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My wife had been promiscuos before we married, she told me and I am O.K. with it.  But one of her partners was her nephew......she had screwed him since he was 14.  Well, one day she told me that her nephew and three of his friends were coming to town for summer school and she had told them they could live with us.

The arrived and one of them was a young black man named Jacob.  One night her nephew said, "Let's play some poker!  No, lets play strip poker like we used to!"  My wife said, 'That wouldn't be fair, all I have on is this little robe!"  to which he answered. "Then it will be a short game for you."  All six of us sat on the floor and he delt the none of us had much on and when it was time to bet my wife said, "I want to play but I only have this robe!"  The boys all joined in, "Take it off and bet it!"  She stood and slowly slipped the robe off......standing there wonderefully naked.  She said, "O.K., I'm in!"  Her nephew asked how many cards.....she said,"One!" He delt the cards as requested.  The bet was raised and when it got to my wife she said, "I want to raise too, what can I do!"  Her nephew said, "You don't have anything to bet!"  She answered, "I'll bet myself!"  The boys, whose eyes had been constantly on her naked body were adking, "What does that mean, yourself!"  She answered, "Me, my body.  I'll bet one hour of me as your slave!"  They all stammered, "Slave, an hour......will you do anything we want?"  She said, "Yes, as long as it doesn't hurt someone!"  They asked, "Anything, what if we want to fuck you?"  She said, "If that's what you want, yes, I'll do it  He nephew added, "That has to be for all of us......not just the winner!"  She answered, "Oh alright, I'm gonna win anyway!"  I added a condition, "Has to be so all of the others can watch and an hour is not long enough, has to be three hours."  She agreed.  The cards were laid down and she had a full house, great, .....but her nephew had four of a kind........she lost!

Her nephew said, "I won so I'm first!!"  He stood, slipped his shorts to the floor, his dick very hard and erect.....he too her in his arms, his hands moving freely over her naked body.....they moved to the sofa and he moved his head between her legs, his mouth on her wet pussy......for the longest time his tongue savored her hot, tight pussy.  She moaned deliciously as he ate her pussy!  Then....he moved slowly atop her, nibbling at her big, firm tits........he began to shove his hard dick into his aunt's eager pussy....she cried aloud as he began to pump her....he whispered, "Just like old times!"  She exclaimed, "Oh yes!  Yes!  Fuck me harder Steve!!!"  He did, for the longest, most delightful time.  When he exploded deep within her she cried out in ectasy.......When he was finished for that time she came to Jacob, who was pumping his rock-hard 9 inch dick.....she rubbed teasingly against him, he pulled her to him with both hands on her wonderful naked ass.....she made pumping motions against his hard dick as they kissed......he pushed her downward to his aching cock.....she took it in her mouth and began to work on it with a fury...he moaned loudly in sheer delight.  He moved her to the sofa and quickly shoved his huge dick fully into her hot, wet pussy....she actually screamed in delight as he fucked her faster and faster.......he fucked her frantically for the longest time as she squirmmed and moved delightfully into his thrusting dick......when he squirted his massive load into her she shook violently and cried out in an orgasm the seemed to just go on and on.

She eagerly took all the other boys in turn, I sat and masturbated as I watched and vidioed.

She got fucked many times that night and many more times thereafter for the rest of the summer!!

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