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A while back, there was a family at the laundromat with a really hot daughter, looked like she was home from college.  She wore these tight jeans and had a fantastic ass.  She kept eyeing me, and I wanted to hold her down and lick her ass open.  Finger her and lick her until she comes on my face, fuck yeah.  I had gone to the laundromat in jeans with no panties underneath, so my cunt was wet and hot in my jeans, rubbing against the denim of the crotch, feeling it work between my pussy lips.  I love to go without panties in public so much!  Gets me so hot every time, my pussy getting wetter and wetter in my jeans, or under my skirt.  That's the best, really.

  When I wear a skirt, so my cunt juice kind of runs down and makes my inner thighs sticky if I get really wet, and I can feel the hot stickiness between my legs and know that there's no barrier if I can just get my hand under there to finger myself, or--even hotter--if somebody else wanted to slide a hand up under my skirt and put their fingers in my pussy.  Mmm, I love it so much!


I wanted to fuck that girl at the laundromat.  Maybe she’d be smoking outside, off behind the building so her parents don't see, and I’d offer to get her high.  She’d follow me, and we’d smoke up, and I’d tell her how hot her ass is, what I’d like to do to it with my tongue and fingers, how I’d like to fuck her ass and her pussy.  She’d be embarrassed, but I’d see her looking at me, and I’d tell her my pussy is wet and bare.  She’d look at me again, so I’d open my jeans and show her my cunt, fingering myself a little so she can hear the slippery sound of my finger sliding up and down between my pussy lips, so she can see hot wet my pussy is.  I’d open my shirt and show her my tits, no bra under my shirt so my hard nipples can rub against the fabric when I start getting turned on.  I'd start pinching my nipples and making myself groan as my pussy throbs with heat.  She’d laugh and call me a pervert, and I’d say I am, but I bet her pussy is wet from watching me and thinking about it.


She'd laugh again and look away, but I'd see her hips shift, and I'd know it means her pussy is tingling and her clit is throbbing. I'd go to her, come up behind her and put my hand on her ass, rubbing down between her legs from behind and feeling how hot her cunt is even through her jeans.  She'd whimper, and I'd keep rubbing at her crotch, letting my fingers push hard against her pussy through the denim, as my hands rub back and forth down her ass crack and between her legs.  She wouldn't be able to help squirming against me a little, trying to get pressure where she needed it, but her jeans getting in the way.  “Your pussy is so hot," I'd say.  "I can feel how hot your pussy is even through your clothes like this.  I bet your cunt is wet and slippery, and if I could feel your pussy right now, my fingers would slide into you so easy.”


She’d whimper again and rock her cunt on my hand.  I’d reach around her hips to open her jeans, and I’d push them down along with her little white cotton bikini panties.  I’d lean her forward over my left arm, feeling under her shirt and sliding her bra strap down until I can slip my hand in to cup her tit and rub her hard nipple, making her whimper a little again and close her eyes.


I’d keep my left hand up under her shirt, squeezing her small soft breast and rubbing and pinching her nipple, and I’d slide my other hand down to her ass between her ass cheeks, pushing my finger tips over her asshole and rubbing it a little on my way to her pussy, and she would be wet and hot and slippery around my fingers when I get there, just like I expected.  I'd rub my fingers down between her cunt lips and circle them over her hole, feeling it twitching against my fingers when I push them inside a little, and then sliding down to her clit, brushing my fingertips over it and rubbing around and around and over the hard little button until she moans and starts grinding her pussy onto my fingers.


“I want to eat you out,” I'd say, and I'd pull away to bend her over further and spread her pussy and ass wide for me.  She'd put her hands out on the wall of the building to steady herself, and it would make her ass cheeks open further.  I'd see her tight pink little asshole right above her glistening wet, hairy pussy, and it would make my cunt ache thinking about how I was going to bury my mouth in her pussy and ass and eat her out until she came all over my face.  I'd go down on my knees and lean in to lick her cunt, pushing my tongue between her cunt lips and over her hole, feeling her ass and pussy all over my face. I'd reach up with both hands and hold her pussy open, and then I'd lick her hole over and over, pushing in to tongue-fuck her as deep as I could, and then licking down to her clit, lapping at it and licking around it while she moaned and pushed her cunt back at my face.


