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Categories: Steady Partner, Masturbation, Romantic Setting/Exotic, Oral Sex
Tags: lust WANT Love romance master slave
Location: My House
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

I've always had strange fantasies, rough and soft. This is my first story ever, so be kind and give feedback. And sorry it's kind of rushed, I wasn't quite focused when I was doing this. And yes, first erotic story EVER(: So be nice.


A two story house on the coast of the beach in New Jersey rests silent, except for the soft moans coming from a young female, age 18, who was home alone and missing her boyfriend of four years. She had her hand slipped under her nightgown, rubbing the soft, shaved lips which rested between her spread legs as she laid on her back with her knees pulled up and apart.


She continued to do this as she had just awoken from a very exciting dream about her and her boyfriend having sex by the ocean. She missed his manhood, and craved it inside of her more than anything at this point in time, and the temptation to use any random object laying around the house was abnormally strong.


She continued to do this, eyes closed, and she was too caught up in her pleasure to notice that her boyfriend had just come home, and was now making his way towards her as he quickly climbed onto the bed and dug his face between her legs, licking the juices off her aroused womanhood. She instantly realized who it was, from the way he was licking her, and she couldn't help but grab his head, forcing him to lick harder as she moaned. She adored every single flick of his tongue as it sent chills throughout her body, ones she could not ignore.



After about three minutes she couldn't hold back anymore, as much as she wanted to enjoy the moment. She looked at him, the only light being the light shining in through the glass sliding doors from the moon. She gave him a passionate, lustful kiss as she undid his pants eagerly and spread her legs wider. "Take me, master," She whispered, wanting nothing more than his big cock. He chuckled with a response, "Yes, my slave," he replied as he leaned forward, sliding his manhood inside of her. They both gasped in pleasure from the long month they suffered without any touching or playing around, and they could tell that this was going to be a fun night.


Breaking once in a while so that 'master' wouldn't finish too soon, they tried half of the positions in the book: doggy style, missionary, standing, hand-stand...


An hour after the fun had begun, they couldn't hold back anymore as they both were close to the finale. She moaned his name as he moaned hers, both of them cumming at the same time - her cunt squeezing his cock while he shot his load deep inside of her. Once finished, they both rolled over onto the bed, panting and smiling at each other as they quickly knocked out after.

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