At the Launderette   added 5 years ago
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Categories: Oral Sex
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At the Launderette

Tony always went to the launderette late in the evening when it was quiet and he could sit and read his paper. In came Mary a middle aged woman with a large bundle of washing, which she dumped down and began to sort.

She was a plump blustery rather loud looking type and to Tony's embarrassment she held up a pair of lacey red panties and looked at him with a supercilious smile. Tony flushed immediately and looked away.

She picked up on his sensitivity, "hey are you a shy virgin," and she began to laugh at her own joke. Tony was beetroot now he did not know where to put his face or what to say. Mary was totally amused now she was having fun and did not intend to stop.

"Have a sniff," she said and pushing his paper aside pushed them under his nose. What Mary could not know was that Tony often dreamed of sniffing panties when he masturbated in bed at night and she had touched on a raw point. Instinctively he put his nose to them and breathed in.

"You dirty boy ," said Mary "smelling my panties, she lifted her skirt and took of the ones she was wearing and put them to his nose,"there now try some fresh fanny." Tony was aroused now and inspite of his inexperience he took her panties and licked the crotch. In moments Mary's fat legs were over his shoulders and he was presented with her wet hairy slit. It was a revelelation for Tony, his first oral experience but she was very wet and willing rubbing herself on his nose as if it was a vibro tingling with expectancey.

"I'm coming boy ohhhh lovely," she clasped his head now and rasped her open cunt on him.


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