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Categories: Steady Partner
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Location: My House
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I tell you I think we should conserve some water this morning by showering together. You agree that that's very important. I turn on the water and adjust the temperature. We both undress quickly and get in the warm shower. I lather the soap in my hands, and instruct you to close your eyes and focus all of your attention on my touch. You quickly agree, and close your eyes.


With soapy hands, I reach out to very lightly touch your chest, then spread my fingers across it. I massage the soap over your chest, letting my thumbs weave small circles around your tightening nipples, scraping them delicately with my nails. I keep my hands moving at all times, and slowly I work my way down to your stomach. I stop as I reach the level of your hips, and run my hands up your sides, lathering under your arms as well. With excruciating patience I slide my arms around you, working the soap over your back.

As my hands approach your spine, my body edges closer and closer. I imagine how you can feel the warmth of me as I near you, can anticipate my flesh touching yours, wanting it, your senses straining to catch that first contact. Finally, the pointed nipples of my breasts lightly touch you, then press more firmly against you, as I encircle you with my arms to wash your back. I press myself closer, and undulate slowly against you, stroking my body against yours, the soap slickening the contact between us. 


I pull away,  and gently push you back into the spray of the shower, my hands lightly stroking you as the water washes away the lather on your body. Then I pull you back out, and proceed to wash your shoulders, and down your arms. I work the soap down your left arm, until I reach your fingers, I smear a large amount of lather in your hand, and then gently lift it and place it on my right breast. Now I've added another element to our little game. You understand and with eyes still closed, you explore me, learning me and my body by feel.

With my left hand, I began to smooth the soap over your right arm as I had your left. My right hand I rest on your upper arm as you tentatively began to stroke my right breast. You slide your hand under it, cup it, and lift it gently. Then you moved your palm across my hard and soapy nipple, tracing a pattern into the heel of your hand. You take my nipple between  your thumb and forefinger, and pinch and twist it gently. Now I close my eyes as you touch me, allowing myself to be intoxicated by your touch,  it turns me on unbelieveably.


You continue rubbing your hands over my body, down over my butt and up my back, caressing my shoulders and neck.  I open my eyes and have you lower your hands as I continue washing you. I've finished your arms, and am again stroking your hips. I slather the soap across your lower belly, and slowly work a lather into the thick hair surrounding your eager cock, yet not touching it. I continue down your legs, massaging the soap over them with firm hands, until I'm on my knees, rubbing soap between your toes, your cock bobbing at face level. I looked up into your face, and see that your eyes are still closed, your head tilted back slightly, wearing a look of intense concentration as I wash your feet carefully. I lean forward, place my lips next to the head of your penis, and breath a little hot air on it. I hear you moan , and I see your cock twitch, just a little bit.


Finishing your feet, I stand and embrace you, sliding my soapy hands up to lather your neck, simultaneously pulling your head towards mine. You quickly get the idea that the game is over, and you slip your arms around me and kiss me deeply, your lips slowly, sweetly caressing mine. Your tongue wandering lazily into my mouth, and the slow, langorous kiss continues with much mutual exploration. I let one hand trail soapily down your chest, then lower, over your stomach. This time, I don't stop, but drift lower to gently grasp your throbbing shaft in my slick hand. I slowly stroke your cock, the soap lubricating it's hard length, and you show me your appreciation by kissing me even more fervently. The pace still slow, but the tension high, every movement seemed drawn out for maximum pleasure.


After several minutes of luxurious necking and stroking, I decide that I can't wait any longer. My pussy is so hot and wet, and aches to be filled by you. I mumble my need to you, and without a word you cup my butt and and help me climb you, at the same time pushing me up against the wall to ease the strain of holding me.  I  reach down to guide the head of your cock into me. You press me back and down as you push up into me. Each time you push your cock into me, it's with slow, deep strokes, using strength instead of speed to ease in and out of me. For the first few minutes it's blissful and tender.

But I need more, and with my body I strain against you in a mute demand. You respond by increasing your tempo, thrusting into me harder and faster. I clutch at you and gasp taking  all the pleasure you're giving me. I push my hips into yours, grinding them into you as you continue your thrusts. I hold on tightly to you with my legs and arm, grabbing one of your hands and pressing it to my clit. You get the idea and rub my clit in hard, fast circles as your cock slams into me. that pushes me over the edge and I orgasm with incredible force  gasping and lurching against you, my hot pussy  spasming around your cock, my juices running down my legs almost as much as the water.

At that moment, you reach your own climax, your face frozen in orgasmic throes as you pump load after load of your cum into me, your last efforts spent at driving into me as deeply as you could. You come for what seems like minutes before you finally throw your head back and exhale explosively, pushing into me one last time.


I untangle my trembling legs from your waist and gingerly attempt to stand, Your arms around me for support, and we stand for several moments simply holding each other, stroking each other comfortingly, recomposing each other. Finally, as if to reprimand us for dawdling so long, the shower turns cold... 

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