that was all washed down with red wine.  After dinner, Jenna, Hannah, and I all volunteered to clean up while our Mom went to relax in the living room.  We had only been at it for a few minutes when we heard our mother screaming for us from the living room.  We all exchanged quick glances before running into the living room.


“What the fuck is this?!” our mother screamed, pointing at the television.  When I realized what had happened, I could feel my stomach drop in panic.  A few days ago, Jenna, Hannah, and I had taped ourselves fucking.  We watched it last night and had forgotten to put the tape away.  Our Mom must have wondered what the tape was and decided to watch it.  “What the fuck is this?!” she screamed again.  The television displayed Jenna and Hannah on their knees as they took turns sucking my cock.  All our faces were visible and I knew there was no way we could deny it.  I looked at Jenna and Hannah.  Both of them were pale, their mouths agape.  “I leave the three of you home for the summer and this is what you do??” our mother continued to scream.  “What the fuck is wrong with you Brent?  Are you that desperate that you’d fuck your sisters??”  I could feel my mouth working, but nothing was coming out.  Tears had started to run down our mother’s face.  She kept screaming at us, her head in her hands.  It must have only been a minute or two but it felt like hours.  I began wishing that I had cleaned up the house instead of sleeping in the pool earlier.  This wouldn’t have happened then.  I would have seen the tape.  “Wait until your father comes home!  He’s going to throw you out of this fuckin’ house!  All three of you!  For fucks sake!  I leave you alone and you all decide to fuck each other?  You’re brother and sister!!  What the fuck is wrong with the three of you?!”  Jenna must have slipped out of the room during the screaming because her return snapped me out of my stupor.  She put a full wine glass on the table and took the half empty one that our mother had taken with her into the living room.  Our mother didn’t seem to notice since she had collapsed onto the couch by that point, her face buried in her hands.  No one spoke for what seemed like minutes.  The video now showed Jenna riding my cock while Hannah sat on my face.  The moans from the video and the sound of our mother crying filled the silence.  Eventually our mother grabbed the wine glass Jenna had brought her and drained it in one gulp before throwing the empty glass at the television.  The glass shattered, spraying broken shards of glass across the room.  Ironically, the television was unharmed and continued to show Jenna, Hannah and I fucking each other’s brains out.  That seemed to knock some sense into me and I turned off the television, gingerly stepping over the broken glass.  The sobs of our mother became quieter and quieter until they stopped.  For a second, I thought she had died.


Jenna must have noticed the look on my face.  “Relax.  I put a few sleeping pills in her wine.  It was the only way to quiet her down.”


“Yeah… that was probably a good idea,” I said.  I felt like my entire world had collapsed around me.


“I crushed up three from her purse.  She’ll be out for about eight hours or so.  It should give us time to figure out what we should do,” Jenna said.


“What do you mean?” my voice was high, on the verge of panic.  “Our mother just found out that we’ve been fucking each other.  Unless you have a time machine, there’s nothing to figure out Jenna!  We’re completely fucked!”


“You worry too much,” Jenna responded dismissively.  Even though she was trying to play things cool, I could tell that she was just as worried as I was.


“We are all fucked once Dad gets home.  We’ll be thrown out of the house.  They’ll probably cut off our tuition as well.  How am I supposed to pay twenty-five thousand a year for school?  I only made about ten thousand this summer.  Fuck!”  The flood of panic that was now flowing freely through me made me feel sick.  Hannah just continued to stand rooted in spot.  She looked like she was lost and had no idea where she was.  I don’t think I’d ever seen her like this.


“It just seems like that at the moment,” Jenna’s voice was low and she seemed to have regained most of her composure.  “We have eight hours before Mom wakes up.  That’s enough time to figure something out.  If not, we’ll just give her another sleeping pill or two.”


“This is a disaster,” I said, looking around the room aimlessly and running my fingers through my hair.  My eyes came to rest on our mother, mercifully unaware of the world.  “We should take her upstairs.”


“Can you carry her up?” Jenna asked.


