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                                   WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO, BRO?

                                      A  HOMECOMING

   I was home for the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college.  My tomboy of a sister had changed since the last time I had seen her.  Actually she is my step-sister.  And Barbara has become a huge fucking cockteasing cunt towards me.  She is very tall, about 5’9”; small little tits, about 34A (maybe a B); and hips that are just beginning to spread.  We are both redheads.  By the way, I am 6’4”.  Height runs in both sides of our family.

  While her mom is at work she is at her worst.  She walks around in just her bra and panties a lot.  Or, after a shower, she’ll parade around with just a towel wrapped around her, which at her height barely covers from nipple to pubes.  Of course, the towel comes loose giving me a birds-eye view of her tits and ass and pussy.  Sometimes in the morning she’ll come down for breakfast in only a big t-shirt, no panties.  She always makes sure to have to stretch way up to the top shelf in the cabinets exposing her ass, and sometimes her pussy.

   Whenever I would say anything to her about her impropriety she’d tell me it doesn’t matter because we’re sister and brother.  She even asked me, “What are you going to do bro?  Are you going to force me to fuck you?  Do you want to fuck your little sister?”  To be honest I did.  She’s got those small tits and tight ass that I love.  Plus I always have thought that cockteasing bitches ought to be raped; even gang raped.  When I told her mom about it, she just laughed and said she was sure it was accidental.

   Accidental my ass; she knew what she was doing, the little bitch.  It got worse when her girl friend Debbie would visit.  Debs is an even 5’ short.  Her tits and ass are about the same size as Barbara’s but look a lot bigger on her short frame.  She lives in the same apartment building I do.  Just like my sister, she would strip down to bra and panties.  Then the two of them would make out.  They told me they didn’t like boys; that they are lesbians.  Why would I put up with all the shit? The answer is simple.  I am a sick motherfucker.  I like to see young teen pussy, even if I can’t fuck it.

   I was between a rock and a hard place.  I couldn’t do anything about it and I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) get away from it.

                                        A PLAN FORMS

   Then one night, about a week after I got home, I was out with my friend Larry.  We met some girl, who had just moved to our small town, at the bowling alley.  She seemed about 10 years older than us.  We were just hanging out and talking.  Suddenly she started making odd gestures and stuff.  Out of nowhere she says, “Follow me outside.”  That was all she said.  Larry immediately got up to follow, as if in a daze.  I followed because Larry was acting weird.  

  When she told us to do so, we both got in my car and followed her to her abode.  She led us to her small secluded house, really a cottage.  Hers was the only house on the unpaved lane leading off the main road out of town.  Then it got even stranger.  She told us we would remember having sex with her, even though we didn’t.  Then she told us to give her all our money.  

  Larry started to do as she said.  It was obvious by then she had hypnotized him.  That’s when I grabbed her.  “I’m not under your control, bitch.”  She got really scared.  She begged me not to hurt her or call the cops.  That’s when I got this great idea.  I had her show me how to do what she had done.

   She brought Larry out of her control.  Within less than a minute I had him under mine.  I made him do a few stupid things like cluck like a chicken and stuff.  She thought I was done with her then and we’d be leaving.  Before we left I felt a need for revenge as she had tried to rob us.

   I grabbed her by the shoulders and lifted her off her feet.  Larry, still under my control, stripped off her clothes from the waist down.  It always seems nastier if I leave them partially dressed.  

   She knew better than to scream.  I threw her down on the couch and fell on top of her.  I pulled up one of her legs so her ankle was alongside her head.  Unzipping my pants I pulled out my rock hard cock.  Then I just started pushing my cock against her tight dry slit.  

   It took awhile but I knew I could force my way in, it had always worked before.  Slowly, steadily I worked my dick in her twat.  She didn’t struggle but she didn’t help, either.  Eventually I got it all in.  I probably should have used lube.  My pecker always hurt a little the day after I raped a girl without it.  But, I knew it would hurt her more, which was what I wanted for revenge.  The cunt deserved the pain, and humiliation, for trying to fuck with me and Larry.  As tight and dry as she was it was a very short time before I came.

   Then I told Larry to have a go at her.  He always liked sloppy seconds when we raped girls.  My cumm gave him lubrication so his dick didn’t hurt the next day.  While he fucked her I poked around her tiny house.  It wasn’t long before I found what I was looking for; wads of cash from her previous victims.

   I’m not a total asshole.  I left her enough for rent and food.  I still netted nearly $5,000.  Larry was putting his dick back in his pants as I finished counting the take.  I strongly advised our would-be thief she should leave town.  That is, unless she wanted to be raped on a regular basis.

   After making a couple of sandwiches for the ride home Larry and I left.  As I drove I schemed about how I could use my new found power.  Especially when it came to my cockteasing sister

                                                 Part 1
                                          INTO ACTION

   The next morning I put my plan into action.  My sister was wearing only her bra and panties, again.  I did as I had learned the night before.  I knew it was successful when Barbara obeyed my order to masturbate right there at the kitchen table.  I stopped her within seconds.  I had other plans.

