Met her in a club   added 4 years ago
  By: jnthn  Age: 40  Country: United States

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Categories: Identified partner
Tags: insatiable
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
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Nature: Agressive
I watched you on the dance floor with your skirt that is a bit too short & always riding to expose that nice little tight ass of yours. Those boy shorts your wearing are so hot. I look at your face & I see the red slut dick sucking lipstick your wearing. As I look down I notice that your breasts are a nice size jiggling around under your white talk top. My mind starts to wander as I watch you. Is her pussy shaved? Does she have a landing strip? Just a little patch of hair? I’d like to find out. She sure looks like she would be a great little fuck toy. I sure would like to have a piece of that ass. Let’s go over & see if she’ll dance with me.
I come up from behind and press my & put my hands on your hips to see how you respond. Well you didn’t pull away you just kept dancing to the music. Lets take it another step further. I pull you back closer to me so that you can feel my hardening cock. You start grinding against it making it almost fully erect. I slide my hands up the front of your tank top just short of your tits. Your still grinding against me harder & faster. I make my move up a little further now cupping your tits, rubbing the palms of my hands across your very hard erect nipples. I find that the clasp to your bra is in the front. I’m trying undo it wanting to just rip it open. I get one hook but damn the other won’t come undone. Fuck it. I take both hands and rip off the last hook pulling the cups down to the sides of your tits allowing me free access to your nipples. I don’t think I have ever felt nipples so hard & erect. Damn I hope this girl is the slut that I wanted her to be. I take my fingers & pinch your nipples rolling them between my forefinger & thumb. You give out a little yelp. I didn’t want to hurt you but now I’m so fucking horny. I put my mouth to your ear and whisper to you to take your panties off now. You seem reluctant so I tell you again to take your panties off now or I’ll rip them off too. You start to reach up your skirt but stop. I grab your tits hard & say I said panties off. You do so this time very quickly. I reach up the back of your skirt caressing your ass & work around to the front. slowly sliding my hands down to the top of that man whole pussy. I feel around the top teasingly & too confirm my earlier question. Good she’s shaved bare! I lightly touch your pussy lips that are soaking wet. I think your juices are running down the insides
of your thighs. Still behind you I move up to your clit.I gently rub it & your legs turn like rubber as you almost go limp. Go ahead on down I said I want you to suck my cock right here & now. You nervously but quickly unzip my pants & pull them down enough to get my rock hard dick out of my pants. I put the head to those red dick sucking lips. You eagerly take my cock into your mouth. You give great head but I’m still thinking your my fuck toy. I take the back of your head & push forward with some force. Faster I tell you. I keep moving your head back & forth faster & harder. Little gak sounds come from your throat as I push my cock in deeper. Then I push the back of your head towards me so that your red dick sucking lips are against my stomach. I hold your head there until you gag a little bit letting you come up for air. Suck my balls. You start to lick them but I said again suck my balls. Your mouth opens wide and suck on them like a good little slut that you know you want to be tonight.
Time for me to get that piece of ass that I wanted. I lift you up to your feet & take you to a corner booth lifting up your skirt along the way so that others can get a look at your ass & see that shaved pussy that I’m going to fuck. The more you try to pull your skirt back down the higher I lift it. Keep it up & I’ll rip it off too. I push you down on the seat. Your legs spread almost instantly. Fuck me you say. Fuck my tight little pussy NO! I’m going to eat you
out. I start out slowly kissing above your pussy lightly touching your clit with my tongue as I move across to your thighs gently biting one side moving across gently touching you pussy lips with my tongue again & giving you a hickey on your other thigh so you can remember this for a few days and you’ll have to wear a longer skirt so that others don’t see the hickey knowing that you were recently fucked. You keep arching your back to try & get your pussy to my mouth. Now’s the time. I gently flick your clit with my tongue for several minutes sending you squirming on your back & crying out I’m cumming. Now I pull on your pussy lips with my lips. Tongue fucking your hole making you squirm more & Just saying oh fuck, shit fuck me now. Between my saliva & your cum your soaked. You reach down & rub you already red pussy spreading the lips begging for me to fuck you. I tease you rubbing the head up & down your pussy. I put just the head in & stop. Your trying to pull me forward. I ask are you going to be my little fuck toy? Yes yes! I’m your fuck toy, your slut, your whore just give me that cock. I slide it in slowly until I’m in all the way up to my balls.
Oh shit you cry, come on fuck my pussy. I start sliding my cock in & out picking up the pace. You keep crying out harder faster. I’m pounding you so hard that you slid up in the seat & your head is banging against the wall. I pull your hips down. I don’t want to knock you out & I want that pussy closer to me. I really wanted to turn you around in the booth & give it to you doggie style but my balls are swelling & I’m going to bust a nut. I ask you where you want it.
You respond I’m your fuck toy, your slut. just cum in me, on me, in my mouth wherever you want.
I wanted to cum in your mouth to see if you can swallow it all down but I’m too far gone. I’m cumming. Cumming right in your pussy. I can feel wave after wave squirting from my dick. WOW what an orgasm! I don’t think I’ve ever cum this much.
I collapse on top of you thanking you for playing along & giving me the best piece of ass I have ever had.
I’ll walk you out to your car so that no one mugs you. I notice as I’m following from behind that our cum is dripping down your thigh. Surprisingly you kiss me, gave me your address & told me you will be my fuck toy anytime. I said be careful what you wish for I may just surprise you one day when your getting out of the shower & then it may be all holes. I’m your slut come over for a piece of ass anytime.

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