“Yeah, I guess so.”  I slipped my arms under my mother’s unconscious body and lifted her up, cradling her in my arms.  Even though she was in her early forties, she kept herself in good shape.  The exercise must have slowed down the aging process because she looked to be ten years younger than she actually was.  In fact, she looked like Hannah’s older sister.  Carrying her up the stairs was much easier than I expected and I quickly laid her down on her bed.  Jenna and Hannah followed behind me.


“What are we going to do?” Hannah asked.  It was the first words she had spoken since our Mom had her meltdown.  The sound of her voice seemed to surprise Jenna.


“I don’t know, but we need to do something,” Jenna said.


“What can we do?  Our only option at this point seems to be smothering her with a pillow,” I snapped.


“Don’t be silly,” said Jenna.  “If we are going that route, we have to make it look like an accident.  We’d be better off pushing her down the stairs, or making her overdose on sleeping pills.”  The calm with which Jenna said it, was extremely menacing.  “Plus we can come up with something better than that.  The three of us aren’t retarded.”


“Can we go someplace else to discuss this?” Hannah asked.  “I don’t like doing it in front of Mom.  I feel like she can hear us.”


“Yeah, let’s go downstairs,” I said.  “Besides, we have broken glass to clean up.”


We spent the next three hours discussing our options which seemed to range from keeping her chained up in a closet, to burying her in the backyard.  Needless to say, they were all pretty shitty possibilities.  We even discussed what might happen if we did nothing and let our mother tell our father.  We’d surely be disowned, and find ourselves with no place to go.  While that was certainly preferable to matricide, it still wasn’t a very good option.


The clock in the living room announced that it was , and we knew we were running out of time.  The sleeping pills had maybe another three hours before they wore off.


“There’s got to be something we can do,” Jenna repeated for what seemed like the hundredth time.  “I think I’ll go put Mom’s luggage away.  I find that if I engulf myself in someone’s environment, I can sometimes figure them out pretty good.  Wanna help Hannah?”


“Sure,” Hannah responded.  She hadn’t said much all night, but she did seem to have something on her mind.  She just hadn’t shared it with Jenna or myself yet.  I found myself hoping that she’d come up with something quickly.


The girls went upstairs and I laid down on the couch to watch television, hoping that there was a movie on that was about our very predicament.  I knew the chances of that were slim to nil, but I was grasping at straws.


I had been watching television for about half an hour when I heard Jenna yell my name from the top of the stairs.  I quickly ran up the steps and into our parent’s room.  “What is it?  Did you figure out what to do?” I asked quickly.  I could feel my heart pounding in my chest with excitement and a touch of fear.


“Oh, I have a pretty good idea,” Jenna said slyfully.  She picked up the VCR remote for our mother’s television and pressed play.  For a second, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  It was our mother, naked and on her knees, surrounded by five or six naked guys.  She was taking turns sucking their cocks.  The second thing that shocked me was that it was all happening in our living room.  In the background we could hear women and men cheering our mother on while she serviced the men standing around her.


“Holy shit!” I exclaimed.  “Where did you find this?!”


“Hannah found it in the closet.  Actually, she found a whole box full of tapes.  This is the second one we checked out and I bet the rest are the same,” Jenna said.  There was a smile of victory on her face.  I looked back at the television and watched the men ejaculating in our mother’s open mouth.  Their cum was dripping down her chin and onto her large breasts.  The women in the background were cheering louder.  I could feel my cock begin to swell at the sight.


“So Mom’s a swinger?  Does Dad know?” I asked.


“I don’t know,” Jenna said.  “We didn’t see him on the tape, only Mom.  We did see some of Mom and Dad’s friends though!  Remember the Stanfords?  The last tape was Mom fucking Mr. and Mrs. Stanford.”


“Holy shit!” I laughed in astonishment.  “Mom and Dad used to have them over for dinner all the time!”


“And you didn’t know Mom was fucking them?” Jenna asked.  “They did it in this very room.  Didn’t you hear something?”


“Of course I didn’t know!  They must have done it after we all left for school and when Dad was away on business.  This tape doesn’t look old at all.  In fact, this tape must have been made just this year!”


“How can you tell?” Jenna asked me.


“Look at the television in the background!  It’s the same as the flat-screen we have!”




“Mom and Dad just bought that flat screen this year!  Well, it was actually last year.  They bought it on Boxing Day but it didn’t get delivered until January.  I remember Mom telling me about it,” I said.