   My plan was decidedly diabolical.  I didn’t want to just fuck her without her remembering.  What I wanted was her to beg me to screw her.  I wanted her willing to do anything to please me.  I wanted to totally fuck with her head.  

   She would always be horny whenever she saw me.  She would want to fuck me.  She would remember everything we did and think it was normal.  She would not tell anyone else what we did unless I said she could.

      After saying the code word I had her strip naked.  She asked me to fuck her.  I told her to do my laundry.  I had her put on a full length apron after she had the clothes in the washer.  Again, she asked me to fuck her.  From the front the apron covered her decently.  From the rear she was fully exposed.  Then I told her to make me breakfast.  When she was serving me, she asked me, again, to fuck her.  Each time she asked, I refused.  As I started eating her friend Debbie knocked on the door.

   As was her wont, Debbie dropped her skirt and took off her blouse, the better to tease me.  When she saw my sister was naked beneath the apron she got a wicked grin on her face.  Standing behind Barbara her hands vanished beneath the apron.  Debbie exclaimed, “Oh my God, you’re dripping wet!”  “Tell her why your pussy is so wet, Babs,” I said.  She hated to be called Babs.  “Because I’m horny.”  “Why are you horny?” I prompted her.  “Because of you.”  “What do you want me to do, Babsy?”  “I want you to fuck me, Rick.”

   That shocked Debbie so much she fell into a chair across the table from me.  “What the fuck is going on?  Is this Bizzaro World, or something?”

   I started in on the control gestures I had learned the night before.  When I was finished I simply said, “Follow me, girls.”  They did just that.  I grabbed my laptop and cam before the three of us entered Barbara’s room.

   I set the cam up on the tripod near the bed.  I angled her PC toward her bed.  My laptop, I set up on her night table.  The action would be recorded from three different angles.  Just in case anything went wrong I wanted to be able to blackmail them into silence and obedience.  That’s why I had them tie me up.

   It looked like they were using me for their pleasure.  It looked like they were totally in control.  It looked like I was a rape victim.  Looks can be deceiving.  I was totally in control by virtue of my control of their minds.  

   I had them take turns riding me like a cowgirl.  Then I had each of them put my dick in their ass.  Barbara was tight as I expected.  But Debbie, oh my freaking God, she was so tight I came less than half a minute after I was in her ass.  That was enough for the vid’s.  I had my sister turn them off.

  Then I had Barbara suck my cumm out of her lover’s ass while Debbie licked my cock clean.  I would have played with them longer but I had an appointment for a physical.  It wouldn’t be right to show up for it without showering first.  Old Doc Patterson might have a heart attack if he smelled pussy on my cock and face.  He had been talking about retiring for years because of his own health.

                                    THE GOOD DOCTOR 

   I got to Doc’s office about 15 minutes early.  As I lived in a small town he usually wasn’t very busy.  By getting there early I could usually get out quicker.  The receptionist, June, told me Nurse Betty wouldn’t be there as she had an out of town family emergency to take care of.  Then I got the surprising news.  Doc was also playing hooky that day, he had hired an assistant.  If she worked out, meaning if the town accepted her, she’d be taking over his practice within the year.  Her name was Dr. Fokker.

   Since there was no nurse, June said I could go to examination room 3 and wait if I wanted.  On my way there I saw this short blonde hottie in a white lab coat and short skirt.  Her braided ponytail fell past her ass. She was maybe 5’ short.  She was also the new tenant in my building.  She said, “You must be Rick, I’ll be with you in a few minutes.  I‘ll need you to undress and put on a gown.”  

   I knew she meant me to leave my underwear on but I took them off, anyhow.  The only gowns I could find were way too small for me.  I squeezed into one.  It barely covered my cock and balls and half my ass was exposed in the back.  My cock hardened in anticipation of what would happen.  

   She laughed when she saw the too tight gown I had on.  I declined her offer to get another.  Then she told me it was a slow day; there wasn’t another appointment for another hour.  I went through my mind control routine.  She locked the door when I ordered her to do so.

   Safe from prying eyes, I had her strip.  I smiled when I saw she had a shaven pussy.  I asked if she was taking birth control pills; her answer was no.  When I asked if the exam room had any condoms she said yes.    She gave me one when I said I needed it.

   The good doctor then proceeded with the examination.  She poked and prodded with the tools of her trade.  However, when it came time to look at my eyes and ears she found she was too short, even with me sitting on the exam table.  That’s when I rolled on the condom.

  I had her sit on my dick which put her head close enough to mine she could see properly.  It was surreal.  Gyrating slowly on my staff she looked in my eyes and ears.  Satisfied as to their condition she dismounted.

   All that was left was the hernia exam.  My rock hard cock was pointing straight up.  She rolled the condom up and took it off my dick.  All business, she told me cough and we finished the exam.

   I sat up on the exam table, again.  I asked her if she wanted to suck me.  She said she couldn’t because I was her patient.  So, I ordered her to suck me off.  She said, “O.K.”, and complied with my wishes.

   The seven or eight years more practice she had than girls my age made a huge fucking difference.  I had never had a blow job like she gave me.  The way she used her hands, tongue, and lips was fucking awesome.  Maybe it was her medical training not her experience.  It didn’t matter to me.  I just sat there in Blow Job Heaven.  She wasn’t the first chick to deep throat me but she was certainly the tiniest.

