Two Transvestites Playing Dress-Up   added 4 years ago
  By: karen5604  Age: 59  Country: United States

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Categories: Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive, The Fetishists
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I am a transvestite.  I've been dressing up for years but the only other person that knows is my wife.  Sometimes I'll get dressed and go out for a walk in the evenings, but it is usually at home.

Recently a friend of ours confided in me that he was a transvestite.  I told my wife and she suggested that I tell him about myself and that maybe he and I could get together and play dress-up sometime.  At first it didn't sound like a good idea - too weird - but the more I got to thinking about it the more I liked it.

I spoke to our friend and he was all for it.  I went to his (his girl name is Michelle) house and got dressed there.  After we were all dolled up we sat and chatted just like a couple of girlfriends.  It was a lot of fun.  When it was time to leave we gave eachother a hug and that's when it happened.  My hands slid down Michelle's back to rest on her ass.  We were face to face, looking into eachother's eyes and then we kissed.  She was wearing a short nightie (black satin) with lace panties underneath.

I pushed Michelle up against the wall and slid to my kness in front of her.  Up went the nightie, down came the panties and out popped a very nice semi hard cock.  I took her in my mouth and started to go down on her.  Before you knew it she had her hands on the back of my head and was fucking me in the mouth.  Before too long she came in my mouth and I swallowed the load.

It was great.

Later on when I went home my wife wanted to know all of the details - what we talked about, what we did, what Michelle wore.  I pretty well told the story just like I told it here and before you knew it I was in bed with my wife playing with her pussy until I made her cum with my fingers.  After she came she slapped me really hard across the face, called me a dirty little slut and promised to punish me later for sucking Michelle off when she wasn't there.

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