“Are you sure?” Jenna asked.


“Yes!  Completely sure!” I said.


“Yeah, I remember Mom telling me about it too,” Hannah said.


“I just can’t believe I didn’t know about Mom’s sex parties,” I said.


“I knew,” said Hannah.


Both Jenna and I looked over sharply at Hannah.  “You knew?” I asked.  “How?!”


“Well, after you left for college, Mom and Dad would spend every Saturday night at dinner parties.  At least, that’s what they called them.  That went on for about two months or so, until Mom started having them here.  The first time it was here I couldn’t sleep.  Not because everyone was having sex, but because it was just too loud.  People were laughing, and talking, and it was impossible to sleep.  I told Mom that if she was going to have dinner parties here, I was going to spend the night at a friend’s house.  She seemed to have them every other week or so, whether Dad was away on business or not.  I remember one month where she had one every Saturday.  Anyway, one time I spent the night at Julie’s house down the street.  We decided to rent some movies but I owned everything she wanted to watch.  I told her that I would go home and get them.  When I got to our front door, I could hear music and voices inside.  I figured I’d just run in, grab the movies, and leave before anyone knew I was home.  As soon as I opened the front door I could hear moaning in the living room.  I tiptoed down the hall and peeked in and saw a huge orgy going on.  There must have been fifteen or twenty people there, all fucking each other.  I saw Mom sucking someone’s cock and then I quickly got out of there.  I didn’t even get the movies.”  Jenna and I stared at Hannah in silence.


“Was Dad there?” Jenna finally asked.  “Did you see him?”


“No.  Dad was away on business that week,” Hannah said.  “After that, I never went home when Mom was having a dinner party.”


“What did Julie say when you returned without the movies?” I asked.


“I just told her that the doors were locked and no one heard me ring the doorbell.”


I couldn’t help but laugh.  In fact, it felt pretty good to laugh at this point.  “Okay, so Mom’s a swinger.  How does that help us?” I asked Jenna.


“Simple.  We blackmail her.  All the tapes were in her walk-in closet.  We’ll just take the tapes and threaten to tell Dad if she tells him about the three of us,” said Jenna.  “There’s no way she’d tell him then.”


“Unless Dad already knows,” I said.


“I doubt it,” Jenna said.  “Just look at the evidence.  Mom had the swinger parties when Dad wasn’t home, and the tapes were in her closet.  Plus, Dad isn’t in the two videos we’ve checked out.  I suppose we could look through all of them but is it really necessary?”


“I think so.  If we’re gonna blackmail Mom with something, we’d better make sure that Dad doesn’t know.  Otherwise, we’ll be no better off,” I said.


“But there’s like fifty tapes here!  It will take forever to look through them all,” Jenna responded.  “We have two that don’t show Dad, so that’s all we need.”


“Why don’t we make her our sex slave?” Hannah said.


“What?” Jenna and I said at once.


“Why don’t we make her our sex slave?  It’s obvious that Mom is as kinky as we are.  We just need to do what the two of you did to me:  Seduce her, and then fuck her brains out.  It’s better than blackmail,” Hannah said slyly.  “If we blackmail her and it fails, we’re screwed.  If it succeeds, it’s going to be very awkward between us.  At least if we seduce her, we won’t have to worry.  Right?”


“She’s got a point,” Jenna said, looking at me.  “If we seduce Mom, we’ll have her wrapped around our fingers.  And not just Mom, but Dad too since she’ll be able to get him to do whatever we want.”


“And if it doesn’t work?” I asked.


Jenna laughed.  “Of course it will work.  It worked on you and Hannah, didn’t it?  It’s worked on all the girls at St. Mary’s, and it will work on Mom too.  Especially now that we know she’s as perverted as we are.”


“But what if it doesn’t?” I pressed.


“Then we can blackmail her.  If that doesn’t work, then we’ll have to come up with something else.  Let’s just make sure that we don’t reach that point,” said Jenna.


