"Stripper's Delight" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 4 years ago
  By: paperman83  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Categories: Steady Partner, The Fetishists, Food Sex, The Audience / Voyeur
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Location: A Public place
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My birthday was around the corner.  “It’s just another day.” I said to my wife, Stacey.  I wondered how a young man such as my self could even think about getting older, when he’s got so many bills to pay.  “You need a vacation.” She says to me.  I laughed in sarcasm.  “You read my mind, Hun!” I replied.  I had been working non-stop for 8 years at the same old body shop and there was no time for college degrees.  “Well….. I’d like to ‘READ’ something else, as well.” She punned at my newspaper fetish.  She grabbed the newspaper and turned to drop my pants and boxers, before pushing me to the bed.

Stacey was already naked as she hopped on top of me.  She sat upon my hard cock, forcing it inside her wet pussy.  And with her glasses on, she started to read the newspaper, while she slowly made love to me.  I loved to watch her read the newspaper, while we had sex.  It pleases me to see a sophisticated and attractive woman riding my cock.  It was also part of our role playing fantasy.  She would toss the newspaper upon my naked chest and turn the pages.  “So what would you like for your birthday, Babe?” she asked.  I sighed and rolled my eyes.  “I don’t know. Maybe a pair of socks or a new shirt.” I replied.  She turned another page in the newspaper.  “I’ve been thinking of something special. Something a wife wouldn’t normally give to her husband.”  She explained. 

She started breathing heavier and her mouth dropped open.  I could tell we were hitting the spot.  She placed her hands on the newspaper covering my naked chest and began to ride my cock faster.  She closed her eyes and started to moan, as well.  I couldn’t contain myself from letting out a moan or two.  I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me.  My cock filled her up as I thrusting as hard as I could.  She began to cry out loud with moans that could wake the neighbors.  Tossing her head back and forth.  My cock tip was about to burst, but I held it in, till she was ready to spill her juices all over my shaft.  Thrusting and thrusting, till she finally flooded over me, like a waterfall.  My cum had shot out to greet her wetness.  She dropped to the newspaper upon my chest.  Her breasts were pressed into the pages.  “Mmm…My favorite part!” she said with a smile.  She had expressed her love for the feeling of the newspaper press against her, when she falls on top of it.  “The perfect feeling of being naked and having only a newspaper to cover you up. So erotic!” She finished.

The next morning, I woke to a fresh hot cup of coffee and a clean newspaper in front of me.  My wife stood holding them for me as I sat up against the headboard.  “Here’s your coffee! And here’s your newspaper, my dear!” she said, greeting me that morning.  I thanked her and she left for the kitchen to make some pancakes and bacon.  I read my newspaper and drank my coffee in bed.  I enjoyed a smoke, while I did this every morning.  When I was ready, I headed out to the kitchen for breakfast.  My wife sat at the table after setting the food out.  “Hey sweetie? I was wondering if you could request a few days off from work, for your birthday.” she asked.  I thought about it for a second.  “I don’t know. I have a customer who has been waiting on his car to get finish.” I responded.  “It is your birthday and the shop takes a lot out of you. You need some time off and enjoy life.” She said.  A sad look fell upon her face.  “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.” I replied. 

After breakfast, I headed out for work.  Stacey has been insisting that I take time to relax, for awhile now.  But with my job, I just don’t have the time.  I thought about this the whole way to work.  As I arrived inside the shop, I began to prep the customer’s car.  This was a special project.  A 1969 Chevy Nova.  My father had owned one and it was my dream car.  Even though it was a rust pile, I saw a beauty!  Shortly after I started in on the muscle car, my boss called me into his office.  “Josh! Just the man I wanted to see!” he expressed.  “Hi sir!” I greeted him.  “You’ve been working here for 8 years! That’s a long time!” He said.  “I love my job, sir.” I said.  “Well, your birthday is coming up and I’d hate for your wife to be mad at the both of us. So I’m giving you some time off. How about you work the day before and have the rest of the week off?” He asked me.  I thought about it for a second.  “My wife called you, didn’t she?” I asked him.  He laughed and smiled.  “Yep! But I did agree! You are a hard worker! I can give you a break, can’t I? I am still your boss.” He replied.  We shared a laughed and I headed back to work.

