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I was a simple peasant living in a poor village.  Queen Isabella was the richest in the land.  She would find peasants from the town to work for her and she paid them little.  Sometimes it was hard to put food on the table, so my family could eat.  So being picked by the queen to service her was considered a privilege.  But still, we did what we had to do to survive.

One day, as I was out wondering around, the queen’s carriage was roaming the streets looking for a worker.  Everyone noticed and paid respects to her as she was coming through.  As I heard her carriage coming closer to me, she suddenly stopped.  “Young man!” she called to me.  I startled a bit as I turned to see her face.  “Yes, my queen?” I replied.  She had a disappointed look upon her face.  My reaction was unacceptable to her.  “I wish to have you as a servant in my castle” she ordered.  In agreement, I nodded.  “Yes, my queen. I shall service you however you wish of me.” I replied.  She gave me her instructions and then she headed back towards her castle.

The next day, I was to wake early in the morning and head for the castle.  The queen waited for me on her thrown.  “Boy! I want you to fetch my newspaper and bring it to me.”  She demanded.  “Yes, my queen. As you wish.” I replied.  I went to the entrance of the castle where the newspaper deliverer would stand awaiting the queen’s servant.  I was given the newspaper and then I headed back to the queen, where she would have me read it to her.  “Boy! Take off your clothes! I always have my servants read me my news in the nude.” She said.  I stripped myself of my clothing and her lady peasants had swept them up to be washed.  Then I began to read the newspaper for her.  I noticed a smile on her face as I quickly glanced upon her face.  When I had finished reading to the queen, she would give me more chores and then a meal, before sending me home.

As fast as the sun had fallen, it would soon rise again.  And back to the castle I had went.  The queen awaited my arrival and her newspaper I would read to her every morning.  The chores I would do for her were that of a maid, since there was not much to be asked of a man.  I swept the castle and along the rooms, till suddenly, I came across her room.  Peeking in I saw her playing with her pussy.  My cock began to swell, till it couldn’t swell no more.  I slowly placed my hand into my trousers and grabbed my throbbing cock.  Stroking it, as I watched the queen masturbating.  To my surprise, she reached to the side of her bed and grabbed a newspaper.  It was the same one I had read to her that morning.  She placed it over her breasts.  Using the page to massage her skin.  She moaned lightly, while her motions ran faster.  She moved the newspaper down upon her pussy lips and began to rub the page into her wetness.  I continued to stroke myself as I watched her.  Soon I was to cum and my voice let out a throat clearing sound.  The queen quickly stopped and I turned to walk away.  I’m sure she knew it was me.  She began to finish herself and re-dress. 

As my meal came, all I could think about was how my family could feed.  My earnings from the queen were small, but we did not starve.  After my meal, I headed to the food quarters and grabbed an extra loaf of bread.  Thinking surely that the queen would not notice, I ran home to share it with my family.  We ate like kings that night.  I knew I had done wrong, but I felt like Robin Hood that day.

The next morning, I rushed to the queen’s castle.  Arriving at her throw with her newspaper in hand, I noticed a disgraced look upon her face.  She looked very upset and her eyes boiled upon my face.  “I am very displeased!” She said with anger.  “The other day, my cook explained that someone had run off with my bread.” She continued.  I began to worry, as I’m sure she knew it was me.  “My queen, I apologize! I stole a loaf of bread from you. Please have mercy on me!” I pleaded.  My plea did not affect her.  “And it was you who stopped at my sleeping quarters, the other day?” she asked.  I knew I had to answer her truthfully.  “Yes, my queen. It was me who voyeured into your sleeping quarters.” I admitted.  “You have betrayed me. You must be punished!” She demanded.  I put my head down in shame.  “Now that I know I can not trust you, you are to be punished severely!” she said.  Her guards came to my side and grabbed my arms.  “Take him outside to the front of my castle. I will ring the bell and call for the town’s people.” She had finished.  The guards lead me outside to the front of the entrance.

As I stood listening to the bell, I saw everyone in the town rush to the castle.  The queen stood at the entrance.  “Women! You are to take your young and run home. I call this meeting for the men of the town, only.” The queen explained.  The guards lead me to a log with four legs.  “Guards, undress the peasant and tie him down to the log.” The queen demanded.  The guards stripped me of all my clothing and bent me over, tying my wrist and ankles to the log.  My legs were slightly spread out.  “I call upon you fine men to assist me in the punishment of this young peasant. He has stolen from me and he was spying upon my sleeping quarters.” She stated.  “Come forth and allow him to take your manliness into him.”  She finished.  The town’s men had formed a circle around me.  Two at a time, as I felt one of them spit upon the hole of my ass and slide his hard cock into me.  Another man had stroked his cock to erection and then slid it into my mouth.  They would take me slowly as they used me for pleasure.  Then they would finish inside me.  Their cum had filled my ass and my mouth as I was forced to swallow and contain their man cream.  Then two more men would come up to me and I would have to take them in.  When the last two men were finished, I was untied and taken to the queen’s dungeon.

In the dungeon, the queen approached me.  “I enjoyed watching you take all those men. You held strong, during your punishment. But I am not done with you, yet. Tomorrow, I will have you in my sleeping quarters. But you will not have me! I have much more planned for you.” She said.  Sore and tired, I drifted off to sleep.

The sun had come up the next day and the guards came to escort me to the queen’s quarters.  She sat in a chair facing her bed.  “Lay upon my bed. I will begin your punishment soon.” She said.  A few minutes later, the guards brought in four men in their twenties.  They were lead to the bed where I laid.  “Young men! I have brought you to my castle and into my sleeping quarters to help me punish this peasant for stealing from me and spying upon me in my sleeping quarters.” She stated.  “Today, you lose your virginity to another man.” She demanded.  The young men stripped their clothes off and hopped up onto the bed. Two of them to each side of me.  “Peasant! I want you to suck each of their cocks. But not to completion! I have plans for their loads. They will masturbate themselves to completion, upon your face and chest.” She ordered.  I began to suck each of their cocks.  They thrust their shafts deep inside my mouth as my saliva would lube them.  Their groans got deeper and harder as they came closer to completion.  But I wasn’t allowed to accept their loads into my mouth.  They must wait, while I slowly stroked them and got the last young man ready with my mouth.  Then as he was ready, I was ordered to lie down on my back with my mouth open wide.  The four young men had masturbated to completion.  Their cum had exploded from their cock tips, on to my chest and my face.  Some of their load had landed into my mouth.  “Good! Now swallow it!” The queen had ordered.  I swallowed their cum and tasted it as it slid down my throat.  “Now suck on their cock tips. Clean them off real good.” The queen demanded of me.  I continued to suck their cock tips, till they were clean, once again. 

The queen had ordered them to leave, shortly after my punishment was over.  “You still have their cum all over you. Here, wipe it off with this.” She said.  The queen had tossed her newspaper to my side.  I began to wipe the cum off my body with the newspaper.  “Now, Lick the cum off my newspaper! I haven’t gotten to read it yet.” She finished.  I liked the cum off the newspaper and handed it to her.  She looked upon me with a forgiving face.  “You may sleep in my bed, till you gain your strength. But peasant? Let this be a lesson to you, before you dare to disgrace me again.” She threatened.  I laid upon the bed and nodded.  “Yes, my queen.” I answered.  And tired from the punishments I had endured, I fell asleep.    

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