Jenna quickly told us what we needed to do.  We decided it was best to start sooner, rather than later.  The longer we had with our mother before Dad came home, the better for us.  Since the sleeping pills would be wearing off in less than two hours, we had to move quickly.  Jenna went to her room and got her box of sex toys while I went and grabbed some of my porn movies.  Hannah undressed our mother and then hid the box of tapes in her room.  She had made a false wall in the back of her closet years ago and she thought the tapes would be safe there.  I helped Jenna strap our mother’s arms and legs to the corners of the bed.  She had bought some bondage gear a month ago so we used the leather binding cuffs to strap her to the bed in a spread eagle position.  We left some slack in the chains to allow for some movement of her arms and legs, but not much.  We considered using a ball gag on her, but decided against it since it would make it harder to hear when she woke up.  Jenna insisted on giving our mother an aphrodisiac that she had bought.  The directions said that only a few drops were needed, but Jenna must have poured half the bottle down our mother’s throat.  Finally, Jenna told me to put on one of my porn movies, while she slid one of her vibrators into our mother’s pussy.  She turned it on to its lowest setting, and motioned for Hannah and I to follow her out of the room.


“Now what?” Hannah asked.  She seemed very excited and her skin looked a little flushed.


“Now we wait,” Jenna said.  “We’ll know when she wakes up.  When she does, don’t go into the room until I tell you to.  I’ll take care of the rest,” she said winking.


“I hope this works,” I said.


“I hope so too!” squealed Hannah.  “Mom is such a MILF.  I can’t wait to fuck her!”


Jenna and I laughed.  That knowing look passed between us.  “I think we all feel the same Hannah,” Jenna said.  “I think we all feel the same.”


Jenna and Hannah both put on some sexy lingerie while we waited for our mother to wake up.  Jenna put on a dark purple bra with matching panties and a sleek, see-through cover up.  Hannah wore a light pink camisole that showed off her breasts with some matching lace panties.  The girls thought that my dark black boxers would do for me.  I didn’t even try to hide the erection I had, and both my sisters appreciated it. 


The sleeping pills lasted about half an hour longer than we expected.  Just before , we heard the sound of our mother’s voice calling from upstairs.  Jenna told us she’d go up in an hour to see how she was doing.  During that time, Jenna told Hannah and I our roles, along with the most important rule.


“It’s extremely important that we don’t call her Mom,” Jenna stressed.  “Only call her by her first name.  If you call her Mom, it’s going to make it difficult for us to get her to cross the line, regardless of how horny she is.  She’ll immediately think what she is doing is bad and she’ll resist.  If we call her ‘Gina’ instead, hopefully she won’t view herself as our mother.  The only exception is if she starts referring to herself as ‘Mom.’  But it has to be the ‘slutty’ type of reference if you know what I mean.”  Hannah and I both nodded our heads.  I think we knew exactly what Jenna was talking about.


“It will be so weird calling her Gina.  I know it’s her name, and Dad calls her that all the time, but it just sounds strange,” Hannah commented.


“I know what you mean,” Jenna said, “but force yourself to do it if you have to.  If you feel like you might forget, then don’t call her anything.  Bro and myself will take care of it.  Actually, we should also call each other by our first names.  It will probably help.  Otherwise it could also make things difficult for us.”


“I agree.  It’s probably best if we didn’t treat each other like siblings,” I said.


“Remember, I’ve only tried this on other girls and the two of you,” said Jenna.  “I don’t know if it will work on Mom, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.  Regardless, the main things the two of you need to remember is don’t call her ‘Mom’, call everyone by their name, and don’t let Gina cum.  We need to keep her on the brink until she can’t take it anymore.  At that point, hopefully her horniness will overcome her reason and then she’ll be ours.”


The hour passed quickly as we continued to refine our strategy.  Gina stopped calling for someone after the first twenty minutes, but her moans could be heard at the foot of the stairs.  The three of us quickly, but silently went up the stairs to the outside of our mother’s bedroom door.  We could hear her moaning along with the moans from the porn movie.  Jenna motioned for me and Hannah to stay where we were and be quiet as she walked into the room.


“Jenna!” our mother’s voice called.  “What’s going on?  Why am I like this?”


“It’s okay Gina,” Jenna responded.  “I just thought you needed to release some pent up tension.  Is it working?”


“Please let me go Jenna.  I won’t tell anyone about what I saw.”


