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  By: jmack  Age: 27  Country: Australia

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Categories: Masturbation, Oral Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive, Force/Rape
Tags: panties masturbation domination submissive male-dom cunnilingus fingering Anal rough force pretty humiliation Petite
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

I watched her, shoulder length hair, dark brown with a tint of red. Hazel-green eyes avoiding my gaze shyly. “Are you sure you want this?” I ask, her last chance of baking out. She nods, still refusing to meet my stare. I walk over to her in measured steps, each creak of the floorboards echoing in the near empty room.

She was sitting on a dusty table, what I assumed used to be a teachers desk. Tho no teachers had used in some time, this whole building had been abandoned in the 70’s. It was perfect.

Her summer thin dress, with its canary yellow floral patter shifted slightly as I moved closer. She was edging away from me. At least she showed some sense, silly girl. I took one final step til I stood so close I could smell her. Vanilla, cherry and the faint smell of arousal. I moved my hand to her chin, she flinched away before I could touch her. I let out a small sigh, indicating my displeasure, then forcefully grabbed the neckline of dismal covering.

I ripped the dress down the front, to the waist, in one smooth action. Showing my strength and again, my control. She looked up at me, tears welling in her eyes. “That’s better, now you know not to disobey me” I informed her, my voice resonating with certainty. I put my hand around her upturned jaw and squeezed, not to harm, but to cause her a little pain. Holding her in position I bent down and pressed my lips against hers, forcing them open. I slid my tongue into her mouth and roughly kissed her.

First she was pulling away, trying to refuse the kiss. It was not long before she relaxed into it, swirling her tongue around mine, teasing the tip with her own. I let her enjoy herself a little then throwing her back  hard against the table but my hand on her jaw. She was a little dazed, from this kiss or her head hitting the desk I cannot speculate, but I took the chance to grab jagged pieces of cloth I had already ripped, and finished the job. Exposing her body to me while her pretty dress lay around her like a useless rag.

Her body was exquisite. Pale white skin, bordering on porcelain. Her innocent white padded bra covering not much more than b-cups and her pink patterned cotton briefs clinging to her, showing both details and desire. A slim waist, bordering on boyish, lead down perfectly to he long athletic legs. Not a mark marred this angels body.

She lay there looking up at me, breath heavy and wide doe eyes. Her legs spread involuntarily, another sign that this is truly what she wanted.

“Am I making you horny?” I ask with a smirk on my lips. She nods, that isn’t good enough. “SPEAK BITCH!” I slap the inside of her thigh, hard enough to leave discernible finger marks. She squeaks out a high pitch “yes!”. I smile down at her warmly then slap the apposing thigh, her legs clamp around my hand, then slowly go back to their original position, revealing identical finger marks on each side.

“Take off your bra” I say calmly, and to my pleasure her shaking hands reach for the front clasp. After a little difficulty her bra pops open to reveal to perk little cones, each topped with a perfect, pink, cherry sized nipple. “Mmmm, nice” I growl my approval at her, animality marring my speech. She smiles up at me, it’s a sweet smile “thanks” she says.

I run my hands up her taut belly and over those perfect little breasts, her arching her back into my gentle touch. I gently play with them rubbing her nipples and kneading her small mounds. She lets a moan escape, when she recovers I pinch down hard and twist, sending painful waves through her body. She moan’s again, much louder and mingled with a scream. I twist more, forcing her to arch up even more. I let go and she looks around gasping reaching for her own tits to continue the pleasure.

I slap her across the face, hard. She stops, shaking and looks up at me with teary eyes again. I wrap a hand around her throat, pushing down lightly and lean in so close our noses touch. “You get off, when I say you get off bitch”. I lean in closer to her ear, applying more pressure to her throat. Her body is limp, giving in to my power over her. I take her earlobe in between my teeth and bite down. She lets out a small whimper but makes not move to stop me.

I take my hand off her throat, changing position so my mouth is close to her other ear “good girl” I whisper. My hand cups her mound, I lick and suck her earlobe as I rub my palm against her. She is pushing back against me, her panties soaked through with her excitement. I bite down on her ear just as I push my fingers (and her panties) inside. The feel of the rough, wet cotton stimulating her swollen clit pulsing pleasure through her as the pain I send from her ear ebbs and mixes creating a sensation storm inside her. She thrashes uselessly against my powerful arms, gasping breathlessly each time I force my panty covered fingers into her.

