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Location: My House
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I knew that my missus was very fond of Rachel just by the way she’d react when she saw her. Even just passing Rachel in the car Gemma would instantly become quite bubbly and livelier. Recently I’d become aware that most days Gemma would mention Rachel or happen to talk about her during conversation. Since I realised these observations I began to pay much more attention to my missus reaction and body language every time she seen or spoke about Rachel, and a few short weeks later I became pretty sure and had a funny feeling that in fact, Gemma probably fancied or indeed had ‘the hots for’  Rachel.
Strangely and surprisingly I felt quite calm and un-threatened at what I was almost certain Gemma was feeling and this was very certainly due to the fact that it wasn’t another man that my missus fancied, but another woman. As time passed the signs and indications that Gemma really ‘had a crush’ on Rachel grew stronger and more obvious to me, and this in turn excited me more and more. Then, one Saturday evening towards the end of July we were arriving home and as we drove up into the pub car park Gemma noticed Rachel in the beer garden with several other people. It was about 7:30pm and still quite warm outside. As my missus was waving at Rachel I was looking over my shoulder as I was about to reverse the car across the car park.
There was then a ‘bump’  on the front wing of the car and I thought I’d hit something. But, as I sharply spun my head around to look Rachel was at my window pulling a face! Quickly realising Rachel’s prank I swiftly stuck my fingers up to Rachel. Gemma had wound down her window and was chatting to Rachel and looking in my wing mirror I had the perfect view of Rachel standing at the back of the car. She was wearing a white or light-cream coloured dress with a dark pattern on the front. Her dress was quite short - coming to half way up her thighs showing off her very nicely tanned and toned legs beautifully. It was only at this moment that I really noticed what a stunning figure Rachel had and as she walked back to the beer garden I found myself gazing at her. As I reversed the car back behind the pub Gemma remarked at how nice Rachel’s dress was and unthinkingly I muttered something like “yeah I’d give her one!”.
I didn’t think I’d said it loudly, but Gemma clearly heard my remark and her response was “oh would you now”  as she got out of the car. As we walked up to the house my mind was filled with images of Rachel and how sexy she looked in that short white dress. When were were back in the house my missus stunned me a little when she accused me of ’perving’  at Rachel a few minutes ago. About to deny it again Gemma rattled me when she informed me that she’d clearly seen me staring at Rachel through my wing mirror adding that my eyes were ’popping-out’  of my head as I’d looked Rachel up and down. I couldn’t think of anything to respond with quickly enough and with nothing coming out of my mouth, my guilt was sealed.
A short time later after Gemma and I had finished bickering it suddenly occurred to me why my missus was being so ‘funny’  with me about Rachel and once again it all made sense - she was jealous and really didn’t like it because she fancied Rachel. Later that evening I was sat in the living room on the laptop on the ‘facebook’ website, just generally having a nose about.
My missus came downstairs in her pyjama’s after just having a bath. As she reached around behind the armchair to switch the lamp on she noticed I was on ‘facebook’ and I could feel her gaze over my shoulder. I logged out and got up out of the armchair handing the computer to my missus telling her I was off for a bath. A few moments later as I was getting in the bath Gemma came upstairs carrying the laptop. “Whats my password for facebook” she asked claiming that she’d forgotten. I said what I thought it was and with that she was off back downstairs with the computer - obviously my password guess was correct!  Anyway, following my bath I got dressed - just an old t-shirt and a pair of old rugby shorts and went downstairs. Walking into the living room I seemed to have unintentionally startled Gemma, who was sitting in the armchair with the computer on her lap.
I sensed that she was a little bit agitated and wasn’t expecting me to walk in at that very moment. As I sat on the sofa she was rapidly tapping the keyboard on the laptop whilst fumbling to her feet. I knew I had disturbed her in some way, although, I didn’t ‘let on’ and acted normally, pretending not to be paying much attention as she again tapped some keys before thrusting the computer onto my lap before sharply leaving the room and rushing upstairs. Curiosity had took hold of me as I entered my password into the computer. I went straight onto ‘facebook’  thinking that my missus had probably not logged out of her face book page - something she very nearly always did.
Much to my disappointment Gemma had actually successfully logged out which really surprised me. With my missus not very into computers, she never realised that quite easily I could find out why she was in a sudden rush to get off the laptop when I walked in. The anticipation was killing me and I couldn’t get into the ’history’  page quickly enough! She had as I’d thought been on ’facebook’  while I was in the bath. I clicked the time she first logged-in and up popped Rachel’s facebook page. Delving further into the ‘history’  it quickly became apparent that Gemma had sent two private messages to Rachel. I then opened the facebook website and to my delight as I went to enter my password the ‘autofil’  tool showed a list of three passwords and my missus’s was on the list.