After work, I headed straight home.  I wasn’t upset that my wife called the shop, before I had a chance to talk to my boss first.  I know it means a lot to her that I get this time off.  Plus, I needed a break.  “Hey babe!” I said to her.  She looked up at me with a smile.  “So, did you have a little chat with your boss, today?” She asked.  I slightly laughed.  “I think a little bird beat me to it, dear!” I replied.  She thought my refereeing to her as a bird was rather funny.  We spent the rest of the day just reading the paper and relaxing. 

Work had flown by so fast and my birthday had arrived.  I woke, unprepared for what was about to happen next.  Same old morning; coffee and the newspaper in bed.  Then breakfast and light conversation with Stacey.  “I have plans for us, tonight, dear!” she said.  “Oh do you, now?” I replied.  What could possibly be running through her mind, I thought to myself.  She sat staring at me with a grin that to turn a sad penis into a hard and happy cock.  Still, as unpredictable as she is, I have to be ready for anything.  Speaking of unpredictable, Stacey had her hand and a rolled up newspaper under the table.  She reached over to pet my cock playful.  I wanted to pick her up and over my shoulders and run to the bedroom, but she insisted I wait.  “Not now! You’ll spoil the surprise!” she said.  She continued to tease me like this all day.

Later that night, Stacey insisted I dress nice.  “Suit and tie, please!” was her request.  I changed into my suit and tie and shortly after, a horn honked outside.  Stacey grabbed my hand and led me to the driveway, where a limo had parked.  “A limo, dear?” I asked.  It was clear I was impressed.  “Just get in, Hun.” She demanded.  The limo drove us a couple of miles into the next town.  I always like it out here, at night.  Like Vegas without the casinos.  Then the limo turned into a parking lot.  As we got out, a crazy smile came across my face.  “A strip club? I thought they were closed today.” I wondered.  Stacey looked at me.  “They were, but I asked for a private party and they gave me the key.” She replied with a devilish grin.  Then Stacey and I walked into the club.

“WOW!” I said with my eyes wide open and my bottom jaw dropped.  I had never imagined in a million years, what I saw before my eyes!  The stage was covered with newspapers like it had been gift wrapped.  In one corner, there was a bundle of newspapers that looked as if they had been waiting to be delivered.  A chair was sitting on the stage, wrapped in newspaper!  Even the stripper pole had been wrapped up!  “How did you….” I tried to ask, but I was too amazed to finish my sentence.  Stacey stood next to me with a smile.  “Well, happy birthday! …..You dirty boy!” She said, as she walked me to my seat. 

We sat in front of the stage and waited.  Shortly after, some music started to play and a big cake rolled out to the center of the stage.  I could tell what was about to pop out from the top.  A stripper with a microphone came up.  She sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me, while she held a piece of cake in her hand.  After she sang, she waked out of the cake and whipped some icing off the top of the cake.  She knelt to the floor of the stage and dropped the icing on the newspaper.  “Get up here, birthday boy! Time to for the sweets!” she said.  I got up on the stage and walked to the stripper.  “Now, kneel to the stage and lick that icing up.  I knelt to the floor and placed my tongue on the newspaper, licking it till my tongue had reached the wad of icing.  I quickly licked it up like a dog drinking water.  “Now, rise to your feet and take off your clothes.” She said.  I took my suit off, but kept my boxers on.  She giggled.  “We’ll give you the special treatment. Now off with those man shorts, as well.” The stripper said with a kinky voice.  I didn’t mind her demanding request, as I was already rock hard.  “By the way……Nice tent!” she continued.  I lightly laughed as I started to pull my boxers off.  “Now, birthday boy! Sit on that paper chair and get ready for act two!” She said, before walking of the stage and sitting next to my wife.

