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Harry sat quietly reading his newspaper by the window as the train sped along towards Exeter. It was early, there were few passingers, and he was alone on a bright summer morning commuting to work.

The train stopped and a rather well dressed lady got into his carriage and made herself comfortable on the opposite seat; she looked at him over her half glasses and the stare made him feel a little uneasy. As soon as the train was underway she stood up and made for the emergency chord as if to pull it.

"Do as I instruct you young man or I will pull the chord and have you arrested for assault; you have ten minutes to bring me off before Exeter station." She pulled up her skirt ," on your knees and begin now."

Harry had no choice, her panties were off and her pussy already wet with juice, she swung her long legs over his shoulders and pulled his head into her crotch. She groaned with delight and pushed her high heels into the small of his back thrusting her wet pussy into his face,"eat me, eat my cunt boy oh lovely mmmm."

Harry was smothered completely gripped by her rocking thighs swollowing her juices shocked by the suddeness of the situation;this forceful brutal bitch had taken him over in moments.

"Clit CLIT," she shouted twisting his mouth onto her clitoris. Harry sucked frantically and her orgasm came in bursts of pleasure, each one causing her to tighten her grip and squeal with delight. Finally the furious tempest subsided, she relaxed breathing heavily, undid her gripping legs making Harry free to move, so he pulled out and sat back opposite her as she straightened her skirt.

Harry was wiping his face which was wet and sticky, the experience had made him dumb and he was speechless. He felt the train slowing and realised they soon must part,"when can I see you again," he blurted out.

She opened her handbag and gave him a card,"so you want the same again naughty boy," and she smiled.

On the platform Harry looked at the card: Dr Celia Smith upperhurst mansions wadhurst Exeter.



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