I really couldn’t believe my luck and I wasted no time in logging on as Gemma! Scrolling down the postings I spotted that Rachel had uploaded some new photo’s earlier that afternoon, so I had a look. They were holiday photo’s from two months ago when they went to Magaluf. There were over 200 in the album. Most of the photo’s were of scenic views and of their apartment complex which were quite boring really until I came to a photo of Rachel laying on a sun lounger beside the pool in just a plain white two-piece bikini. The following photo’s were all quite similar and then there were a few photo’s of Rachel dressed for going out.
When I reached the end of the album it said “private pictures”  telling me to click to enter the application. I clicked only to be asked for the password. Quick thinking I sent Rachel a private facebook message asking for the password to her “private picture’s”  album knowing I was still logged in as my missus. About five minutes later a message popped up from Rachel via her mobile. The message read, “Gem password is RACHY83 ok? Don’t tell Mandy or anyone else lol xxx”. The excitement and anticipation rushed through me as I read the message. I rushed back to Rachel’s page selecting to view photo’s and within seconds I was back at the “private picture’s”  menu. Again I was asked for the password to enter the application and I quickly keyed in ‘RACHY83’ just as the message had said and unbelievably access was granted.
I began viewing the only album and the first photo was of what appeared to be a sun-terrace on the roof of what I assumed was their apartment complex in Magaluf. The second photo was very similar to the one I’d seen on Rachel’s face book page a few minutes ago showing her laying beside the pool in her white bikini. The following photo showed Rachel sunbathing laying on a towel on their sun-terrace again in her white bikini. Next was almost the same shot, but with her bikini straps slipped down her arms slightly.
There was then 5 or 6 photo’s of Rachel topless on the sun-terrace and to my absolute shock and surprise there had only been one comment posted for the entire album and that comment was posted by my missus! It was posted on one of Rachel’s topless photo’s reading, “Luv this 1 Rach soooo sexy mmm xxx”. I was totally stunned and realised that this was what Gemma was looking at on the laptop when I surprised her earlier. Just at that moment I heard my missus coming back down the stairs so I quickly logged out of her account - just in the nick of time! She’d had a bath and her hair was still damp. She was wearing her satin pyjama’s - beige coloured trousers and a little cream strappy top.
She only wore these pyjama’s when she was feeling horny and ‘up for it’ because she knew how much I loved seeing her in them and how much she turned me on. She sat on the sofa brushing her damp hair with her hairbrush. A moment later she asked me what I was on - referring to the web. I said I was just checking my emails - which I wasn’t! She responded with something like, “it’s a wonder you’re not on face book looking at Rachel’s new holiday photo’s” in a sarcastic kind of manner. Again my missus had brought Rachel’s name into the conversation. I thought I’d go along with her game replying “oh I’ll have a look now then”.
Seconds later I began looking through Rachel’s newly posted holiday snaps. “mmm these are lovely pictures” I said to Gemma in the same tone of sarcasm. With that Gemma put her hairbrush down leaning on the arm of the sofa to see if I was really looking through Rachel’s facebook pictures - which I was!
“Have you gone past the one’s where she’s led by the pool in her bikini?” my missus questioned sarcastically. I replied swiftly telling her that I han’t got to those yet followed by, “Ooh I’ll have to have a look at those” in a joking manner. I knew those photo’s were towards the end of the album so I rapidly scrolled to them.
“Mmm, white bikini?” I uttered, quick as a flash my missus was perched on the arm of my chair beside me staring at the laptop. “Quick babe go and print one off for yourself” she sarcastically continued. Playing along I told her that if the printer wasn’t out of ink I would have for definite! Gemma then told me to sit on the sofa so that she could have a look as well as she hadn’t seen them yet - which I knew was a complete lie!
I moved onto the sofa and my missus cosied up next to me. I asked her if she wanted to go to the next photo and she nodded her head. The next few photo’s were all more or less the same with Rachel on the sun-lounger beside the pool.
Slowly continuing through the pictures I mentioned how sexy Rachel’s skimpy two-piece bikini was, unsure of how my missus would react. 
Gemma surprised me by agreeing with me adding that Rachel was brave wearing it with all those holidaymakers around. I could see her point as Rachel’s bikini was very skimpy indeed - the top only just about covering her nipples attached to string straps.
I felt myself getting a little aroused as I continued through the photo’s safe in the knowledge the laptop was concealing my arousal just nicely.
My missus was soon commenting on Rachel’s figure and how she wished she was as toned as her. I slowly nodded my head in agreement as I felt Gemma’s hand slipping under the laptop directly on to my slightly aroused semi. I was quite startled to be honest as I wasn’t expecting it.