Shortly after, the music changed and another stripper walked out to the front of the stage.  She was wearing a police officer’s outfit and holding handcuffs and leg straps.  “Excuse me sir! Do you know it’s against the law to hold that thing in the air? I’m gonna have to arrest you, sir!” she said.  She began to cuff my hands to the back of the chair and tie my ankles to the legs with the straps.  “You have the right to maintain an erection! Anything you want can and will be held against you!” she said.  Then she walked to the bundle of newspapers and picked one up.  She walked back over to my side and pulled out the classifieds from the newspaper. ”I like the personal ads.” She said, before dropping the rest of the newspaper to the stage.  She read out loud, “Paper girl seeking Paper boy to wish him a happy birthday.”  Then a voice came over the speaker.  “Officer Kitty. You’re needed in the audience.” The voice said.  Officer Kitty dropped the classifieds upon my extremely hard cock and said, “Hold that for me till I get back, will ya?” and she walked off the stage to take a seat.

“EXTRA EXTRA, read all about it!” another stripper called out, while making her way to the front of the stage.  She wore a skirt, a white tied up blouse and a paper boy cap.  Around her shoulder, hung a sack filled with the daily news.  I looked towards my wife and laughed with embarrassed.  She had loved every minute of it.  The paper girl stripper stood behind me and pulled a sheet of newspaper from her bag.  Placing it upon my chest, she began to gracefully glide it upon my chest.  My nipples became so hard.  She pulled the newspaper tight around me, till the hardness of my nipples showed perking through the other side.  She then pulled scotch tape from her bag and taped the newspaper to one side of the chair.  Pulling more newspaper from her bag, she began to tape the paper, so that it rapped all the way around me.  Then continuing with my legs, till all the crowd could see was my face and my lap.  Then the voice over the speaker spoke again.  “Paper girl? You have more papers to deliver.” The voice said.  Paper girl walked off the stage handing a sheet of newspaper to everyone in the audience.

The music changed to a softer sound and the audience stood up.  The strippers made their way back up to the stage and walked over to me.  The cop dressed stripper grabbed her newspaper from my lap and stood to the side.  The strippers began to fold their newspapers like whips.  Then paper girl stripper walked up to me and gave me 3 whacks across my cock and said happy birthday.   The cake girl stripper did the same.  And then, the cop stripper to fallow.  Stacey stood behind the cop stripper, as the stripper turned to face her.  “You’ll need these when you’re ready.” She said, before handing the keys to the cuffs to Stacey.  “Thanks ladies! Have a good night!” Stacey said as the strippers walk back stage. 

“So……” Stacey said, smiling as she stared upon me.  She began to slowly undress herself in front of me.  “Here we are…..I’m naked and you’re covered in…..” she said, giggling.  I gave a gentle laugh, but at this point I was impressed.  “I have to admit, Hun! You know how to plan a party!” I said to her.  She  threw her leg over my lap and sat down slowly.  The newspaper crinkled below her.  She moved her lips into mine and we shared a passionate kiss.  Then she began to sit up and grab my sweet hard cock, directing it into her wet pussy lips.  Sitting slowly, as my cock slide inside her.  “I always wondered what it would be like to make love to a big newspaper doll.” She said.  I could imagine as thoughts ran through my head.  But all I really wanted was to get those cuffs off me so I could make passionate love to her. 

Stacey continued to make passionate love on top of me, till she couldn’t hold back any longer.  Stood up and viciously ripped the newspaper from my naked body.  Untying my legs and using the keys to un-cuff me, we quickly grabbed each other.  Pulling each other into our kiss.  We walked to the bundle of newspapers and picked them up.  Then we tossed them into a big pile on the stage.  The pages flapping in the air, as they fell into one big pile.  Like tossing confetti on New Years Day.  When the papers were all spread out in a pile, I looked into Stacey’s eyes and saw the girl I feel in love with, for the first time.  And with that passion rising, I slowly lowered her on top of the newspapers.  Gliding my cock back into her pussy lips.  Pushing deep inside her.  Filling her up with every insertion, till it became a thrust.  My motions beginning  to push harder and deeper inside her.  Hearing her moan loudly.  To hear her cum so hard, till we finished together.  We laid their for a half an hour, then got dress. 

“The strippers said that they’d clean up, after we left.” Stacey mention.  “They did an excellent job! They should think of making this a regular act.” I said.  We both laughed at the same time.  Then walking out, I mention, “That would have been a great addition to my home made films.”  Then Stacey glanced at me and said, “The paper girl will have it delivered to you, first thing in the morning!” 

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