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My long, dark hair spills over my upper back, my breasts hang freely under me. I arch my back, causing my ass to point upwards at you.

I look back over my shoulder at you and wink as I gently wiggle my hips, brushing my ass lightly back and forth across the tip of your throbbing cock. You lean over my back, pressing your loins against my yielding skin, to kiss me from behind.  With your left hand you grasp my hip, pulling me closer to you, and with your right hand you slip your fingers under and between my legs, feeling my heat and wetness through my panties. I gasp, and twist at the waist momentarily, before laying my head down on the pillow, resting my arms, allowing you to rub my pussy.

You gently slip my panties to the side, exposing my pussy, the lips flush with passion, glistening with my juices. Grasping the shaft of your rock hard cock, you tease me a bit, rubbing your head slowly up and down along my molten slit, coating your head in my juices. I moan as your cock brushes along my swollen clit, and you tease me there a little while longer.

And then a switch flips in your mind. You can't wait any longer. Slowly, agonizingly, you slip inside me, feeling me take every inch, enveloping you fully, tightly, securely. You close your eyes and revel in the bliss of it all, as you continue to slowly sink into me. Your hips finally crush up against my butt, and your hands pull me closer, thrusting yourself just that much deeper within me. You hold me there for a moment, I look back at you and smile a lust filled grin, silently urging you to take me.

You do not hesitate further. You pull out, almost totally, before sinking back in again. We both cry out. Soon the air is thick with passion and heat and filled with the sounds of flesh slapping gently against each other and muffled cries and dark words of lust. Your hands grip my hips tightly, and pull me back against you time and again, burying your length deep within me.

You continue your rhythmic pulses in and out of me.  I sense your need for me, and I begin matching my thrusts with yours. Your speed increases, and you can feel yourself coming close. I reach between us to gently rub against my clit as you thrust harder and deeper inside me, I clench tightly around you and cry out loudly as I climax. I feel your cock stiffening within me, and I reach underneath to tickle your balls as they gently slap against me. It is too much. You cry out suddenly, and release your grip on me.

Without warning, I pull away from you, and turn quickly and kneel in front of you--just as your first stream of hot cum shoots out of your cock, still slick with my juices. It lands obscenely across my breasts, and I grip your spasming cock and guide it to my mouth to catch the next load....again, and again....and again, You empty your cum into my mouth until your last drop has been spent. Your knees buckle and you almost lose your balance. I smile and release my hold on your cock, and you sink down on the bed with me, exhausted and panting.

You collapse back on the bed, and I envelope you in my arms and legs and soon we are a tangled web of limbs and flesh. We look at each other and smile and laugh. And it is in this way that we drift off to a well deserved night's rest....

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