Concentrating hard I didn’t react in any way I just continued scrolling through the photo’s. The scene switched from the poolside to what must have been the sun terrace above their apartment and instead of Rachel laying on the sun-lounger she was now laying on a towel. My missus was still beside me with her hand resting on my groin beneath the laptop. Knowing about the photo’s contained in Rachel’s ‘private picture’s’ album I quipped to my missus, “Now she’s not by the pool she might as well not be wearing that bikini top”. No sooner had I finished the sentence I could feel my missus hand slowly starting to caress and fondle me through my shorts.
The next photo was of Rachel laying on her tummy on the towel with her hands reached round to the clasp of her bikini top. The following photo again showed Rachel on her tummy only this time her white bikini top was strewn on the floor beside her towel. “She must have heard me” I joked to my missus who was now resting her head into my shoulder whilst still lightly stroking and fondling me beneath the laptop. I clicked to the next photo which was the last photo in the album. Rachel was now laying on her back - her skimpy bikini top still on the concrete beside her, and she was covering her boobs with her hands and smiling seductively at the camera.
I muttered my disappointment at reaching the end of the album joking to my missus that the photo’s were just getting good. I was surprised at the lack of reaction from Gemma to my remarks and I,m sure that if we were looking at anyone else’s photo’s other than Rachel’s she wouldn’t have been too happy with me looking! My missus was so calm with it that she asked me if I’d like to have seen Rachel properly topless? I told her that I wouldn’t have minded. “You’re already getting hard as it is”, Gemma said to me as she continued to fondle me.
I asked her what she meant by that, adding that seeing a topless photo of Rachel wouldn’t make me hard anyway. “Yeah right” my missus replied rolling her eyes! I told her that she knew the only photo’s that’d get me hard referring to the sexy photograph’s I’d recently taken of her.
My missus then instructed me to go back to Rachel’s profile page and select ‘photo’s’. Next I was told to select Rachel’s Holiday 2010 photo album and then select ‘options’ from the drop-down menu. “Click on that” Gemma said while pointing at ‘Private Pictures’ in the drop-down menu. I selected it and then a box popped up asking me to enter the password to enter the application. “Type RACHY83” my missus instructed. Keying it in I could feel the excitement building inside me. The on-screen message informed me that I was now entering ‘Rachel’s private pictures’.
Gemma then made me promise not to tell anyone else about this and that she was the only person Rachel had let see her private album. I had to swear on our daughter’s life that I’d never say anything to anybody - which I wouldn’t of anyway. The next on-screen menu displayed the title ‘Rachel’, which again my missus told me to select. The first photo was exactly the same as the one in Rachel’s ‘holiday 2010’ album. The next photo was the one I’d seen earlier - which my missus didn’t know I’d seen. Underneath the photo was the option to view comments of which there was only one. Moving the cursor over the above option Gemma quickly pushed my hand upwards telling me to go to the next photo. This time the picture was of a close-up of a topless Rachel with her middle finger in her mouth.
After a brief pause I continued through the album with the excitement and anticipation rising by the second. The next photo showed Rachel pinching her nipples between her thumb and index finger and licking her top lip with her tongue. As I quietly whispered my amazement with “wow”, my missus put her hand down the front of my shorts and again began stroking and fondling my freshly shaven cock and balls. For the next five minutes or so I continued flicking through the photo’s with Gemma right next to me on the sofa touching and fondling my ever hardening cock through my shorts.
I found myself thinking about Rachel and what it would be like to sleep with her. She’s got such a gorgeous sexy figure with perfect boobs. Finally, we’d flicked through all the photo’s and by now I was so turned-on - partly by the sexy photo’s of Rachel and partly from the attention my missus was giving me. I was so wet as Gemma’s hand slid up and down my hard dick. “Well, it looks like the photo’s have really got you going”, my missus remarked. Attempting to deny it I told her that they hadn’t and it was her and her hand that had got me going.
I knew she wasn’t going to fall for my excuse because it was plainly obvious to both of us,- sat with the missus looking at another girl’s sexy topless photo’s on facebook! Still trying to deny that the photo’s had aroused me Gemma then struck me totally speechless, “Stop bullshitting Ian will you!……..if Rachel was here now with her top off you’d be in there if I wasn’t here wouldn’t you?” she asked me. Struggling to find the words I was just about to mumble something when my missus butted in, “I know you Ian, you’d love to have a go on Rachel so don’t try to say you wouldn’t!……..you’d love to fuck her!”. She was still stroking my cock as she quizzed me so I sensed that she wasn’t going to ‘go off on one’.
I struggled forwards to put the laptop on to the floor beside the sofa, but the power lead kept getting tangled under it so I had to get up to sort it out. Standing up I realised how hard I’d become as my cock stood out, poking into my shorts. As I tidied the laptop behind the armchair my missus leant on the arm of the sofa, and as I turned she gently began to pull my shorts down. Pulling away from her grasp I joked that I wasn’t interested before stepping back into her reach.
