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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: bondage handcuffs exhibitionism light
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
Maybe it’s been two hours or weeks
Maybe we’re friends, or just dirty freaks
Maybe we’ve already done it once or twice
or a bunch of times--or not--but it’s been very nice

Whatever you call it, whatever we’ve got
it’s fun and it’s certainly been very hot
Whether you’ve learned how to push my buttons or not
you’re the one who said, “Yes: let’s give this a shot”

So the door was left open and you came right on in
to my motel room, looking for hints of sin
but a chair on the floor is all you can see
and the handcuffs you know you must put on for me

You know (for I told you) to sit and be still
with your arms at your back--it affords me a thrill
when you assume this position, and say “okay”
That’s when I come out of the bathroom and say:

“Look but don’t touch; don’t beg and don’t whine
This was our deal; for the next hour you’re mine
You’ve got to behave while I shave and dress
and if you’re wondering about later, well--you can continue guess.

“Talk, if you want--but don’t ask me for favors
You should be grateful I’m sharing these sights and these flavors
If you say anything else to me, it should be ‘Thanks’
...and if you don’t like this game, you can take it out on me--later--in spanks.”

For the moment, though, you’re helpless--and, I guess, it is best
for me, because I prefer to administer tests
to my subjects: my desire is to observe
lust under pressure, resolve and nerve

Will you look away and squirm, or steadily stare?
Where will your eyes linger?  What will they focus on, there?
Will you joke, or dare to make demands?
Can you keep your eyes and mind busy, forgetting your hands?

And what about your lap?  Would you want me in it
like this, or would you rather that I later sit
wherever you put me--on your dick or your face?
Well, whatever you want most, this isn’t the place

or the time for your wishes; this moment’s my own
It makes me giggle to hear you groan
‘cause I know when it’s over and I unlock these cuffs
we’re gonna raise hell, play hard and strut

But the party comes first; we don’t want to be late
you can help me choose my dress for the date
and I’ll release your hands, if you’ll help with my necklace
just don’t get carried away and do something reckless

for the night is young and so are we
and there’s no need for this powder-keg to blow prematurely
Much better to heat ourselves, even and slow
so like a couple of volcanoes, we can go with the flow...

you know, later...

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