“That’s okay.  We all talked it over and we don’t care who you tell,” Jenna said casually.


“Then why are you doing this?” Gina asked.


“Because we have other plans for you Gina.  But don’t worry; I know you’ll enjoy them.”


The sound of the vibrator grew slightly louder and so did Gina’s moans.  “Jenna must have increased the vibration,” Hannah mouthed to me.


“I’ll be back in a bit to check on you,” Jenna’s voiced said, moving closer to the door.  “Just relax and enjoy yourself.”


“Please Jenna,” our mother pleaded.  Jenna didn’t respond as she walked out of the room.


“Now we just repeat this a few more times,” Jenna whispered to us once she rejoined us in the hallway, “and once she’s ready, the two of you can perform for her.”


The smile on Hannah’s face said it all.


Jenna checked on Gina two more times in the next hour, first lowering the intensity of the vibrator, and then increasing it the second time.  We knew that Gina was unable to resist the pleasure.  All she was doing was moaning and trying to rock her hips.  The restraints kept her from doing too much.  When we went up to check on her for the fourth time, we all seemed to know that it was ready to move to the next stage.  We just had to wait for Jenna’s signal.


“How are you feeling Gina?” asked Jenna as she strode confidently into the room.  Our mother’s moans were all that answered her.  “I bet you just want to cum already, don’t you?” Jenna teased.


“Please let me cum,” our mother pleaded.  “This is torture!  My pussy is throbbing!”


“Let me have a look,” Jenna replied.  “Oh wow, you’re right!  Let me take this vibrator out, and then I’ll see what I can do for you.”  Jenna turned off the vibrator and slid it out of Gina’s pussy.  “How does that feel?” she questioned.  The way she was talking seemed patronizing, yet I found it very erotic.


“No,” said Gina, “I need to cum.  Please let me cum…”  Our mother’s voice seemed to beg for Jenna to get her off.


“If you’re a good girl, we’ll let you cum Gina.  But first, Hannah and Brent have something to show you,” said Jenna, raising her voice slightly.  At that signal, Hannah and I entered the room for the first time since we chained our mother to the bed.  The room smelled of her sex.  A slight sheet of sweat seemed to cover her body, and her breathing was very deep and loud.  Her face was flushed red, and her hard nipples pointed to the ceiling.  I noticed a large dark spot between her legs.  Her pussy must be dripping wet I thought.  No wonder she’s begging to cum.  “Why don’t you show Gina what the two of you like to do when you’re horny?” Jenna said to us.  “I’m sure she’d love to see.”


As expected, Hannah didn’t waste any time.  She pulled me close and pressed her lips against mine.  Her hunger was incredible.  She quickly trailed kisses down my chest and stomach, kneeling in front of me and pulling down my boxers.  Her lips closed around my semi-erect cock and immediately I could feel her tongue sliding over the head.  She sucked hard and fast, coaxing my cock to its fully erect state in seconds.  Hannah had become extremely good at giving head over the last few weeks, and I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure.  I looked over at our mother.  Gina had a slightly glazed look in her eyes as she watched Hannah sucking my cock.  She kept licking her lips as if preparing for me.


“Mmmmmm… Doesn’t that look good?” Jenna purred.  She had climbed onto the bed between Gina’s outstretched legs and was running her hands over Gina’s calves and thighs.  Her hands slowly continued up her body, over her hips and stomach.  Gina had started to wriggle slightly and Jenna began to kiss her stomach, slowly moving up her body.  I could hear our mother’s breath quickening as Jenna continued to kiss her way up our mother’s body.  Delicately, Jenna ran her tongue around Gina’s hard nipple, teasing it, before gently wrapping her lips around it and sucking.  Gina moaned loudly.  The sight of Jenna sucking on our mother’s nipples almost made me forget about Hannah sucking on my cock.  “Look at how big his cock is,” Jenna teased while she continued to play with Gina’s breasts.  “I bet you want to feel it in your mouth, don’t you?”


“Yes,” Gina whimpered.  “I want to suck on it while you lick my pussy.”


“You are so naughty Gina!” Jenna giggled.  “I bet you crave my tongue inside you.”


“I do Jenna.  Please, just let me cum… please…” begged Gina.