I was now stood in front of the sofa with my missus slowly pulling my shorts down revealing my hard and wet cock. Stepping out of my shorts I quickly whipped my t-shirt off and threw it to the floor.
“Just shut your eyes and pretend I,m Rachel” Gemma said to me as she sat forward on the sofa and took my dick straight into her mouth. She slowly began sucking me off. I remember glancing down and watching my dick disappear into her mouth over and over again. My missus wasn’t too fond of oral sex - either giving or receiving, but for some reason tonight she was very different indeed. I hadn’t asked her to suck my cock and I hadn’t been the one to initiate sex, it was all her doing and she really seemed to be enjoying giving me a ‘blow-job’ for once! She was stroking my balls with her fingernails as she was ‘going down’ on me.
Gemma gave me oral sex for a good 20 minutes - sucking my dick and licking my balls whilst slowly wanking me. I was loving it and as I glanced down at my missus again I could see that she was getting aroused too. Her nipples were hard and protruding into the satin material of her strappy little pyjama top. It was strange to see my missus without a bra. In all honesty, Gemma was good at giving head and her forte was giving hand-jobs. This was the best oral sex I’d ever had off her and it was all the more pleasurable because she seemed to be enjoying it too.
I then sat back on to the sofa gently pulling Gemma up next to me. Her face was glistening with perspiration as we started kissing - something we didn’t do enough of these days! We kissed passionately for 5 or 6 minutes easily, making us both hornier and hornier. Her hard nipples were brushing against my bare chest as we snogged. Our hands were all over each other and I began caressing her boobs with the palms of my hands. Minutes later I slowly pulled her pyjama top up over her head and flung it to the floor.
I stepped back as I resumed caressing her boobs so that I could have a proper look at my missus naked chest - which was quite a rarity! She’s got stunning tits, but she never likes to show them off and that always frustrates me. Groping her tits I began to softly pinch her nipples between my thumb and index finger arousing her all the more. I stroked and touched her tits for several more minutes before I couldn’t wait any longer. Leaning in I took my missus hard nipples into my mouth one at a time flicking over them with the tip of my tongue and softly biting them, With my head buried in Gemma’s chest I placed my hands on her hips - slowly inching towards her bum. I love my missus’s bum - I have done since we first got together over 14 years ago.
She has a naturally slim and slender figure, not too thin and not too fat, just absolutely sexy as fuck. Gemma is one of those people who can eat loads but never puts on weight and never has to go to the gym to keep in shape. Her figure was just right all the time. My hands had now wandered onto her bum, gliding effortlessly over her satin pyjama bottoms. My fingertips were soon tracing the outline of her thong beneath her bottoms. My missus loves having her bum tickled and massaged almost as much as I loved caressing it! I carried on kissing her boobs and licking and sucking her nipples for a further 6 or 7 minutes whilst continuing to fondle her bum.
She was soon moaning softly which was such a turn-on to hear. I began slipping her pyjama trousers down over her hips bit by bit until they were down over her bum exposing her sexy little thong. Gradually I eased her bottoms down to her ankles and she then stepped out of them - flinging them across the living room with her foot. With my hands exploring Gemma’s bum I raised my head up from her chest, pausing briefly to appreciate her gorgeous plump and firm boobs. I commented how nice it was to see her properly topless, telling her how fucking sexy she was. Slowly running my eyes down her body I noticed she was wearing a white pair of knickers that I hadn’t seen before and I was just about to ask her if they were new when she whispered that they were from the packs that I had bought for her on eBay just before Christmas.
I bought a ‘job-lot’ of ‘Lepel’ thongs, 20 odd pairs for £15! We’d even given her mum 4 or 5 pairs! Gemma asked if I like them as she stood up on the rug in front of me. Nodding in approval I asked her to twirl so that I could see her bum properly. She was like a glamour model - wiggling her hips as she twirled in front of me. It was only then that I noticed she was wearing a g-string - the first time I’d ever seen her in one. She’s got loads of tiny little skimpy thongs but this was the first proper g-string she’d ever had I think. I reached forward - placing my hands on my missus sexy arse.  “Do I look sexy babe?” Gemma asked me, adding that she couldn’t feel her knickers and it was like she wasn’t wearing any.
With just a thin white strap of material dividing her bum cheeks equally in half she looked even sexier than usual. I got off the sofa and onto my knees on the shaggy cream rug in the middle of our living room, and with my head at just the right height I gently pulled my missus into me. My hands reaching up onto her near naked bum and with my face pressing into the front of her new skimpy g-string I could feel she was getting moist. I was kissing the front of her g-string and lightly tugging the string through between her legs - parting her pussy lips and tightening the string against her clitoris. Putting my hands back onto my missus hips I motioned for her to turn around so that she was facing away from me. I then pulled her closer until my face was touching her sexy bum.
