Breast Bondage   added 5 years ago
  By: TrueOralluv  Age: 53  Country: United States

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Categories: Steady Partner, S-M / Domination / submissive
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 I have always had a fantasy about binding up a womans breast and watching them as they change color from the lack of full blood flow thru them.  I can remember back to when I use to mow lawns around the neighborhood.  I worked for mostly older couples but also had a few single moms too.  One such mom had a young baby and was still nursing her.  I mostly would collect my pay once a month and it was collection week.   I finished her yard and knocked on the door.  She opened the door and looked a little ruffled.  She invited me in and offered me a cold drink while she went to get my pay, so I sat there at the kitchen table to drink, cool off, and wait. 

Just as she stepped away her phone rang, she rushed arcoss the room to get it, it was someone she had to talk to a minute and whispered that to me.  I noticed her top was thin almost see thru.  I also noticed one of her breast was not in her bra.  I could see the outline of her nipple and every little bump on her breast as the shirt was tight too.  She finished her call and went to get my money.  AS she came back into the room my eyes were drawn right back to that breast.  I noticed now it had turned a little red, I could see it to thru the neck of her shirt too as I stood to get my money.  SHe must had noticed my eye glued to her chest, as she ooked down and suddenly spun around with her back to me and I could see her adjusting her breast back into its proper place.  She turned back around a little red in the face now and eplained that she was putting the baby down for a nap just as I knocked.

I smiled at her kind of a thank you smile for giving a teen boy something to think about the next time I look down and see my pecker hard and need to jerk off.   She was also what we now call a BBW I guess that may be part of the reason I also Love BBW's.  

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