I can feel her pushing down against my fingers, trying to get the satisfaction of a deeper penetration. But that comes later. I let go of her ear suddenly and slap her pussy, halting her inevitable climax. Her hands fly straight to her crutch to protect it “Not yet my little sex puppet” she looks at me pleadingly.

I start to unbutton my shirt, watching her slowly hump against her own hands, I allow her this small pleasure. Folding my shirt and letting her admire my muscular physique I place it on an old student desk. I also remove my shoes, socks and belt slowly. Walking back over to her I reach into my now loosened pants and fish out my semi erect dick. Holding it in one hand I use the other to grab her neck, I drag her around the table relatively gently til her head is dangling off the edge of the desk. I place my cock on her lips and without instruction she opens her mouth and suckles the end.

As she sucks gently on my knob and plays with herself I busy my hands gently kneading her tiny breasts. I can feel my cock start to harden in her mouth, i slowly start humping into it, I can fit about two thirds of my shaft in comfortably. So I keep fucking her mouth giving her nips a teasing pull ever now and then. She moans on my prick when I do this and the vibrations feel amazing.

I notice she is starting to play with herself more vigorously and that is not allowed, I hold her head up to the right angle and force the rest of my cock in. Her hands stop playing. I hold it there for about 5 seconds enjoying the feel of her throat contracting in fear. I slide out letting her breath briefly then slam it back in, holding it there again. I start to get into a steady rhythm fucking her throat and do so for a short while til I am fully hard. I pull out completely.

“Panties off now” I tell her gruffly.

She lets out a meek “yes sir”, still catching her breath with an abused throat.

I like that she calls me sir.

She scrambles to pull her panties off. Revealing her tight, clean shaven cunt. It is dribbling with her juices and her clit looks swollen. I take it between my fingers and roll it around making her squirm and gasp uncontrollably, then I pinch it and she freezes, holding her breath. I let go and she settles back down. I run my fingers up and down her slit, coating them with her lubricant.

“Hold your legs up” I instruct, she complies immediately, holding herself open by the knees. Her pink rosebud coming into view. I start to rub her juice around it, she looks at me worriedly, I smile at her. More and more juice I spread around, massaging her asshole. Then I slowly push one finger in, only to the first knuckle. Her eyes shoot open as her mouth, in its silent gasp. I slowly but gently start to tend to her ass, getting my finger deeper and deeper with each stroke. With my other hand I rubbed her pussy, gathering more and adding it to her ass. She slowly starts to relax into it and I can see the familiar flush of arousal in her chest, i get down on my knees, increasing my tempo and start to lick her pussy in time.

She starts humping against my mouth and finger, I can feel her asshole clenching and releasing with each thrust. She starts moaning in short sharp breaths, holding herself back from release. I take her clit into my mouth and suck hard against it, I can feel her heat against my face, her hands intertwine my hair and force me hard against her pleasure button, humping with a fever I am sure she has never experienced before. I pull away for a brief moment to say that which she wishes to hear most. “You can cum now, slut”.

She arches her back to the point of breaking screaming at the top of her lungs and holding her clit against my face. I can feel her asshole spasming like every other muscle in her body is, shivering with pleasure. The warm sun pouring in the window and reflecting off her sweat soaked body.

She collapses, releasing my hair. Taking her last deep, shuddering breaths. I untangle myself from and stand over her watching her perfect body in post orgasmic throws. I masturbate slowly at first, over her body. Then as I get closer to cumming my hand pumps faster and faster. She looks up at me pleadingly “please” she says weakly, but there is no hope for her. I grab her hair violently with me free hand and jerk her head forward just as I start to cum. Long ropey strands all over her pretty little face.

She starts to cry. “Please, please fuck me” begging now. I walk to my clothes pile slowly, always in control. She tries to stand up, to come to me, but her legs have no strength and give way. Kneeling on the grown, thick tears mixing with my cum all over her face she looks at me, silently pleading. I keep eye contact while I get dressed, enjoying what I hold over her. I walk to the door.

“If you want my cock you’re gonna have to better next time” and I leave her there, ruined for all others.

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