She bent over slightly which pushed her bum right into my face. I kissed and licked her arse with the tip of my tongue, running it under her string every few seconds or so. I slowly licked and kissed my way down to my missus freshly shaven little arsehole and hooking a finger under her string I pulled it onto her cheek. I reached out with one hand and grabbed the television remote, flicking it off onto standby. The dimmer lamp in the corner of our living room lit it into quite an intimate and private setting - just as your own home is supposed to be. Gemma and I were very relaxed and feeling quite comfortable, which didn’t happen very often in a sexual way! Anyway, with me on my knees and my missus standing in front of me I once again began kissing and licking her sexy bum, and with her g-string pulled to the side it didn’t take me long to focus my attention back to her fresh little arsehole.
My hands were on her bum gently parting her cheeks slightly, allowing me to direct the tip of my tongue right onto her hole which I began licking in circular motions. I loved doing this for her and she always seemed to enjoy the sensation too. I was rimming my missus for a good 5 - 10 minutes, she was loving it more and more and slightly bending over further and further - making sure my tongue could hit the right spot. Her moaning was getting a little louder and she sounded so sexy. We were both getting hornier and hornier with each second that passed and I was just about to slip my finger into her bum when our sexy antics were brought to a very abrupt halt - forcing our attention to the living room window. We both froze to the spot as someone quietly tapped the window again. Motionless, we remained absolutely silent, hoping that whoever it was at this time of night would quickly sod off!
Then, about 30 seconds after the first ’tap’ came the second - only this time it was accompanied by the shadow of our late night visitor clearly visible through the light cream coloured pull-down blind. Within a few seconds we both realised the identity of our unknown shadow. Quickly standing upright and pulling her satin pyjama top back over her head my missus said, “It’s Rachel!…….what the fucks wrong?”
I grabbed my shorts, pulling them back up as I stood up. Gemma had also pulled her pyjama trousers back up and was now swiftly making her way through the dining room to the kitchen. I yanked my creased t-shirt over my head and fell back onto the sofa in an almost breathless state. I heard my missus unlocking and then opening the back door followed by the sound of heels on the kitchen floor. My mind was in a complete haze. It was definitely Rachel, I could hear her talking to Gemma in the kitchen, although I couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying. The sweat was dripping off my forehead as I sat flustered on the sofa.
Then, the heels were coming through the dining room - I just hoped Rachel wouldn’t notice how hot, bothered and flustered I was! My missus came in first, asking if I was decent? Not that it made any difference because Rachel was right behind her. Glancing towards the doorway Gemma told me that Rachel was locked out after dropping her door key in their garden and not being able to find it in the dark! It was now nearly half-past-midnight and it was absolutely pouring with rain outside. I could feel the beads of perspiration trickling down my face when Rachel quipped something like “Bloody hell, been out jogging or something have you?”……..”You’re wetter than me and I,ve  been pissing about in the garden in this rain for the last half hour!”
Wiping the sweat away I was just about to reply when Rachel said, “Ahhh
, I,ve disturbed you havn’t I?” quickly followed by an apology. “I could see through those little squares in the blind”  added Rachel as she pointed at the living room window. I immediately looked at Gemma - who had turned bright red in the face. “No you havn’t disturbed us, don’t be daft!” my missus responded sympathetically before continuing “We were only watching the tele anyway Rach”.
Glancing back at a soaking wet Rachel you could tell she’d had a drop to drink! Although, she wasn’t drunk just giggly and merry!
“Well……..you didn’t look like you were watching tele to me” Rachel then said with a wink of her eye. “Playboy channel it looked like to me”, she added quietly giggling. It was obvious she’d seen what Gemma and I had been up to - there was no point in trying to deny it. Still red faced my missus then jokingly said, “God yeah Rach, your timing is bloody perfect aye!”.
I knew then that Gemma wasn’t even going to try to hide what we’d been doing. Rachel was still stood in the doorway of the living room. She looked at my missus and told her that she’d never seen that position before, referring to when I was ‘rimming’ Gemma a short time ago. I asked Rachel how long she’d been at the window? Giggling she answered, “Oh only a few minutes that’s all….don’t panic!”
My missus then said she was going to light a fag as she put her hands on Rachel’s hips to allow her to get through the living room door. Rachel followed my missus through the dining room. I could then hear the kitchen door being shut tight which I thought was a bit strange. A few seconds later I quietly tip-toed through the dining room and stood silent at the kitchen door. I could soon hear the two of them quietly giggling. As their giggles subsided I heard my missus quietly asking Rachel if she’d ever tried it before - I assume she was talking about ’rimming’. Rachel whispered, “Nah don’t be silly will you……I,m lucky to get anything lately Gem”. I continued to discreetly eavesdrop on their conversation - listening intently as Rachel told my missus that hers and Ryan’s sex life had more or less stopped two years ago, just after she’d had the baby.
