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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur, Romantic Setting/Exotic
Tags: office sex
Location: An office
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

It was just another day at the office . 5 : 00 sharp and nothing was different about today . .. so I thought. Chris was standing in front of everyone giving his nightly sales meeting and I was busy at my desk catching up paper work . Between both our departments - we employ anywhere from 12 - 18 people . Chris \'s sales floor is most always filled with young strapping studs and I am always very careful to only hire girls who are young and attractive . .. gotta have a little eye candy in the office or its just plain boring . Chris finished up his meeting by pointing out that his assistant manger had surpassed his monthly goal by 35 % and for that he would be getting a bonus . Every one applauded and then got to work .

The night went by so slow, it seemed like forever before Chris called last call and we got to start wrapping it up . Finally 9 pm ! Chris pulled me in the office and had asked me what kind of mood I was in and like always I was feeling pretty frisky. Well he went on to explain that I was to be * Josh\'s bonus . At first , I didn \'t think too much into it and then it hit me . He must have remembered the time he caught me and Josh making out in the closet during the Christmas party . Back then, I explained to him how hot I thought Josh was and we were both pretty drunk . Now josh has worked for us for over 6 years, so he was well in the loop as far as knowing about our lifestyle so there were no hard feeling between Josh and Chris after he caught us

. He told me to take off my panties and bra and to wait in the office until every one left ; he would be sending Josh into the office in a few minutes . He explained to me how his plan was to send Josh into the office with the idea in his head that Chris wanted to talk to him about something to do with work , and when Josh walks in - I \'m to take over . .. Chris \'s personal office is a very classy place. He has an 8 X 14 foot mirror directly behind his desk that covers the whole wall , save for the two 5 foot long book shelves he has on either side of the mirror . There are shelves on one wall with filing cabinets lined up on the floor on the opposite side of the desk. He loves marine life and has several pictures lined throughout the space of various sea creatures he has captured in his lens during the million dive trips he has taken around the world .

I had removed my panties and my bra as instructed , but to add my own little twist to it , I layed them directly in the middle of Chris \'s desk . Thoughts of rough , dirty sex running through my head . . . making me wet with anticipation . I was thinking of things like \"how rough would we have to get to break this desk \" or \"I wonder if I would be able to see Josh\'s face in the mirror when he cums \" Waiting seemed to take forever and right as I was just getting into the feeling of my fingers playing with my clit, Josh walked in. At first he was startled to see me there with my foot up on Chris \'s desk and my hand playing with my bare pussy , but after I smiled at him and fingered him to come closer , I think he caught on .

He closed the door behind him and walked over as I stood up . He asked me what was going on , but I was also instructed not to talk to him . The only sounds I was allowed to make were moans and I really wanted to start moaning . I undid his belt and unzipped his pants. I could feel him already starting to get hard before my hand even cleared the flap in his boxers . I looked him in the eyes the whole time and finally got his cock out of his pants. I just smiled as I could feel my pussy start to get wetter just from the sight of it . I slowly took it into my mouth and he let out a small heavy sigh as my warm mouth took him as deep as I could. Josh is not small by any means and I kinda already knew that from the Christmas party

. I felt him bulging through his pants back when he and I were dry humping in the closet . I remembered my own thoughts from that night of how I so wanted to feel him inside me from behind . As his cock got harder and harder with each stroke , I got wetter and wetter with anticipation . I took my hands off his cock and placed one on each of his ass cheeks and since I couldn ’ t talk , I showed him I wanted him to fuck my face by pulling him into my mouth . He placed his right hand on the back of my head and he started thrusting softly into me . I could feel his cock start to throb a little more with each thrust . He was getting very deep into my throat and my lips were wet with all the saliva the taste of his cock was generating

. His other hand was on my hand on his ass . After a few more minutes of him shoving his cock into my throat , he took it out and started to jack off . I had to stop him , cause there was no way in hell I was going to miss out on feeling him inside me this time . I took his hand off his cock , he began to say he wanted to cum in my mouth but I interrupted him by placing my finger gently over his mouth to stop him . I kissed him hard and layed down on the desk . As I finished kissing him .. . I gently pushed his mouth down to my tits. He lifted my shirt up and realized I wasn ’ t wearing my bra . He started to lick and nibble my nipples as he started to finger my soaking wet slit with two fingers .