She’d be fucking her pussy at my face while I licked her, begging me not to stop, to make her come, to keep doing what I was doing.  Then, before she could come, I'd pull away and spread her ass open, seeing her asshole spasm in the cool air.  I'd lean in and lick over it, and she'd yell, “Oh my god” like this was something she had never even thought of. I'd start eating her ass, licking and tongue-fucking her asshole while my fingers rubbed into her pussy, fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit until I made finally made her come,

her asshole squeezing my tongue as I plunged into her over and over, and her cunt flooding with hot pussy juice while I rubbed her pussy with my whole hand, letting my finger slip into her spasming cunt hole and rub over and over her clit while she came.  I'd stop tonguing her asshole and push two fingers up her ass, rubbing and fucking as deep inside her asshole as I could get my fingers with only my spit and her cunt juice to make it easier, and I'd lick down into her cunt.  She'd start coming again when I lick her clit fast, over and over, and then close my lips around it and lick fast and light while I suck, fucking my finger in and out of her asshole fast when I feel her pussy start spasming and flooding with hot come again under my mouth.  When she'd finish coming again, still leaning over against the wall and panting, I'd pull my mouth and hand away and tell her I want her to eat my cunt.


“What??” she'd ask, standing up and turning to look at me, and she'd look freaked out, like she'd definitely never done anything like this before.


“Look,” I'd tell her, “that was so hot, and my pussy is so wet, and I want to come on your face so much.”  I'd sit down on the wooden storage box by the wall, and I'd spread my cunt open, letting her see my wet hairy cunt lips, pulling my pussy open to show her my hole and my clit.  I'd use one hand to hold my pussy open and rub the other over my clit while she watches, and when I'd slide my finger down into my hole, I'd see her swallow hard.  I'd reach out for her hand and pull her over to me, pulling her down in front of me until she’d be looking at my pussy right up close.  “C’mon, eat my pussy,” I'd tell her again.  She'd inhale sharply and look up at me, but she wouldn’t pull back, so I'd put my hands on her head and pull her face into my cunt.


I'd feel her mouth open against my cunt lips, her lips moving against them, and my clit would throb.  I'd say, “Yeah,” and push my pussy at her face.  She'd close her eyes and lick at my cunt lips a little, just barely pushing her tongue between them, not quite reaching my clit, and I'd groan and squirm because I'd be so ready to come by then.


I'd lean my head back against the wall, and I'd feel her tongue start licking between my hairy pussy lips over and over, getting bolder and pushing deeper and deeper into my cunt.  When she'd finally lick over my clit, my fingers would tighten in her hair, and I would grind my pussy up at her tongue.  She'd makes a noise, like she was surprised, or like it turned her on, and I'd feel her fingers rest lightly on my inner thighs, her thumbs brushing over my wet sticky cunt lips while her tongue would keep licking between them, only brushing over my clit sometimes.  “Touch my pussy, god, please” I'd tell her.  “Finger me, fuck, I want you finger-fucking my cunt while you lick me.”  I'd be desperate to feel something in my pussy, to get her licking my clit steady enough to make me come, to get me off like I was dying for.


I'd feel her fingers slide in between my cunt lips and rub into my pussy, two of them finding my tight hole and pushing inside me.  I'd shout when she shoves them in harder and licks right over my clit.  She'd obviously try to mimic what I had done to her, and she'd start sucking my clit while she licks it, and when I'd groan loud and fuck my pussy up at her mouth, she'd start fucking two fingers in and out of my pussy deep and steady.  I'd hold her head tight in my hands, keeping her face buried in my pussy,

she'd keep licking and finger-fucking my cunt, her tongue licking and licking my clit while her mouths sucks on it gentle and steady, and her fingers fucking and rubbing in and out of my pussy faster and harder, until I'd finally come hard on her face, my knees coming up and squeezing around her head, my hands holding her and keeping her face buried in my cunt while I come on her tongue, grinding and moaning and feeling my cunt throb and spasm around her fingers and her tongue.  Oh, I wanted that.

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