She then asked Gemma if she remembered when her and Ryan briefly split-up about a year ago. “When you were supposed to be shagging about with some boy from Blackwood”, I heard my missus reply.
“Yeah that’s right. It was a boy from my factory it was Gem, I only went with him three times that’s all. And the only reason I went with him was because I was gagging for a shag” Rachel whispered to my missus. Their giggly chat was quickly turning to sex and their voices lowered accordingly.
A few minutes later things went really quiet in the kitchen, forcing me to concentrate harder. I heard a few soft sigh’s or quiet moans, but I couldn’t be sure who it was - my missus or Rachel. Curiosity soon got the better of me and I sharply opened the kitchen door. They definitely weren’t expecting my sudden entrance as Rachel wasn’t quick enough in stepping back from my missus, who was still leant back against the work-top beside the fridge. I noticed a fag had burnt away in the ashtray and I could see dark-red lipstick marks on the stub  which could only have been from Rachel as she was the only one wearing lipstick. 
“Giving up Rach are you?” I asked her as I pointed at the ashtray. Before Rachel could respond my missus butted in, telling me that Rachel was staying the night because it was so late, adding that she can sleep in the babies room. Rachel then asked if I minded?
Pausing briefly I realised that my missus and I weren’t going to be able to get back to what we were doing prior to Rachel’s arrival, “Nope of course I don’t mind Rach honestly” I answered quickly followed in a sarcastic manner with, “I’ll just have to go without…….yet again!!!”
“No way, you two can carry on doing what you were doing, I’ll be asleep in no time now” Rachel replied.
I joked that Gemma’s moaning was that loud that it would keep her awake. Raising her eyebrows Gemma uttered, “Yeah right…..as if!”
Continuing with the joke I quietly whispered to Rachel that Gemma was a nymphomaniac and that she wants to be at it all night!!! Thinking she’d be embarrassed by what I’d just whispered to her I looked at my missus who was still leant back against the work-top smiling sarcastically. 
“Can’t fault you Gem, I was the same once” said Rachel. Gemma then joked that poor Rachy wasn’t getting anything at home! Rachel quickly interrupted, “Gem!!!…..I,m not telling you anything ever again”, before giggling once again.
“And she’s never had a go at ‘rimming’” my missus quipped. Rachel’s cheeks reddened and she blushingly looked up at the ceiling.
I played along saying that that was a shame and that she didn’t know what she was missing. Glancing back towards my missus I noticed her nipples were becoming hard under her cream satin pyjama top and meaning that she was becoming aroused perhaps. Still staring up at the ceiling Rachel asked my missus which was her bed, adding that she was off to it as soon as possible. Rachel really seemed to be quite embarrassed by the way my missus and I were talking.
Gemma then completely stunned me as she looked at Rachel saying, “You can come in our bed tonight Rachy if you want……..we’ll have a threesome shall we?” Thinking that my missus was still playing along with the joke I added, “Yeah that’s the least you could do Rachy, given that you disturbed us earlier - spoiling the moment for us!”
Rachel then looked down from the ceiling and quickly covered her eyes with her hands and said, “Shut up you pair will you!……you’d both be scared to death if I said yeah ok!”
My missus leaned forward taking Rachel’s hands away from her eyes and gently pulled Rachy towards her, saying, “mmm come on Rachy I could really do with a good jump now tonight” before adding, “He comes too quickly mun” - as she glanced at me with a sly wink.
Gemma had now gently pulled Rachel right up close in front of her and whispered softly “Come on Rachy lets do it shall we?”
Looking over Rachel’s shoulder with a cheeky smile my missus silently mouthed “Do you want to?” to me. I could tell by the look on her face that Gemma really was serious so I quickly nodded my head in approval. She then looked back at Rachel who was now looking down at the floor. Bending slightly into Rachel I just managed to hear my missus say “Please say yes Rach?”. With their heads then side by side a few moments passed where I couldn’t hear what was being said, until my missus glanced at me and softly whispered, “Go and switch everything off in the room then babe?”.
I excitedly rushed off to the living room and switched off the TV and the lights. I returned to the kitchen about 20 seconds later to find my missus and Rachel all over each other! My missus glanced at me sexily and quietly said, “Shall we then?”
In disbelief and excitement I softly mumbled something like, “If we were all ok and up for it then yeah lets give it a go”.
Gemma let go off Rachel’s one hand and reached out to take hold of my hand and whispered, “Lets go upstairs then is it?”
Again, I softly questioned if we were all ok with it and without saying a word my missus and Rachel both nodded their heads in agreement. 
