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Rachel and Tim arrived at Maria’s house for the party. Maria greeted them and showed them around. In the lounge were about ten of Maria’s friends. They were all very beautiful young ladies.

Maria spoke to Rachel and Tim, “right, tonight to start with you can help me, were going to be making everyone some fantastic outfits….from newspaper”

Rach thought this was funny, but Tim was a little aroused by the idea. He’d always had a bit of a thing for newspaper, but had never shared this with his wife.

“Right Rachel we’ve got a series of rooms where all the guests can have their outfits made. I want you to be in the first room making skirts. Is that ok. We’ve got all the paper you need over there and a bucket of glue next to that chair” said Maria. Rach said “No problem send them in, do you want it over their clothes?”. “No” said Maria, We’ll get everyone down to their underwear”

The first two girls came in and Sat down. Maria insisted that they strip to their underwear. The girls were a bit nervous, “Do we have to join in, it’s weird” “Yes said Maria, “it’s just for fun”. Rachel quite quickly made the first girls skirt. “Right come with me,” said Maria, to the girl, you can do the next room.


The girls name was Sarah, “I’d like you to make the tops, here I’ll do you then you’ll see”. Maria draped a couple of sheets over her shoulders, and wrapped a couple under Sarah’s arms, one front one back. The second girl, Isabelle, then walked in and Sarah made her top.


When she was done, Maria took her to the next room. “We’ll be making boots in here” Maria proceeded make Isabelle’s boots. The next girl came through, She was a very attractive girl called Alex. Isabelle finished Alex’s boots. They came up under her knees.

They went to another room. Tim was feeling very aroused and Maria knew it. “What do you think of Alex’s outfit, Tim”, said Maria, “Err, it’s very nice” Tim replied.


“I thinks she should have higher boots, don’t you?” said Maria. You can do this one if you like, and so he did. The boots came right up to the bottom of the skirt now. “How’s that for you, Alex” said Maria, “To be honest it’s making me feel a bit funny, like horny”. “Ok Tim could you just rip the skirt a bit, I think hot pants would look better”. Tim ripped the skirt but before he could make the pants, Maria reached under the skirt and took down Alex’s knickers. “Alex, spread your legs please,” said Tim and he wrapped a few sheets around the top of the legs and underneath. “Alex could almost not contain herself the feeling to her was immense. “Can I have more?” she said, “Do my arms and my belly, I want to be wrapped”, Tim and Maria did as she asked, they took off her bra and wrapped her up tightly in layers of crisp newspaper, even her hands and feet.


Just then the next girl came in, Alex pounced on her, She took off her underwear and quickly wrapped her too. The two of them couldn’t stop touching each other, and then they looked at Tim in his pants. Maria pointed to another room, “Take Tim in there and sort him out, Ill be there shortly for my turn.”


In this room it was completely covered with paper. There was a king size newspaper covered bed, with paper covered pillows and bedding. The two girls slowly wrapped Tim up. They started with his feet and worked upward. They finished by gluing on a sheet of newspaper around his face, still showing his hair. They made holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. Then they asked him to make their masks.

The feeling they had was amazing, the smell, the crunch. Tim made love to them and they made love to each other, every move every touch was a great sensation.

Maria walked in with the other girls, they were all wrapped, apart from Maria. Right girls get me wrapped. Then she called in Rachel.

Rach walked in she couldn’t believe what she was seeing; the girls were all wrapping each other’s heads now.

They stopped. Tim stood up completely paper bound. Come here my wife, I want you to feel this. She came over and he cuddled his wife, he stripped her naked, and then slowly wrapped her from her feet up. When he got to her head, he paused, kissed her through his paper mask, and then gave her the paper to wrap her own head. She did it slowly and then started touching herself. She was a convert. They made love for hours

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