I took his two fingers out and motioned him to let me taste them as he was working on my left nipple . He pulled them out and I took them into my mouth nice and deep , cleaning them off . As I was working my way down his fingers , I extended his third finger and continued sucking on them. I hoped he would have gotten the hint and he did . He slid all three of his thick fingers as deep as he could and I let out a louder than normal whimper . He took that as a sign I wanted it harder , so he picked up the pace and before I knew it - he was ramming into me deep and hard . I came so fast and he felt it too . He pulled out his fingers and licked each one clean like he just finished eating some chicken .

This made me so hot ; I jumped up off the desk and shoved him down on his back . I climbed up on the desk and mounted him . As I slid the head of his cock over my clit, he mentioned he didn ’ t have any condoms. I shrugged my shoulders and thought to myself if Chris cared about that he would have given me a few. I usually have some with me for spur of the moment fucks , but I had not expected this to be happening tonight. As I rubbed his cock on my clit , my juices were making him more and more slippery . I slid him in. His cock is probably thicker than a medium cucumber . As soon as he thrusted up and into me , I lost all control of my body . All I could do was grind .

He took my shirt off and was playing with my tits as they bounced up and down right in front of him . I was moaning pretty loudly now and was thinking where Chris was watching us from . That was chased quickly outta my mind as another orgasm was building . I just wanted him deeper . We fucked like this for about 7 or 8 minute before I got off and I climbed off him and bent over the desk. My skirt had worked its way up around my waist like a belt during the frantic cock riding . He didn ’ t seem to mind . He grabbed my ass and spread me open as far as he could and started eating my ass and pussy from behind . I felt his hands slowly working their way up to my tits as they were hanging , nipples almost touching the glass top of the desk

. He started using them to pull me into him so he could get his tongue deeper into me. I was still moaning as he stopped eating me and gently slid his massive cock into me. I could feel him grabbing my hips and the force he was using to pull me into him was over whelming. All I could do was go with it . My whole body was shaking as I could feel myself about to cum again . The hits from him thrusting into me were jolting my teeth and I could feel my tits slamming to and fro as his cock continued to slam deep into me. We were both breathing very heavy as every other breath from me was a loud moan. I took his hand off one of my hips and directed it to grab my hair and he did .

He yanked my head back and controlled my motion with my head and hip as he continued to fuck me hard and deep . I wanted to feel him on top of me , so I pushed back against him to tell him to move and I moved forward to get on the floor, I layed on my back and he slid back into me . He fucked me hard for a few minutes before he was about to cum . As he went to pull out , knowing he was about to cum , I grabbed both his ass cheeks again and forced him to cum inside me . . . His cock was throbbing as I could feel him filling me up . His cum was warm and made me wetter than I already was . He began grinding on my pelvic bone and I could feel the head of his cock sliding around deep inside of me.

I didn ’ t want the night to end like that - so I pushed him off me and eagerly took his cock in my mouth . I began to lick and suck him moaning loudly, breathing heavily through my nose trying to get him hard again . Before I knew it , he was at full attention once again . I loved it when he was fucking me doggy style so I stood up and bent back over the desk . Once again I directed him to grab my hair and fuck me hard . He slapped my ass a few good whacks. I could feel the warm sting as my pussy tightened up about to let out another loud orgasm . As I was about to cum again he yanked back on my hair and told me loudly, I had better not cum again . . . he wanted to go first .

I couldn ’ t help it . . . his authoritive actions were getting me off . He smacked my ass harder and harder each time . He started grabbing my tits hard and pulling my hair as he kept fucking me. He grabbed my skirt and began using it like wrains. He was pulling me into him harder and harder while pulling on my skirt. I was so wet; I could feel our juices dripping down my leg. I had already came three times and was figuring with the pounding I was taking, he wasn ’ t too far behind from blowing again . He slowed down a little as he released my hair from his firm grip and told me to get on my knees .. . I got on the floor and looked up at him ; he was already stroking his cock getting ready to blow . Before I could even get my mouth open all the way

, I felt the first blast hit my face, the second and third went directly in my mouth and the fourth and smaller fifth went on my chin. He just moaned as I lapped up his cum off his dick. I stood up and looked myself in the mirror as I removed the cum from my face. I licked my fingers clean and smiled. I put my shirt back on and fixed my hair a little bit as he began to dress. I never said a word to him as he left and Chris came in. I told Chris he had came inside me once and I swallowed his cum the second time. Chris smiled, kissed me on the cheek and told me good job . I told him , I wanted to be the office bonus more often. . . can ’ t wait till some of our black employees start doing well ;)

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