Gemma then led the way up the stairs still holding Rachel’s hand with me turning the kitchen light out and quickly following them up the stairs and into our bedroom. My missus went round and switched the little lamp on before drawing the curtains. I quietly closed the bedroom door tight and turned out the big light. The little lamp in the corner of our bedroom lit the room intimately as Gemma flicked the hi-fi into life. Coincidently,  ‘Westlife’s’ new album began playing - Rachel had seen ‘Westlife’ live in concert just three weeks ago! My missus then got onto our bed and lay on her back. Rachel was shyly standing beside the bed. For a minute or two there was silence as none of us uttered a word. Rachel looked really anxious and nervous and I thought that maybe this just wasn’t going to go any further.
Then I just thought ‘fuck-it’ and got on the bed beside my missus who then turned onto her side to face me. We began kissing passionately and as we were tonguing I discreetly (just moving my eyes) peeped up at Rachel. She was watching Gemma and I ‘getting-off’ with each other, but she wasn’t aware I was looking at her. My missus then opened her eyes slightly as we continued snogging. I flicked my eyes towards Rachel motioning for Gemma to look. As we open tongued each other Gemma gently rolled over onto her back gazing up at Rachel whilst we were still kissing each other. And, even though we were only ‘getting off’ with each other, knowing that Rachel was watching us was quite a turn-on for both of us!
Once again, my missus nipples hardened beneath her pyjama top and I could feel them brushing against my chest as we kissed. Lowering my head I began to kiss my missus neck and lick her ear lobes - which she loved. Gemma yanked my t-shirt up over my head in one really quick movement before reaching out and taking hold of Rachel’s hand. She pushed my head back into her neck with her other hand. I could feel Gemma tugging Rachel softly as I kissed and sucked her neck.
My missus gradually began moaning softly and sexily as I continued gently sucking her neck. A few moments later my missus sat up and turned to face Rachel.
I then watched Gemma taking hold of Rachel’s hands, pulling her nearer - all the while looking up at her. My missus got onto her knees as she pulled Rachel closer. They were almost nose-to-nose when Gemma reached around Rachel’s hips. Then I heard a zip slowly opening. Gemma unzipped Rachel’s creamy white dress at the back and gently slipped it off Rachel’s shoulders. Her dress fell to the floor revealing her white strapless bra and her skimpy little white matching knickers.
Gemma’s hands eagerly wandered over Rachel’s nearly naked body fondling and caressing her softly and slowly. I could sense the anxiety starting to fade away from Rachel as Gemma continued to stroke and touch her. I felt like I was in a daze - like I was actually dreaming everything, but it was all very, very real!
Rachel was now clearly much more relaxed and comfortable with what was happening. I led back onto the bed as I continued watching my missus from behind as she explored Rachel’s sexy body with both hands. This went on for another five minutes or so, and during this time Rachel was continuing to relax more and more as she grew accustomed to my missus touch. I looked on as Rachel opened her eyes, glancing at me briefly before looking down at Gemma. My missus hands reached around Rachel’s hips as she raised herself slightly upwards whilst still on her knees. They were now more or less eye-to-eye and my missus reached up and unclasped Rachel’s white strapless bra. It quickly fell away from her chest and landed on the wooden bed frame. Gemma grabbed it and flung it behind her straight at me! Moving Rachel’s bra from my face I stretched forwards on the bed, watching as my missus placed her hands onto Rachel’s bum - stroking and caressing her cheeks.
Rachel’s nipples were already hard and as Gemma continued fondling her bum she tilted her head slightly and began to kiss and lick Rachel’s boobs.
My missus teased her tongue over Rachy’s tits before taking her erect nipples in her mouth - gently sucking each one in turn. Gemma kissed and sucked Rachel’s tits for quite a few minutes, then I decided to try and get involved - unsure of exactly what would happen.
With my missus face still buried in Rachel’s chest I got to my knees behind her and slowly and softly began to kiss the back of her neck. I soon felt Gemma responding as I continued licking and kissing the back of her neck.
A minute or two later I was pulling her cream satin pyjama top up over her head and tossed it over onto the bedroom floor. Gemma then turned her head to me and quietly suggested I take my shorts off. I clambered off the bed in order to quickly take my shorts off and as I turned to get back on the bed it looked like my missus and Rachel were quietly whispering to each other, but as I knelt back onto the bed their whispers promptly ceased - triggering thoughts in my head like, was I getting in the way? And did they really want to be on their own?
Although I was watching Gemma and Rachel ‘getting off’ with each other uncertainties ran through my mind - making me feel slightly insecure and wondering if they really wanted me to be there.
The uncertainty soon passed and I was once again engulfed in sexual pleasure as I watched my missus who was now topless, kissing and sucking Rachel’s nipples whilst stroking and caressing her bum. A few moments later Gemma whispered, “turn around babe” to Rachel.
