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The Fortune Teller

Danny was wondering around the fair: it was a hot summer afternoon and quite crowded, all his money was spent. He made for the exit and just before leaving the ground he saw the fortune tellers tent and he peeped through the flaps. Sitting at the table leaning on her elbows was a very distinguished dark gipsy woman. Her wrists and arms were covered in gold rings and she had several coloured rings on each hand.

Her long dark braided hair stood high over her forehead and a single shining snake-like braid trailed down her back. Her skin was smooth and very dark and her large breasts sat close together in her low cut top. Danny was utterly fascinated by this woman he had never seen anyone like her and he watched as she stared into a crystal in the middle of the table.

''I know your peeping show yourself sonny.''Her voice was deep and resonant it had an authoritarian tone.

Danny entered nervously and stood just inside the tent, ''how old are you son?''


''Why are you nosing around my tent?''

''I was just going home.''

She smiled ''really and you thought you'd see what a fortune teller looked like?''

She stood up and slowly walked over to Danny; she was tall and long-legged and stood on high heeled sandals; she slowly turned infront of him as if she was a fashion model. ''How old do you think I am sonny?'' she asked.

Danny was speechless he just stared and the colour rose to his white cheeks.

''Well,'' she said.

No answer came so she answered her own question, ''I'm forty four old enough to be your mother but I know by your eyes you are sexually aroused by me.''She walked across to the tent flaps and tied them securely, ''thats the days buisness over with son now your shut in my tent with me come here.''

Danny approached her until he stood close he was totally overcome by this magnetic gipsy woman and as he watched she removed her blouse then turning around she told him to unclasp her bra. His hands were shaking as he touched her smooth brown back she swung round and her unleashed globes stood with huge nipples before him.

''Suck them son, suck my big nipples boy, do as you're told,'' she thrust her chest into his face and he began to suck on her like a big baby. As Danny sucked she began to stroke his hair and he could feel her nipples expanding between his lips all wet and rubbery.

''Lovely oh that's nice boy run your tongue around those nipples mmmm oh that feels good you young sucker you love it.''

Danny was enjoying himself now he had never sucked such big tits before and they were hot and felt so marvellous in his mouth.

''Thats nice now I'm getting really wet below son come over to the chair I want that tongue on my big pussy.''She pulled him across and pushed him onto his knees raising her legs and lifting her skirt up, ''take my panties off now boy I need to come in your mouth.''

Although he could hardly believe his ears Danny did exactly as he was told removing her already wet black nylon panties he inhaled her fragrent pussy. It was a fine sight covered in thick black hairs with long swollen lips and a pink rose bud gleaming with her wet arousal juices, Danny did not wait a second but plunged in like a diver face first as he felt her legs slip over his shoulders. After a few minutes she grabbed him by the back of his head and began to use him like a dilo face-fucking him with gyrating hips and finding his nose she used it to pleasure her clitoris while he was drinking her lubricating juices.

The moaning started and she was merciless with his face her only concern was to cum he was just the means of pleasure and being a strong hot blooded woman she almost choked him as she climaxed. Danny drew his breath in gasps as she let him go he could not move until he had regained his oxygen supply and for a time he could not see much through the thick slime which covered his eyes nose and mouth.

He heard her laughing and he wiped himself with a hankerchief standing unsteadily onto his feet.

''Well son you know where to find me while the fair is here; she lifted the tent flap and pushed the bewildered boy outside.




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