   When I exploded in her mouth with no warning, of course, she swallowed every.  With no urging on my part she licked me clean before standing up.  I got dressed and so did she, except for her panties.  I stuffed them in my pocket.  Under my orders she would not realize she was pantyless until she parked her car in our parking lot.  


      I drove to last night’s would be robber’s rental cottage.  Her car was in the driveway.  I let myself in with the hide-a-key I found under the fake rock near the front door.  Stupid bitch wasn’t as smart as she thought she was.  

   I walked through the place looking for her.  When I heard the shower running I decided to wait rather than barge in on her.  She didn’t see me at first when she came out of the bathroom.  Her hair was wrapped in a towel; which was the only covering she wore.  That beautiful small breasted body was on full view for me.

   She didn’t scream when she finally saw me.  She definitely had guts.  She didn’t try to escape, either.  She knew living in an out of the way place there was no help nearby.  She thought I was there to rape her again.  Surprise etched her face when I told her I had a business proposition.  One that would make her more money than she had before.  That didn’t mean I didn’t plan to fuck her; just that I didn’t plan to rape her.  Although I have done it a few times, rape is not my preferred method of fucking.  Neither is a willing partner.  My true preference is to coerce or blackmail.  Unwilling but cooperative is what I like best.

   I sat on her bed, my back against the headboard.  I had her sit across my lap.  While talking I played with her.  With one hand I rubbed and pinched her nipples.  My other hand was busy between her legs, lightly stroking her pudendum.  I wasn’t there to cause more pain today.

   My proposal was simple, we become partners.  I had ideas how we could get more money with less effort than she was doing on her own.  Ideas that she, to put it bluntly, was too stupid to think of herself.  Despite her lack of intelligence, she had what people call street smarts, so I knew she would see the wisdom of my ideas.

   So, why was I playing with her naked body while we discussed business?  Because it emphasized who was in charge of our newfound partnership.  Because I have always felt a need to dominate females.  Because, if she refused, I was probably going to rape her.  But mostly, simply because I could.

   She agreed, of course.  On hand cash at fast food joints and banks, etc. was more lucrative than whatever cash some poor unsuspecting fool might have in his wallet.  The way she did things, she could end up with less than $100 at the end of the night.  My way we’d end up with thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of dollars.  It wouldn’t be every day but it would be approximately 10 times what she had been making.  I gave her back $1,000 of the money I had taken the night before so she would have some spending money until we obtained more

   All that was left was to seal the deal.  If she was a guy we’d shake on it.  But, if she were a guy she wouldn’t be naked across my legs.  I told her to seal the partnership we had to fuck on it.  Knowing she had no choice she agreed to the fuck this time.  My fingers had gotten her a bit moist so it wouldn’t hurt, well not too much.

   I pushed her off me and stood to undress.  She called me an ass.  I told her I had been called a lot worse.  Her eyes widened as she got her first glimpse of my cock (nearly eight inches and almost as wide as a pack of cigarettes).  She hadn’t seen it the night before, just felt it.  Then I just dropped on top of her.

   One hand on my cock to guide it I pressed the tip against her damp slit.  Once I had the head in I let go of it.  I wrapped both my arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides.  Then I started fucking; fucking her hard.  

   I pounded her ass into the mattress for almost 10 minutes.  Usually I would have cumm faster when slamming a girl that way but it was my third time in less than four hours.  She was cursing me the whole time, in quite inventive word combinations.  “GODDAMMED MOTHERFUCKING COCKSUCKING NOBALLED SON-OF-A-BITCH ASSHOLE,” is a good example of her invective.  On my part, I didn’t feel a need to trash her verbally; I was doing it physically.

   The towel had come loose while I rammed my tool into her snatch.  Just before I shot my load, I pulled my cock from her pussy.  I grabbed her head by the hair with one hand, bringing it close to my crotch.  As I started cumming I stuck my cock in her hair.  My jizz made a mess of her newly shampooed hair.

   She cussed me out all over again while I calmly wiped my dick off on her damp towel.  I told her the money we’d be making together should be suitable compensation for the indignity of a cumm shampoo.  She just glowered at me as I got dressed.  

   When I asked her why she didn’t get dressed she told me two reasons.  The first was she’d have to get back in the shower to clean her hair, again.  The second was she didn’t want to chance me literally ripping her clothes off if I wanted to fuck again before I left.  I had to laugh at that.

   I checked out her DVDs.  Surprisingly, there was a lot of porn.  Even more surprising was that most of it was girl-on-girl.  Most of the girls were small-breasted, wearing school girl outfits.  In other words, they were supposed to look like jailbait.  “Are you a lez?” I asked her.  “Bisexual,” she answered, tersely.

   Telling her I had to go, I left.  

   Life was getting very interesting for me.  I had my little sister I could fuck whenever I wanted.  And, her friend I could slam nearly as often.  In addition, I had the good doctor who lived on the floor above me.  Plus, my bisexual partner who , though unwilling, I got the most enjoyment from.    

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