Rachel slowly began to turn around as my missus had requested, revealing her very sexy bum for the first time. Her bum matched the rest of her fantastically fit and sexy figure. To my delight Rachel’s skimpy white knickers were in fact a thong and Gemma knew how much of a turn-on thongs were to me. She turned to see if I was looking at Rachel’s bum - which of course I was. I couldn’t take my eyes off her!!! Gemma’s hands were all over Rachel’s arse stroking and caressing her sexily. Still standing upright Rachel then moved her feet a little further apart enabling her to very slightly bend over a little. Gemma’s face was now level with Rachel’s bum. She turned and asked me if I liked Rachel’s thong and as I told her how sexy it was she held out her hand to me.
Pulling me by the hand she whispered for me to come closer - which I happily did. Gemma still had her beige satin pyjama trousers on, Rachel still had her white thong on, but I was completely naked! Gemma and I began kissing passionately - we hadn’t snogged with such lust for ages. And, as our tongues explored each others mouths and lips I was getting more and more aroused and turned-on. It was obviously having the same effect on Gemma as her breathing became heavier and her sexy moans became more erotic. Two or three minutes later my missus sharply pulled her head back gasping “Come on Rach, get on here chick” whilst patting the bed.
 I propped the pillows up against the cushioned headboard and then led back against them. Gemma stood up at the side of the bed allowing Rachel to then sit on the edge of the bed with her feet up on the wooden frame. Reality struck me at that very moment, and, I couldn’t believe it! I was laying on our bed totally naked with Rachel sitting next to me on the edge of the bed in just a white thong pair of knickers and Gemma standing beside our bed topless in just her sexy satin pyjama trousers!
Anyway, there was a very brief pause in proceedings as we all briefly glanced at each other. We all knew what the next step was going to involve and it was as if we were silently checking with each other that we were all ok with taking that next step. The quietness was broken when Rachel said, “So, what was that position you pair were in earlier then?” referring to when Gemma and I were in the living room earlier prior to Rachel’s unexpected arrival. I remember Rachy asking the same question earlier, but through the sheer embarrassment of being caught in a sexual cliché, neither Gemma or myself had given her an answer.
My missus and I once again looked at one another in the hope that one of us were going to respond to Rachel’s question.
Thankfully, Gemma wasn’t long in saying, “I don’t know what they call it Rach, but it’s good I know that much!”.
Rachel then commented that it looked hot and that from where she was standing it certainly looked like we were both enjoying it.
“Why don’t you two carry on from earlier then?” Rachel continued.
Straight away I looked at Gemma again, and just by the look on her face I knew that the next step in this unexpected sexual opportunity was actually going to happen.
You could feel the shyness and tension lifting from each of us, indicating that we were all ok and happy for this crazy night to continue. 
Gemma looked down at Rachel saying that if she wanted us to carry on with what we were doing earlier she would have to help ease her satin pyjama bottom’s off. 
Rachel nodded her head saying, “mmm I’d love to help you take them off Gem………come here?”. Rachel was now a totally different woman with the nerves and shyness replaced with being comfortable and confident. My missus stepped forward so that she was once again stood in front of Rachy - who was still sat on the edge of the bed beside me.
I looked on as Rachel put her hands on my missus hips, gently inching her closer before reaching out her arms around Gemma’s waistline and placing her open palms firmly upon my missus sexy bum.
“You’ve got a gorgeous bum Gem”. Rachel remarked to my missus. Gemma looked straight at me and quipped, “mmm, so it’s not only you then babe!”
Rachel’s hands pulled Gemma’s bum forcing her hips in to Rachy’s face. She began planting kisses onto my missus smooth satin trousers whilst continuing to caress and fondle Gemma’s arse.
Rachel gradually moved her face up level with the waistband of Gemma’s trousers and then using her teeth on the the front and her hands at the back she slowly and sexily began teasing my missus satin bottoms down. Eventually, Rachel succeeded in taking off Gemma’s sexy pyjama bottoms leaving her in just her sexy little white g-string like earlier.
“mmm they’re hot little knickers Gem Gem” Rachel softly murmured. She asked Gemma to twirl around so she could have a look at the back.
“Ooh wow, a proper little g-string Gem…….mmm very sexy babe” added Rachel.
My missus then got on to the bed and knelt beside me. I got up onto my knees facing her and then my missus and I began kissing. Rachel leant back onto the bed watching us closely. A few minutes later Gemma still on her knees, turned herself around to face away from me and I knew what she wanted.
I moved in closer behind her wrapping my arms around her hips and nuzzling the back of her neck at the same time. My cock was pressing against her bum as I carried on licking and softly sucking the back of her neck. Gemma loved having her neck kissed and sucked an it was obvious she was becoming hornier and more aroused.

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