The desperation of our mother to cum was making me extremely excited.  Hannah continued to suck my cock lustfully, one hand down her panties as she rubbed her clit.  I could feel myself getting close to the brink, and I tilted my head back as I moaned.


“It looks like Hannah’s gonna make Brent cum.  Show Gina how you like to cum in Hannah’s mouth Brent,” Jenna cooed.


My cock was throbbing and I knew I couldn’t last any longer.  I tilted Hannah’s head slightly and she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.  Unable to wait any longer, I shot my thick load into her waiting mouth.  Hannah took it all, and when the force of my ejaculation started to weaken, she wrapped her lips around my cock, sucking so she wouldn’t miss a drop.


“Mmmmmm… I love the taste of your cum Brent.  It’s so sweet, and there’s always so much,” moaned Hannah as she swallowed my hot load.


“That was so fuckin’ hot,” Jenna said, her head resting on Gina’s breasts.  “I’m just jealous that Hannah got it all.”


“There’s plenty to go around,” I said, winking.


“Well, that can wait until later.  Let’s give Gina some time to rest,” Jenna said, winking back.


“What?” Gina almost cried.  “You aren’t going to let me cum?”


“Not yet,” Jenna replied.  “I don’t think you’re ready yet,” she continued as she climbed off the bed and walked toward the door, motioning Hannah and I to follow.  “We’ll be back in a bit.”  Our mother’s pleas of desperation followed us down the stairs.


“That was so hot!” exclaimed Hannah once we were back in the living room.  “I loved sucking your cock in front of Mom Bro.  My pussy’s still dripping.  I didn’t get a chance to get off.”


“It was very hot,” I agreed, pulling Hannah to me and kissing her lips.  “I think Mom wished she was in your spot,” I said with a grin.  “Why did we have to leave?” I asked, turning to Jenna.


“Well, while I was busy getting physical with Mom, I noticed that she became much more accepting of what was going on.  She seemed to relax.  Not physically, but mentally.  I thought that while she might accept me sexually, I’m also not biologically related to her, but the two of you are.  We need her to accept the two of you the same way.  It will take a little longer this way, but I think it’s for the best.  If she’ll only fuck me, but not the two of you, we still have a problem.”


“So how do we overcome that?” I asked her.


“Well,” Jenna said thoughtfully, “I would imagine that what we just did will work, but next time, Hannah will play with Mom while you and me fuck in front of her.  Then we repeat it with you teasing Mom.  If she’s accepting of you both, then we should be set.”


“Awwww… Are you disappointed you don’t get to play with Mom next?” Hannah teased, as she poked me in the side.


“I think it’s best if Bro goes last,” Jenna said.  “You’re female, so Mom will probably find your advances less threatening and therefore, be more open to them.  Bro will go last, and hopefully she’ll be too horny to let reason take over.”


“Yeah, that sounds good to me,” I said.  “She’d have the greatest chance of accepting me sexually if she’s already accepted you two.  That’s pretty clever Jenna.”


“Thank you,” Jenna said, smiling wide.  The excitement in her eyes was unmistakeable.


Forty minutes later we were back in our mother’s room.  We didn’t waste any time with the pleasantries.  I stood right next to the bed, just a foot away from our mother, while Jenna deep-throated my cock.  Hannah was kissing Gina’s neck and teasing her earlobes with her tongue, our mother’s gaze never leaving myself and Jenna.  She seemed entranced as she watched her step-daughter sucking her son’s cock.


“It looks like fun, doesn’t it?” Hannah whispered into Gina’s ear.  Gina nodded.  “Do you think you could deep-throat Brent like that?” Hannah asked, as she kissed between Gina’s breasts.


“Yes,” Gina breathed.  “Suck on my nipples Hannah….”  Hannah smiled and began to do as our mother asked.  Soon Gina’s moans filled the room.


“I think she’d like to see us fuck,” Jenna said looking up at me.  “Would you like that Gina?”


“Yes!”  Our mother’s voice sounded almost like a plea.  Jenna giggled and climbed onto the bed.  She positioned her pussy directly over our mother’s face and then got on her knees.  Her pussy was just inches from Gina’s mouth.

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